The phenomenon of acceleration of time — a sign of the rapid transition to a new level of density

March 26, 2012 16:28

Are you one of those people who feel that time is speeding up?
If so, then perhaps you are from those people who are going to the next level of density.

Many people around the world have the feeling that time is speeding up, while still in the day is still 24 hours, but for them it seems that time is moving much faster than ever.
This phenomenon has several explanations. The most popular is that it is considered that it is not time accelerating, but our consciousness, which gives the feeling of acceleration time.

Ian Lungold believes that time has accelerated because the creation has accelerated, in other words

at the same time, it became more events occur.
"The more something can happen at any moment, the more likely that the door will open for such things as miracles"

What else people often do not take into account, is the process of vibration, all things tied to the vibrations, the atoms vibrate creating our three-dimensional world, and because they vibrate faster than the illusion of acceleration time, so in our bodies a physiological sense acceleration "something" What we can not explain nothing but the acceleration of time.

For this reason, we can not see the higher dimensions, because they vibrate at a higher rate. As our body starts to vibrate at a higher rate, we have a sense of acceleration time

Look at it from a broader perspective, in our solar system has undergone radical changes. In the past, our sun was bright yellow, but now it has become a bright white (B Ramayne, I believe, a description of the Sun. As bright yellow, it is true), this reflects changes in the vibration within our solar system.

In Alchemy accepted expression: "That which is below corresponds to that resides at the top"
Our solar system is going through dramatic climate change, as well as our planet passes through these changes and people will experience drastic changes, one of these changes will accelerate the rotation vibration of the atoms in our bodies.

Days, weeks and years, will fly faster than ever and it is not just a symptom of an adult who thinks that teenagers and the elderly during long stretches.

The easiest way to raise the vibration of your body, this meditate. Another way to begin to show kindness to all forms of life, radiate unconditional love and good deeds.

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