The new helicopter school will be built near the Engels from scratch

The new helicopter school in Saratov region will be opened near the air base in Engels long-range aviation, according to apress release the regional government.

Saratov Higher Military Aviation School in Saratov existed from 1969 to 1991. Over the years there have been training more than 7,000 people.


A group of local residents made a proposal to revive the school, the initiative has supported both local and federal authorities. "Now there is a lot of preparatory work for the upcoming expansion of the military airfield in Engels and the construction of the flight school. It will be built" from scratch "," — the report said.

According to authorities, a complex of buildings in the school will include academic buildings, barracks, gyms, an infirmary, a dining room, club house and other facilities.


Our fleet of the new school will consist of 150 units of flight technique. In parallel with the construction of school buildings will be built housing for military personnel and social facilities.


In the release, said that the question of the organization in the region of the new flight school regional governor Valery Radaev August 17, 2012 discussed with the commander of the Russian long-range aviation, Lieutenant-General Anatoly Zhikharevo.


"According to Anatoly Zhikhareva were considered four proposals on parcels of land, but they were rejected for a number of reasons: the distance from the airfield in Engels, and other poor areas. Currently considered the option area located in the district of Engels' — quoted as saying in a statement the governor.


The Governor noted that the region had five military academies, has accumulated a lot of experience training and there is a significant pedagogical potential of the higher military school.


"In the Saratov region long tradition of helicopter schools, which were based in the Pugachev, Falcon … For the area is symbolic and it is crucial that this will be the opening of the military flight school. Important as soon as possible this year to start its construction," — V.Radaev said at the meeting was quoted as saying in a statement.


"This is a landmark decision. Executive power would help move this project forward," — he added


Press release oblasnogo government:

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