The Story of a miracle: Volkov


Vladimir Volkov. The picture of Artem-terminated.

Volodya"I saw a beautiful girl who sang beautifully, beautifully danced. And so I woke up feeling that we should know more about Belarus, about the people who speak the language perfectly. It was an interesting time of my youth, which helps me and this day. Artisan — a school of life, a great way to samavdaskanalennya. And it was great. "

DubovetsVolodya is working in a firm that specializes in media and issues pazharatushennya music literature. In other words, to put out of passion ignites the spiritual and material.

Volodya"In any case I am in the first place is not my point of business, I do not want to do that, because we need to give our children something more than a basic orientation to money, to a certain social superiority over other people. I recently found this wording — creative business. "

Dubovets: And in the Artisan and belarushchyny Volodya led Yugasya or perhaps more accurately — an interest in Yugasya. And in the Yugasya everything was not so simple and clear.


Yugasya Volkov. The picture of Artem-terminated.

Yugasya"How I came to the Belarusian language? By city girl from Russian-speaking families? I have the impression that it has been here forever. I remember my childhood, as I sat down in the evening near the radio and listened to" Kalyhanku. "And I do not remember I'm having ever question that some unintelligible words. I remember that voice. "My Little Friend" — the narrator said. Later books in the Belarusian language, and I do not know from where. Translations of foreign writers, children's literature. This everything from childhood somehow conducted. And I have not encountered the issue, it should be or should not be.

In general, I was freed from the Belarusian language school for health reasons. Not only on the Belarusian language, but also on physical education lessons from labor and from the songs. This, apparently, was rachitic girl, even though I do not remember, of course. But the lessons of the language, I still sat. And in the seventh grade when I was, I remember this moment: a teacher of Russian language from somewhere came joyful and reported: children, will soon no longer be spoken, is one Russian language. And all cheered "Hurrah!" And then I started to cry with rage. So she went to the teacher of the Belarusian language and told him I wanted to study the Belarusian language.

And she told me that you have to write a statement. Somehow, just like that, she did not say — the parents. And I wrote an application to the director and began to study the Belarusian language. And remember what was inspired, if for the first dictation got four. "

Dubovets: I do not know about you, but I have never heard such a story. Almost always the person to belarushchyny led by someone else or something else. A Yugasya came to Artisan herself ready. NOT someone was cooking educated influenced by any chance, and myself.

Family Volkov in popular dishes.

Yugasya"I still had the unpleasant experience of the Belarusian language teacher. When we passed an elementary school in the fourth grade, it was a lot of teachers. And here's the first lesson of the Belarusian language, the teacher calls the name, met with students and asks me, and I say, I'm freed from the Belarusian language. And it is quite aggressive as it seemed to me, reacted to this, and said, "Salo Belarusian love?" I said, "I do not like." And it was true, I do not like no fat. And I felt unjustly offended, because I'm not liberated itself … But the teacher was good, and this impression is gradually uplylo. "

Dubovets: To see the stories in this atypical characteristic, it is worth mentioning not just visible in the scene shop, when a child asks his mother some attractive book, and gave birth to a baby pulls curiosity short: "Do not, at this beloruskikh!" As a result, the house is not a single book of Belarus, and the chances that someone will repeat Yugasin way, are reduced to zero. Now there may be only of interest to the contrary, the natural contradiction the spirit, of the protest: why, they say, if an attractive book in Belarusian, you can not purchase, possess, to read? But imagine a whole generation of Belarusians became patriots "on the contrary", is impossible.

Yugasya lucky with his mother. Apparently, so Yugasya and strengthen the idea that everything that happened to her, not extraordinary, but normal.

Yugasya"My mother oppositionist for life. My childhood I fell asleep to the sound of" enemy voices "who listened to his mother."

Date of CO Znicha

Dubovets: A mother and her student Igor Miklashevich Yugasya learned about the artisan. This was 1983.

Poet Znich, 1982.

Yugasya"I was in the third year. This was the Pedagogical Institute, then I was in my primary school teacher with the music. And from Igor Miklashevich found out about the meeting with the sacred fire and came to this meeting, the first time.

Igor Miklashevich was a student of my mother. He studied at the school where she taught history and after school communicated with her. And he told her about the meeting.

And then I started to walk, and the mother was not happy that I was there zagitavala. Because every time I went through. She is very worried about where I go late.

Not exactly on Znicha. I just remember I was Znich. I was then the word "sacred fire" did not say anything, I'm just curious by nature of its people. And I went to listen to and I liked it. And the meeting itself, and this community of young people. It's at the Palace of Trade Unions.

The sacred fire was saying something, read poetry, and in the end I remember — he said: "Through the clouds shines like the moon, cultural shabashniks strife,
Artisan. "

Oh, and then there is a break — and rehearsals were. I remember someone from the audience shouted: Violetta, start. And from the front row turned around and she said, Behold, there is always Violetta! And then I saw Violetta first time, and then met with the other girls and went. "

Yugasya (right) at the shout of spring in Minsk, 1984.

Dubovets: Liberated from the lessons in the school of the Belarusian language and singing Yugasya became a singer in a single at the time of Belarusian Association of Youth. She now believes that there is nothing unusual in all this was not.

Yugasya"I did not take it and now do not take it as a miracle. Somehow I perceived it naturally. But I am deeply dripping. For simplicity, say youth is inherent self-centeredness. Artisan I did not perceive myself and I perce
ived myself in a workman. Therefore for me it was perfectly natural.

And I remember someone said — you are going there, it can be dangerous. I said, why not? Who we are a threat? I'm just terribly surprised. And maybe from this was such a lack of fear.

