The reverse side of the Internet

"World Wide Web" connects hundreds of millions of computers and allows people around the world communicate with each other for commercial, educational, scientific, political, military, criminal and other purposes, but mostly just for fun … But let's not forget that the Internet was developed by the U.S. military, which, like the government, are increasingly interested in what we are doing on the web, who are looking for that we write to each other …

Monitored every step

Now everyone knows why there is a barcode on the product packaging. These strips and numbers are used to scan prices and control the amount of incoming sold and the remaining goods. Bought us a thing LSU cash, fixed price, knocked out a check, and the computer makes a change in the electronic invoice. If necessary, this information may be on the Internet.

That's it? Too naive, say experts in exposing the conspiracy. Some believe that the bar codes — the first step to mass monitoring everyone on the planet. Post offices of developed countries use barcodes to track mail and can even do it from a satellite in space. Products are tracked from the time of acquisition to consumption or from the store to your home. This means that someone can know the contents of your fridge …

Credit cards offer even more information: what, where and when you buy any pay services. And on the day when the cash will be completely superseded by smart cards, the government will know everything about your shopping bags, your leisure travels — in short, everything.

The next step — smart chips implanted directly under the skin — they will become a reality sooner than you think … The microchips have already been introduced to most Western troops, the children of the elite, criminals and people with dangerous diseases.

Non-cash payments through credit and discount cards, Internet banking are widely distributed, and personal data from your expenses and letters to fingerprints and DNA, collected, transmitted and stored in databases around the world …

Planet under the scanner "Echelon"

The information revolution, which began in the second half of the last century, made exploration of the world to adopt a variety of digital gadgets (miniature electronic devices.) The pioneers in this field were Americans.

The draft global electronic system designed to intercept U.S. National Security Agency in 1971. With it received unlimited capture and processing operations in any part of the world, which in low Earth orbit has been bred a group of spy satellites. They duplicate located around the world huge parabolic antennas, scanning the airwaves and control centers of internet networks in the U.S. and Europe. All of these components are included in a network — this is the "Echelon".

Public funds for such a big project is not enough, so many corporations that participated in the creation of the "Echelon" had a definite benefit from cooperation with the intelligence services.

For example, American car companies have greatly benefit by using secret information to the CIA about the Japanese manufacturer. To provide information to U.S. companies in the energy, NASA and the FBI overheard the entire Asia-Pacific Conference, held in Seattle in 1997! According to the magazine "The Economist", the project "Echelon" is a leader in the conspiracy theories. The magazine claims that the companies that have received or lost profits and markets through espionage system rarely makes its problems to the public. However, in the European Parliament was made that the European business lost due to the "tier" of more than 20 billion euros!

"Echelon" is directly linked to the development of software PROMIS. This program provides an opportunity to coordinate and monitor various data on multiple network systems. PROMIS can detect submarines and predict the movement of the stock market. One can only wonder if able "Echelon" to predict the actions and thoughts of individuals. Does the "Echelon" our thoughts and can predict our actions? May not know. But can always learn.

Now the "Echelon" — thousands of U.S. agents, Canada, Britain and New Zealand, ships and aircraft electronic surveillance, satellites, radar, etc. The planet is divided into zones. Everything is under control.

Not hide from Google?

U.S. Department of Defense to 1960 been developing a heavy-duty communication network that can withstand even a nuclear attack network connects university and military computers and websites.

In 1981, the network is divided into civil and military. Many experts (American sociologist Neil Postman, for example) put forward the theory that the global network is a key component of technological conspiracy theories.

Military roots Internet led some to argue that the search engines Google and Yahoo! are a side effect of NASA. (Search Engine — a website, where to enter the name of the wanted materials, so the names, dates, etc.) is supposed to both search engines have been developed for the detection of any user or data that could harm the U.S., as well as to track information of people often use certain keywords in their queries.

The main feature of the Internet social networking — the amount of information to which users have free access. Is the weight of the unique material, including opinions, tastes, requests and more. Such information is invaluable to advertisers, informers, agents, hackers and fraudsters. Did you know that the online store Amazon has its own extensive database, which has existed since 1990 and from which the FBI has the right to receive, without your knowledge, any information! This is justified by the fight against crime and terrorism. But it is not difficult to guess who warms his hands on the best information available so …

Many Western countries have passed laws on mass storage Internet information. This leads to the sale of all personal user data intelligence services and law enforcement agencies. Use of this information in marketing and election campaigns is also not an exception. And why, if you, for example, a smoker, your home phone with suggestions dealer company you have never given their coordinates? We should not forget that the introduction of a search engine query can serve in many countries as evidence in court.

Writer Nick Douglas believes that the search engine Google (the most powerful Internet search engines) has patented methods of monitoring online games and "make conclusions about the desires and motives of the players." Other search engines are working closely with the U.S. secret services. Google is an information channel for more than half of global Internet traffic. This is by far the best in the world, the most comprehensive directory of information for the satisfaction of human interests, habits and reference. Google also provides satellite images of the entire globe, and now in real-time using a web camera you can see many different parts of the world.

Google is moving too fast, so very soon you will be able to look at yourself through Google and Google be monitored around the clock. Since May 2007, Google collects personal data. Channel management officially confirmed this fact.

Once Google collects vast amounts of data, and take unprecedented power to develop the location and marking of objects and people. Conspiracy debunkers are confident that he will own our minds and thoughts, our actions and deeds.
Of course, it would be nice to know that Google itself thinks about it. But it is a different issue …

Source: "Secrets of the twentieth century. Gold Series" № 5

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