The new medicine against tick-borne encephalitis invented by scientists from Novosibirsk

The drug has no analogues. And according to doctors, it will be a worthy and perhaps a more affordable replacement serum imunnoglobulina. But that's exactly when a new drug hits the shelves of pharmacies, developers find it difficult to answer.


The discovery of Siberian scientists is based on imitation of human antibodies. That they are now used in the creation of serum immunoglobulin. But for this, the only effective vaccine to date, donated blood is used. In addition, there is a risk of complications of vaccination.

"We engineered the method constructed here is the most chimeric antibody that mimics those antibodies that are in the blood. But you can get it in standard conditions. And getting the output is a safe drug, "- says the head of the Laboratory of Molecular Microbiology, Nina Tikunova.

So-called chimeric antibody used in the manufacture of many medicines. For example, those used in cancer therapy. But this drug is truly unique — like drugs against tick-borne encephalitis have not created the largest pharmaceutical companies in Europe and Asia.

As long as the drug passes preclinical trials. He tested on mice. But the developers have already said that the test results exceed expectations.

When the drug will be in pharmacies, the developers say will not count. First, you need to proceed to clinical trials. After a lot of paper work — writing instruction, standardization of the drug, the decision on the financing of enterprises that would let him out. This process can take up to 5 years. But the fact that the new drug will be cheaper and easier to present, speak now, the press service of the administration of Novosibirsk.

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