The new systems of communication and command and control

Military communications experts learn a new technique — the modern methods of warfare impose very different requirements for command and control. And on the speed of information exchange depends on the success of any maneuver.

Junior sergeant Andrey Belikov, instead of the usual query on the radio uses the full video link. The radius of the reception of this signal is unlimited — the Russian satellite constellation will deliver it to any location on the planet. Data transfer rate can send all types of messages: from surviving so far faxes and telegrams to direct the video stream.

Such models stations were adopted by about three years ago. They were the first fundamentally new means of communication in the Russian army. The rest of the equipment fleet Corps upgraded to work with a digital signal.

The most advanced to date is an automated command and control system that passes the test in the existing units. It will consist of several levels — from headsets for enlisted personnel to staff vehicles, which will flock to the entire flow of information needed to make quick and correct decisions in combat.

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