The researchers said that the aliens saved the life on Earth




Scientists who went to the place of expedition of the Tunguska meteorite, argue that there are substantial grounds have new hypothesis that the mysterious object, which has long been officially called a meteorite, in fact, has an artificial origin.
As reported, formerly members of the expedition were told about the discovery of fragments of an unknown substance. The other day, research director, president of the Siberian public-private fund "Tunguska space phenomenon" Yuri Labvin, at a press conference the other findings made by geologists.
According to the scientist, the forested hills, in fact, are part of the man-made object that fell to Earth in 1908. "Apparently, the blocks themselves — huge, almost one hundred years they have been overgrown taiga. But we managed to break off two small pieces of material, I note that it was not easy," — said the researcher. Like the smaller fragments, these blocks are made up of iron silicide (from which, incidentally, is the world doing missile locks) and some unknown substance.
In addition, in 25 square meters. km in the forest observed anomalies: the strong magnetization of the surface of the earth, and violations of the heat balance. Astronauts say that the shape of this area is suggestive of horizontal launch space shuttle — a technology that mankind has not yet mastered.
On this basis Labvin and his colleagues put forward a new assumption about the events of June 30, 1908. According to them, the day occurred just two catastrophes at the same time with a meteorite crashed and unmanned spaceship aliens. As you know, before these hypotheses competing with each other. Moreover, according to Labvin, this double collision was not accidental: the aliens were "the guardian of our civilization" and sacrificed his ship to save the Earth.
As far as the new version is true, it will become clear after the laboratory analysis of samples — Krasnoyarsk experts who will be engaged in this work plan to complete it by the end of the year. And then the scene will go next expedition. Final solution to the mystery of the Tunguska phenomenon is scheduled for 2008, that when a hundred years since the disaster.


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