The sailors curse newest form of Yudashkin utopnut easier than to remove it in the water

Seafarers are unhappy latest template developed by a group of designers led by Valentin Yudashkin. According to them, there a lot of attention paid to the external appearance and too little — comfort and functionality, says "Bimbo newspaper."

Designers have changed jobs a robe of coarse material and pants-flares, which are usually worn by men, the blue suits of straight-cut jackets, trousers or narrowed, as a candidate, shorts and "forage cap" (caps).

"What did Yudashkin, was made, apparently, from the standpoint of the overall beauty. Something a narrow, tight-fitting, tight. But no good of it. Something to Wear should be multi-functional, "- says the captain of the second rank, the diver and writer Alexander Pokrovsky.

He explained that his pants cut wide, in-1's, make a layer of water between the body and the clothes, if a person falls into the water, and how to help avoid hypothermia. In 2-x, if Something to Wear will stop in the water, wide trousers just to lose, whereas narrow is necessary to pull off, taking off shoes.

"No. Absolutely pants to remove the water failed. Begin can shoot. But completely pull off in any way. Especially difficult — in the ankles, even with all their naked feet is not to steal. And if you are still on your feet shoes … At first you need off her shoes … In short, it is easier utopnut "- said Basil.

"Either that's a different situation. On the submarine fire, surprisingly, worse than water. Initially ships ablaze. Was only later buried. Fact that burning odezhku just rip — can save lives. A business person has to try to save the ship" — added a submariner.

He also commented in the media sounding complaints about poor cloth "If thread putrid, it to Menshikov. When he first put the cloth in the Navy, Peter I saw during the inspection that the rotten cloth. This is a steal. "

"Naturally, this threat can not be subjected to a sailor — but this form will age very rapidly. We've all designed for a certain amount of time of use. If something is broken, and on terms yet to be written off, you just do not give — have to wear rags. Well, if delivery was putrid — means this army, "- says the diver. Previously, he said, the sailors dressed in work uniforms, which were almost impossible to break.

"Perceived as a scarecrow"

In general, Pokrovsky said that the sailors are very conservative in all matters relating to the external appearance of "new clothes is seen as a" scarecrow. "Get used to such hard. But if form functional — of course, it is taken. "as an example, he cited the substitution of leather soles on the rubber because leather slide.

"In hostility perceived everything connected with the external signs — some stickers, badges. All hate to sew them. Resent the same in the main because of the convenience. Newest clothes If you can not run, jump and run, the sense in it no. main thing form was rich, but it will be someone else Yudashkin — without distinction ", — concluded the Intercession.

Defense does not believe that the soldiers feel cold because Yudashkin

Earlier, a scandal broke out because of the newest form of last winter in the middle of conscripts. Then in Siberia were marked by massive cold soldier army units stationed there. One of the possible explanations of what is happening is the introduction of modern military uniforms designed by designer Valentin Yudashkin, which, as some suspect, is unable to protect the fighter from frost. But then the Ministry of Defence said that the "form of Yudashkin" does not deal in outbreaks of respiratory disease.

In addition, on the day or it became clear that employees Rosrybolovstva flush with the military get their shape and insignia "by Yudashkin." According to some reports, the FAF been developing an outline of the new uniforms for their employees, together with a designer, on the other — without the help of others, and only plans to ask him for advice. It is also clear that the development of odezhki nothing izderzhali, but "dressing up" will cost, according to media reports, more than 113 million rubles without special suits.

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