The number of victims of avian influenza H7N9 in China exceeded 20 people


The number of victims of avian influenza H7N9, was first detected in humans in late March, China has increased to 21 — died on another resident of Shanghai, said on Monday the State Board of Health and Planning birth of the PRC.

Previously reported 20 victims of the virus H7N9, of which 11 people died in Shanghai, five — in Zhejiang Province, three people — in Jiangsu Province and another one — in the province of Anhui.

As the State Committee said on Monday that two new cases of human infection with the virus — two more sick in Zhejiang Province. Thus, as of 16.00 (12.00 MSK) Monday in China identified 104 cases: 33 people in Shanghai, 24 — in the province of Jiangsu, 40 — in the province of Zhejiang, three — in Anhui province, three — in the province of Henan and one — in Beijing. 70 people were hospitalized, 13 people have recovered and been discharged from hospitals.

Chinese experts point out that the transmission of H7N9 virus from person to person is not registered yet. Also not fixed epidemiological link between all the cases. There are no posts about the cases of mass flu H7N9 in poultry. Experts assure that the deadly virus is killed by heat treatment, and urged people not to panic, to avoid contact with live poultry, more carefully prepared poultry products.

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