The newest radio station R-166 for the first time involved on exercises in the CVO

Signalers of the Central Military District (CVO) for the first time used in the field of average power radio station R-166 during an exercise in the Novosibirsk region, said Tuesday the spokesman of the CVO.

Special tactical doctrine connection management CVO held in Novosibirsk region, from 18 to 21 September. The exercise involved more than 400 soldiers and more than 170 pieces of military equipment.

"In the course of the exercise units will be deployed command posts and field communications units for the first time will use the average power radio station R-166, which entered service connections this summer," — said the spokesman.

He noted that as a part of the exercise will focus on the organization of the application of mobile satellite communications, providing continuous control of subordinate units placed at a considerable distance from a superior officer.

Radio R-166 is designed to provide a duplex or simplex channels of communication simultaneously in two independent radionapravleniyah or radio networks, HF and VHF bands. It provides a range of up to 2 thousand miles on HF and up to 250 km in the UHF band.

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