The number of people infected with cholera in Cuba over 150

The number of cases of cholera in Cuba reached 158, reported on Saturday by the Associated Press, referring to the Health Ministry.

On July the Isle of Freedom reported 53 infected and three died — the elderly, 95-minute, 70-minute and 66-years old. The number of victims of the disease since then has not increased.

According to the Ministry of Health, nearly all infected — residents of Manzanillo Granma Province in eastern Cuba, or people who have recently returned from the region.

The authorities immediately after the reports of cholera outbreak began a major campaign to combat the spread of the disease: 98% of all residents of the municipality Manzanillo were examined by doctors, the wells were examined in the relevant services, the public the opportunity to receive chlorinated drinking water from tankers.

Authorities urged people of the island strictly observe good personal hygiene to prevent the spread of disease.

According to residents of Manzanillo, in the city there is no panic, life goes on.

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