The personnel of the Russian military base in Tartus evacuated to a mother ship

The personnel of the Russian military base in Tartus evacuated to a mother ship
Military observer. The personnel of the Russian naval base in the Syrian port of Tartus, which is the last remaining in the Russian Federation in the far abroad, ready to evacuate. Currently, 78 sailors, namely, the chief fortified Fri Colonel Dmitry Larks are on board logistics PM-138, standing on a barrel in the harbor.

Mother ship with Russian sailors ready to go to sea and leave the Middle East region at any moment, to act accordingly if an order from the High Command. With all of this vessel logistics will need about an hour to fall back on non-dangerous distance from the coast of Tartus, transfers referring to the newspaper «Izvestia».

On board the factory ship is a group of hydrograph, also anti-seal commandos and about 65 crew members. Of the number of Russians who are on the PM-138 only 11 are military, others — civilians spices. Lists of personnel of the naval base transferred to the Central Command Post of the General Staff.
As experts of the General Staff, swimming facilities are very vulnerable. According to professionals, to sink PM-138 is quite the hostile tank to apply two-three punch. Modern bomb emphasize the General Staff, the ship can kill a couple of minutes.

Catastrophe General Staff developed a plan for the evacuation of Russian sailors using aircraft. It is noted that at the present time the situation is comparable to a measured near Tartus. Martial acts observed in the region of Damascus and Aleppo, 350 kilometers from the port.

The base in Tartus, Syria, which is the only Fri-based Russian warships in the far abroad, appeared in 1971 and was intended for the repair of ships 5th operational squadron. After the collapse of the Union of Russian squadron finished its existence, but the base remained in the port of Tartus. For Russia it has a huge military-strategic importance, especially in connection with the loss of other overseas bases. In 20 years the Russian navy ships used base in Tartus to replenish supplies of fuel and food during trips to the Mediterranean Sea.

Earlier in the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation stated that the plan to keep this item on the supply in the Mediterranean. According to the Russian military-diplomatic source, the loss of the base in Tartus will be cut first ability constant presence of warships of the Russian Federation in South and Central Atlantic, the Mediterranean, the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean, ITAR-TASS reported.

But if the current regime of President Bashar al-Assad falls, Our homeland will not be able to stay in Tartus, because the Syrian opposition will not forgive Moscow its support of Assad.

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