The spectacle is not for the faint of heart

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The spectacle is not for the faint of heart

Ball in the air. Below it, the parachute straps hanging aeronaut

You can say — it was a circus under the big sky. Now these sights have not seen. And many years ago, they were held across Russia — deadly spectacle of breathtaking. Thousands of people watched with admiration human flight in a balloon, balloon and a parachute jump.

Tour in August Godrona

Unusually hot summer of 1889, came to Moscow English aeronaut parachutist August Godron. Before coming to Russia, he made more than two hundred flights. With a parachute he jumped significantly less than flying.
In Moscow Godron going to jump just for the twelfth time. His first flight in Moscow sky was announced on July 16 from a country garden "Renaissance" and was wonderful. Half an hour later balloonist returned to the garden, where he was greeted as a hero.
In Moscow, August Godron made three more flight, then went to Nizhny Novgorod. Twice he climbed into the air over the river. "The sight caused a lot of talk among the people — wrote Nizhny Novgorod newspaper" Volga messenger. " — The conversation was not the end. "
But hardly Godron arrived in Rostov-on-Don, as the local newspaper "The Don Bee" broke angry article.
"What a terrible and disturbing soul sight! — She wrote about jumping coaching Aeronaut. — Encouraging these "artists", we will certainly get to that we descend from a height of three thousand feet without a parachute, as a parachute because soon get bored, need something even more terrible. "

 In August 1891 Godron reappeared in Russia. In October he went to Tiflis. Was declared a day of flight — 20 October. However, a strong wind is not allowed to proceed to the filling of the ball-balloon. Then because of the bad weather had some more time to delay the start.
And not waiting for favorable weather, August Godron decided to accept the circumstances and left to winter in Tiflis. In the spring of 1892 he was able to make two flights. Now Godrona were ball, filled with hydrogen, and a special battery for its formulation.
Before the first flight, on April 19, there was a dangerous case. In the rush-launch aeronaut tripped and fell into the tank battery with a solution of sulfuric acid. Fortunately, he was helped to quickly get out of the vat. Although Godron and received burns down, but did not cancel the flight.
Warsaw was the last (then part of Russia). On a cold day in October, during the first flight, in this city, Godron cold, ill and returned to England.

Warsaw aeronaut

Balloon filled with gas.  He would be removed from the oven and lower the canopy will attach

Balloon filled with gas. He would be removed from the oven and lower the canopy will attach

In Warsaw, started his career Aeronaut-paratrooper Joseph Dzikovskogo. It was his home town.
At the age of about 35 years Dzikovsky became interested in aeronautics. The newspapers reported that he had previously worked as a typesetter in a printing house.
Dzikovskogo first public flight was scheduled for Sunday, May 19, 1891, from a country garden "Marcellina." Dzikovsky soared almost exactly in the promised time — about eight o'clock in the evening. After a successful jump and landing on the nearest clearing, he returned to the garden, where he enjoyed, according to the newspaper, "such enthusiastic applause and even violent, what few are awarded."
All summer preparing for the aeronaut tour of Russia. His performances began in Nizhny Novgorod, where Dzikovsky in August 1891 made two flights to the fairground racetrack, and continued in Moscow. Flying in the First Throne outlined the garden "Hermitage".
Correspondent of the newspaper "News of the Day" wrote Dzikovskom before his first flight in Moscow, September 1: "In the face of a shadow of anxiety. Calm, deadly calm. "
A dangerous moment occurred, and more than once. For example, in Kiev, in October 1891, has already spun in the air parachute straps. It was risky to jump, the parachute would not open fully. "Many people in the audience — the newspaper" Kievlyanin "- were convinced of the inevitability of the tragic outcome of air tours." But the aeronaut could unleash slings and safely descend by parachute.
In mid-summer of 1892, when there were about Dzikovskogo hundred jumps, he came to show their courage in the capital — St. Petersburg. Takeoff was the garden "Arcadia" on Novoderevenskaya embankment and down a parachutist on Stone Island, sitting right on the tree in someone's problem. Complain about the lack of attention of the public capital Dzikovsky could not: when returning to the "Arcadia" all over the road he was greeted with applause, and even in the garden, made a real ovation.
After 1892 the name of Joseph Dzikovskogo was completely forgotten. What was his fate, unfortunately, is unknown.

