The opposition was again tried for profanity


Andrew Kim (left) with friends.

Recall, in the evening on July 27 in Minsk group of opposition activists marked the 20th anniversary of the Declaration of independence of Belarus. Activists laid flowers to the monument of Yakub Kolas and went along Independence Avenue to the monument to Yanka Kupala, when riot police began detaining them. Were arrested and taken to the Soviet district police Siuchyk, Mikola Demidenko, Andrew Kim and Catherine Davydik.

Catherine Davydik.

"It is a shame to remember those events. Authorities should celebrate this day celebrations, but instead sent the Minsk police against Belarusian patriots. Now commandos will testify that we are cursed "- spoke on the eve of trial Siuchyk.


On the process came about 20 representatives of the democratic community.

A 17:40 trial Siuchyk ended, the verdict is pending.

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