The parallel world. Open

Psychic from Britain, Lady Forsyth shocked the whole world. The woman says — she knows where the door to a parallel world. Forsyth itself time and again was in a different reality, and says that she is beautiful. In the parallel world Forsyth no aggression, disease and problems.

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On the eve of the opening disappeared a few teenagers in Kent. Foursome resting in the house of laughter. After it lost another two people. The police did not find any evidence of abduction. The only law that could reveal is that all the missing were in the house of laughter on the last Thursday of the month. Could not find anyone. Restaurant was closed.

His version of the incident has put forward Forsythe. She is sure that the door to a parallel reality was hidden in a distorting mirror. According to the psychic, another world opened with only one hand — from the inside mirror. Someone pulled back the first missing, and those later lured and their friends.

The fact that the curves of the mirror is an entrance into other worlds, and confirms the scientist Ernst Muldashev. He found a huge mirror curves in Tibetan pyramids. Next to these mirrors scientists felt weakness, their behavior changed dramatically, many were like little children, many felt themselves elsewhere.

The existence of parallel worlds are no longer deny, when the inhabitants of the Earth polls started to notice a UFO. It became obvious that alien beings visiting our planet is the same as that for earthlings — go with the family on nature. But where is the alien "camping" — still unable to determine. It would be easy to explain if the scientific community has recognized that the universe is not three, and eleven dimensions. Each — as a separate floor skyscraper. And it is impossible to fix a UFO flies up to our dimension and is removed from it.

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