Flying wife

The announcement of the flight Bronislava Shedik

The announcement of the flight Bronislava Shedik

Edward was also Liskevich Warsaw aeronaut. He first took to the skies April 26, 1892 with Mokotovskogo field in the vicinity of Warsaw.
"The confluence of the audience — wrote" The Warsaw Diary "- was great: paid places were about five thousand men."
Whether this is true or not, but according to Liskevich, aeronaut he was quite by accident, concluding once bet he could, having no experience, up to a balloon and a parachute jump. Liskevich bet won and got so carried away after ballooning, which soon became a professional Aeronaut-jumper.
In mid-May 1892, he performed in Warsaw, another flight, and then went to other cities.
He first went to Vilna — not one, but his wife Bronislava Shedik also is flying and skydiving. First flew Liskevich. But the audience has come to the garden is small, the collection was scanty.
Balloonists decided not to continue flights to Vilnius and moved to Kovno. Here, not only Liskevich but Shedik balloon climbed and jumped with a parachute. After descending aeronavtku greeted with enthusiasm. Liskevich shot his wife with a hired droshky, deliver Bronislaw back to the garden, and took her away, almost running from the enthusiastic crowd, shouted "Hurrah!", "Bravo", "Download it!".
In late August, balloonists arrived in Riga. August 27, the first flight of Liskevich Vermansky park almost crash occurred. Soldiers with difficulty kept filled balloon. At the time of launch of the ball, one soldier gape, do not let go of the rope and was hoisted into the air. Fortunately, it is time to see the other soldiers. "Do not drag him by his feet comrades — the newspaper" Journal of Riga "- proved costly to him this oversight."
In June 1893 saw a jump Liskevich Kiev. On the banks of the Dnieper, he came without the Bronislava Shedik. Apparently, she left the aeronautics, so rich a dangerous adventure.
Following Shedik left aeronautics and Edward Liskevich. In 1893, the last time he went up in a balloon.

Teacher Sergei Utochkina

Modern balloonists

Modern balloonists

Ernesto was a hereditary Vitollo aeronaut. It is not known when he began to speak in public.
It was found that in August 1899, he flew to Revel. Then played in Vilnius. In Minsk, he came to the company aeronavtki "Mademoiselle Margot." For eight years, Ernesto Vitollo toured abroad, in Europe and America.
His first appearance in Odessa on a balloon filled with illuminating gas, took place on May 20. Parachute jump did not provide.
Second flight, five days later, similar to the first. But the third, on May 27, was unusual. The originality of it was that Vitollo decided to take off, sitting … on a bicycle, a basket hanging ball.
"Flying on a bike," saw a crowd of thousands that filled the streets of Odessa. But even more spectators gathered at the fourth flight, May 31. The fact is that in this day with Vitollo was to fly (which is known in advance posters and newspapers) famous Odessa, an avid sportsman Sergey Utochkin.
The flight did not last long, not more than half an hour, but in the life of Sergei Utochkina he played a key role. Future aviator purchased a small balloon and began solo flights.
On June 3, Ernesto Vitollo announced the fifth, the last flight in Odessa, during which time going to jump with a parachute.
Balloon reached an altitude of more than a kilometer.
Then Vitollo, according to eyewitnesses, "grabbing hold of the ring of the parachute as it swam, ran down." Final jump was unsuccessful. Canopy caught on the edge of the roof of a high building. Vitollo hit the wall and hung on slings. He felt bad and did not immediately come back to normal.
Information on the fate of Vitollo sketchy. Traces of it are lost.
In Odessa, in 1907, Vitollo said that he did not escape the fate of balloonists who died a horrible death.
Perhaps in anticipation of the tragic end he left ballooning. Or maybe left on flights abroad and in Russia never returned.

Gennady Chernenko

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