The phenomenon of deja vu and parallel universes

May 3, 2012 18:57

In this video, Dr. Mitszio Kaku, a theoretical physicist and best-selling author, reveals the effect of the possible causes of deja vu (already seen) — a strange feeling when a certain situation you feel that this has happened to you, but do not know where or when.

There is a theory that tries to explain this phenomenon is the fact that you may actually have experienced this situation before. Being in this familiar situation "causes fragments of memories that have been preserved in our brain," says Dr. Kaku.

This theory has been proven experimentally and "accounts for most cases of deja vu" — said the doctor.

But quantum physics assumes that there is the likelihood of the state of déjà vu, due to your ability to "move between different universes."

Dr. Kaku analogy leads Steve Weinberg, renowned theoretical physicist who received the Nobel Prize, which introduced the concept of "Multiverse" (multiverse) in quantum physics related to the concept of radio waves.

Just as there are radio waves of different frequencies, is multi-dimensional universes that exist in tandem. Radio tuned to a certain frequency, that is the only radio station, and our universe is made of atoms, which vibrate in a unique frequency different from other universes.

Universes are not usually vibrate "in phase" with the other universes with the same frequency due to time differences, but when they are "in phase," it is theoretically possible to move between universes.

So, maybe when you feel deja vu effect, you "vibrate in unison" with a parallel universe, says Dr. Kaku.

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