The new family car Ural agricultural purpose

In the XIII Russian Agricultural Exhibition "Golden Autumn" automobile plant "Ural" (The main asset of the division is "Trucks" "GAZ Group") introduced a new family of commercial vehicles agricultural terrain chassis "Ural-432065 '(wheel formula 4×4, load capacity 5.6 tons).


On the stand, three specialized companies demonstrated a new family car: tank for liquid food, three-way tipper and a mobile car service. Also on agriculture forum presented the car on the chassis of the "Ural-583161" (6×4) 14.5 tons capacity with self-hopper body for transportation of roots.


The new family of trucks designed for agricultural purposes on the technical task of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and in accordance with the wishes of the agro-industrial enterprises. The new family car "Ural" is unique among agricultural machinery manufactured in the Russian Federation due to the unique characteristics of the consumer.


Creating a new car — the continuation of the tradition of agricultural production truck "Ural" laid back in the 80's.


SUVs "Ural-432065" for agricultural purposes are equipped with a new in-line four-cylinder diesel engine JAMZ-53402 190 hp "Euro-4" produced by the Yaroslavl Motor Plant "GAZ Group", a six-speed manual gearbox ZF 6S 800 TO, as well as inter-axle and inter-wheel locks.

Advantages of the family car "Ural-432065" for agricultural purposes:

Uniform distribution of the total mass of the axes;
Increased permeability and flexibility in terms of agriculture;
Reduced by 20% compared to the in-service counterparts cost of ownership;
Comparable with the agricultural wheel tractors ground pressure (0.145 MPa), ensuring minimal impact on the fertile soil;
Low consumption of diesel fuel (19l/100 km);
Ability to work in wet soil and year-round all-weather operation, including in cross-country;
The presence of wide-tire with the ability to control the pressure in the driver's workplace;
Ability to work as part of technology adapters in conjunction with agricultural machines.
Steady speed, ranging from 3-4 km / h;
Ability to work with trailers;
Ability to work with removable technological modules;
The ergonomic and comfortable cabin;
The ability to install equipment GLONASS, weighing devices, parking sensors.

Payload three-way tipper and added boards on the chassis "Ural-432065" is 5 tons (for paved roads — 6 tons), the minimum speed — 4.3 km / h, the maximum speed — 77-92 km / h Dumping platform — with folding and removable side and rear boards. Volume without patched on boards is 8 cubic meters, with the added boards — 14 and 18 cubic meters. You can use a part of a combination with trailers full weight of 8 tons.

Tanker OTA-4, 7 liquid food on the chassis "Ural-432065" is designed for the transportation of liquid foods. The volume of the tank, which is divided into two sections, is 4.7 cubic meter, the full weight — 12.3 tons.

Mobile car service on the chassis "Ural-432065" is designed for the maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery in the field. The box body is made of insulated sandwich panels. The car has two-leaf rear and side doors (with the devices into the open position), two side doors for access to the niche with an oxygen and propane tanks, manholes for connecting units outside the van, as well as access to the generator. Repair shop can be equipped with welding, flame cutting, plumbing equipment, a set of entrenching tools, electrical tools, a variety of machine tools, generator, electrical cabinet, elektrovulkanizatorom, benches and other equipment. In a mobile repair shop installed air heater, outlets, ceiling lighting.

The car "Ural-583161" (6×4) without bonnet with double cab and the body-hopper to transport beet has a conveyor belt for self-discharge. The car is equipped with a diesel engine JAMZ-536-10 power of 312 hp "Euro-4". Load capacity hopper car — 14.5 tons. Improvement of technical and operational characteristics of the car led to the optimal ratio of its capacity and efficiency. The advantage of the car "Ural-583161" is a special body-hopper for transportation of root crops, the use of which allows you to:

When you unload a six-fold decrease damage to root crops, to increase the shelf life of the harvest;
To unload the warehouses use the connection to the mains voltage of 380 V in order to avoid crop exhaust gas pollution;
Unloading the car in areas with a low roof.
Hydraulic opening tailgate and the rear flap on the left side facing the discharge provide a comfortable, controlled from the driver's cabin.

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