The present village miracle

Soviet coat of arms, crosses and domes of churches, riders on horseback, the bride and groom, children, pigeons, cats, hundreds of thousands of forged flowers and some nice flourishes — a feeling that the house created a child's hand. Kirillov Sergey Ivanovich never celebrated on February 23. He was busy, he was always working. Building a house. Built. Of the house is no longer anywhere in Russia. Maybe there is in India, and it seems unlikely. Near the hut on the track Kirillov wide black band worn rubber. This heritage thousands of cars that travel from Yekaterinburg to Nevyansk or Nevyansk to Ekaterinburg. People who were sitting behind the wheel of these machines, they saw the house and could not not hit the brakes. First impression: Before you print a huge carrot. And only some misunderstanding it still has not eaten.

Then comes the feeling that it is a Hindu temple. That statue on the roof of the gods — Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. And between them, the contour roof written some words. Mantra, I guess.

But for some reason these gods red ties on the chest. And the mantra is also strange. "Flying doves flying. For you, there is no obstruction anywhere "- the first mantra. "May there always be sunshine. May there always be sky "- the second mantra. "May there always be mother, let there always be me" — the third mantra.

Sergei Kuznetsov Kirillov seven years he died. But all those who knew him say that his soul was exactly the same as the house that he had built.

Today, the house lives a blacksmith's wife Kirillov — Lydia Haritonovna. Log in to your house, it does not lock. Instead of a lock on the door and the gate there is a special steel button: Press — open, and anyone can go to the yard. Kunar village is along the busy road, yet no one raised a hand to rob a house.

— We got married in 1951 — says Lydia Haritonovna. — To live in the house of Sergei's grandfather. Two years after our wedding hut eyed — we have it aligned. Since this all started. Sergei first house leveled, then made a new shutters, then trim to make, put the carved gate, and off we go. So all my life and worked on this house.

— And where he learned his trade?

— Yes never studied. Three-class education. He and one of the relatives was masterful. Father in the 41st went to war and never returned. Mother died. Sergei stayed on a little brother and sister. We had to somehow survive — went to the blacksmith apprentice.

Until his death, Cyril was the only blacksmith in Kunar. Worked on the farm, and the house made his own forge and metalwork. Came from work — and once in the studio. Fumbled to 12 at night, getting up at 4 in the morning. If any of the villagers asked to produce something — anything refused. And to keep up on all weddings sat down to play the accordion. Twice around the house Kirillovykh raging fire. Nearby buildings burned to the ground. But the house was not hurt.

In 1996, during the election campaign, hut noticed in the Sverdlovsk branch of the party "Our Home — Russia". Picture of the house turned out to be all party pamphlets. Lydia Haritonovna showed me a certificate, which reads: Party PDR guarantees help home owners and their descendants. How do you think gave even a penny? Properly think.

After the death of Sergei Ivanovich is a miracle began to slowly deteriorate. Once a wind storm knocked down from the roof of a pioneer with a banner: "May there always be sunshine. Let there be heaven! ". Peeling paint on the facade. At just 78 years old Lydia Haritonovna refurbish the house itself was not able to. Most villagers also retired. People who have stayed and photographed near the facade, all the time somewhere in a hurry.

So it was as long as the house did not recognize in Ekaterinburg Museum nevyanskite icon. Outfitted labor landing — painted facade, led to feelings of the girl fell from the roof, repaired the stove and left Lydia Haritonovne phone number — just in case something falls off again, or worse. Grateful mistress tied his aides thick woolen socks.

Adian grave at the entrance to the cemetery, under a huge pine tree. Tombstone he managed to forge himself during his lifetime. And myself and Lydia Haritonovne. When you look at these sites, it was not sad. It's just a huge bright blooming flower beds, a virtuoso forged from metal. Sometimes there are people on earth who should have been born with flowers. If smith Kirillov born flower, he would have risen to heaven.

Dmitry Sokolov-Mitrich

Photo Liveinternet / Pleyadeyanets

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