The new production — a joint venture with Belarus

The government of Omsk region signed an agreement on the organization in the region of the joint Russian-Belarusian production, which will produce Equipment for parlors.

Omsk farmers sent a group Belarus superintendents and producers to further explore the technology of Belarusian milking machines. Farmers intend to in 2013 on the farms of the Omsk region will mount and entangled in the milking parlor on 15 (of which 10 — Belarus-made) with similar technologies in the region, having invested in each of about 10 million. Another four barn will be renovated.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Omsk region Nicola Drankovich told reporters about his impressions of the visit by a delegation of Irtysh in Belarus. Most farmers Priirtyshya hit Belarus barns with a unique microclimate that allows to maintain the freshness of indoor and milking technologies, with which it is possible to milk 1000 cows in 50 minutes.

Here Omsk business executives realized that to live old yardstick can not be, — Drankovich said. 
According Drankovicha, major milk processors, such as "Manros" and "INMARKO" require raw materials from local farmers increasingly high quality. With the help of new technologies for their needs will be met.

Production is expected to deploy on-site pilot plant in Omsk. At the initial stage it is planned to adopt the technology, train professionals, as well as purchase from Belarusian producers of equipment to outfit 10 parlors. Production of components in Omsk will reduce the cost of tooling and mutually beneficial cooperation.

The new equipment will be fully automated milking free time to better care for the herd. Shorten the way to the milk cooler, which will significantly improve its quality. Upgraded facilities are planning to give milk only top grade and increase production to 2,000 tons.

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