The new wastewater treatment plant in the village of Krasnaya Polyana built according to advanced European technology

Completed construction of a wastewater treatment plant in the village of Krasnaya Polyana near Sochi. An area of about two and a half acres of indoor housed four radial concrete tank (aeration tank) with a diameter of 30 meters, and the sewage pumping station. According to experts, this equipment is sufficient to clear the drains of the two towns, as well as sports venues Olympic mountain cluster.

The main feature of the project is that the main role is played by the aeration tanks — tanks for sewage treatment. In the design was provided for deep purification of biologically treated wastewater, mechanical and biological treatment and ultraviolet disinfection. Such technology has been used at Olympic venues in Beijing, where the Summer Games were held in 2008. 

Willingness is important for the head of the Sochi object checked Territory Alexander Tkachev.

— Most of Olympic construction in any case should not harm the unique nature of the region. To this end, among other things, establishes this new equipment — said the governor. — For the Kuban, as a resort and agricultural region, environmental issues — a priority. Every year millions of tourists take the edge who want to breathe clean air and use environmentally friendly products.

New treatment facilities are built with the advanced European technology. In the district of Krasnaya plant an area of about two and a half acres housed four private reinforced radial aeration tank diameter of 30 meters, as well as the sewage pumping station. Sewage treatment process is based on the most advanced technological solutions with the use of ultraviolet and membrane purification system.

According to the regional director of the Department of Housing Alexander Voloshin, the object is ready. We are carrying out commissioning, which will take another two to three months, after which the treatment plant is fully operational.

Power plants — 15,000 cubic meters per day. This is enough to clean the waste water through the main sewage collector of the village of Krasnaya Polyana and Esto-Sadok, as well as sports facilities — the "Mountain Carousel", "Rose Farm", "Alpica-Service", a complex of ski jumps and bobsleigh the track.

Start treatment plant will significantly improve the environment of Krasnaya district. Before that, there were no modern infrastructure, which would treat the wastewater. Apartment buildings and other facilities district, not made-up to central sewer Sochi, will now be able to connect to the new network engineering.

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