The new building of the Youth Theatre opened in the capital of the Altai Territory

In the Altai Youth Theatre began a new life. He bought almost new, modern building. Theater area increased almost two-fold.


Youth theater Altai waited own building for more than 50 years. The building of the former DC melange plant was transferred to the theater in 1999, but only in 2009 by Governor Alexander Karlin began its reconstruction under the Youth Theatre of Altai.


The opening of the theater coincided with the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the People's Artist of Russia Valery Zolotukhin. He was for many years the artistic director of the Youth Theatre of Altai.

In the theater, there were comfortable dressing rooms for the actors workshop for the manufacture and storage of scenery, a small hall, a buffet, as well as facilities for theatrical museum and theater room. Changed significantly and the auditorium: built stage box, which was not there before, extended scene. The upper balcony in the hall survived since the time of the DC, but the lateral boxes appeared in the reconstruction process. The scene now has a turntable, it is equipped with modern light engineering and the necessary theatrical designs. Hall has 472 seats. And provides space for people with disabilities.

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