I had a few girlfriends, and two of them came on one of the meetings. They were very interesting, but they do not have to walk. One said something then you have too … looked for words … free. I did not question her, and what is bad. "

"You've got too spacious"

Dubovets"Too loose," — this can be a good laugh, and you can consider this profound difference in the perception of freedom as a fundamental value of American democracy — on the opposite side of the ocean, or, say, the French Revolution, and — of freedom, which in Belarusian society is traditionally perceived as a departure from the order of the system, from the most of this society from being able to "be like everyone else."

One reason for non-workman, expressed an unknown girl, a student — you are too loose — did not disappear. And in the current situation may be an explanation for why the Belarusian mass is not affiliated with the democratic movement, which is written on the flags of the word "freedom."

A call to the people who know their "measure of freedom" to become free without limits, has wide support. After all, freedom is not perceived by us as a value, especially as a fundamental value. We ask again: for freedom — from what? And to instill in people a different understanding of freedom, would need to deliberately cultivate a generation, and perhaps a generation of people with a different mindset.

If at the beginning of the 1980 Craftsman was only on the declaration of freedom, it would probably would have remained a marginal community. The future she ensured that she was a school of national vzgadavannya.

This scheme works with people at all is up to date so far and will be relevant for a long time, if not forever. In the consciousness of the person should be a shift. No — from what freedom and free — who? To be free, one must first become someone, introduce yourself, identify yourself. Unit of the population does not require freedom, do not know their rights and do not have trouble with their limitation. When I — Belarusian, I just come across a limitation of his rights on all sides. My "measure of freedom" becomes "a measure of non-freedom" — to limit my language, intellectual, educational opportunities — and freedom is at the same absolute value. After all, if I self-identify as for me lose paramount things like custody of the state, as gregarious comfort "be like everyone else," as prescribed by someone of my own daily existence.

Komarin — Orenburg — Minsk

In the early 1980s, Vladimir Volkov, probably not thought about it. He overcame long distances and high ethnic barriers, and in Belarus Artisan, as I said, it has led to interest Yugasya Kasyanyuk.

Volodya"I am a native of Komarin Bragin district of Gomel region. But I grew up in Orenburg. They played sports, he started his career. And here came, unfortunately, illiterate Belarusians. And that's thanks to the Belarusian Artisan I joined the culture and the tradition.

First I saw Yugasya in his cousin Lychkovskaya Marina. After that, I have awakened interest, which allowed me to meet wonderful people from the Belarusian Artisan, which to this day I remember, I do, and with whom to meet and happy now.

I remember Vintsuk Vyachorka, Sergei GGSN … This plyayada young people struck me some perseverance and cheerful enthusiasm and level of knowledge that I, for example, have led to the fact that I have five years from 1981, he wrote a paper on the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In Juho Joseph Alexandrovich.

It so happened that I was a law student, and from the very first moments remembered classmates repertory Belarusian Artisan. Even now had 30 years of our course, and all require me to the songs of the time. "

Masterfully Christmas at the school, the end of 1983.

CRIME or any

DubovetsRemembering the children who remembered him with Artisan, Volodya stresses: "It was very important to see that none of them had not perceived me as a nationalist."

Belarusians have a stereotype as marginal nationalist, sectarian and who hates anything that is not their national. And in all of Artisan has been focused on the kindness and openness of the extension, for the sake of which actually were mass celebrations, and presentations in schools, and meeting interesting people.

Said nationalist stereotype — is the other side of the concept of freedom, as a violation of the rules. You can say that this stereotype nasazhavsya whole Soviet system, but the main thing is that he nasadivsya, caught and cultivated so far. The essence of it is: to be a nationalist, that is, himself — bad, because if you are aware of himself, freedom is an absolute value for you. And so it was not so, you have to understand that nationalism — it's almost a crime.

This image of nationalism in a masterful times looked even bigger bogeyman than today. That's why maystrovtsy intuitively tried not to use that word, and especially, do not leave the impression of some sect or a private gathering of misfits obsessed with his idea.

In fact, the negative connotations of nationalism associated with the behavior of certain people. There are people stubborn, obsessive, prone to sectarianism, and that's how they are manifested in every case and every ideology, nationalism itself has nothing to do with it. The fact that people primarily defends the interests of his family, not the neighbor's — naturally. This does not mean that he is with the neighbor's family hates. Usually, everything is easier. There is a priority of your culture, and there are other cultures that are a priority for their vehicles. Shall include in this poem, which was written to Peter Bitel:

Love of his own — does not mean
Alien condemn insult.
But for others its not see
Do not study, do not respect the —
Offense will be without a doubt,
After all, there is a law of life:
Honor someone else down to worship,
His love — to samazabytstsya!

And this is the most accurate formula and any other Belarusian nationalism.

However, we in Belarus, we often find ourselves in captivity is not interpreted as dates. Nationalism or patriotism based on love. Based on love Belarusian Artisan, love for his dictated and what today is engaged in Vladimir Volkov.

Volodya"Some years we are having a difficult project, including the author of the program people who are very well disposed to the cultural traditions of different peoples of the world. And people, we have the opportunity to do what is in the heart. Someone develops Japanese subjects, who- West then someone magical. And of course, our soul in the colors of our Belarusian motives. And what we're doing now and we will offer the public, including in Russia and Ukraine … We have a motto: "Welcome in Belarus. "or" With love from Belarus. "This is the theme of love for life and for each other."

From a series of postcards published by Volodya Volkov.


Dubovets: And Yugasya and Volodya came to Artisan end of its existence, when the workman was ready to share in the various activities. And as soon established a Community Sin
ging "Lucifer," who have moved and Volkov. But if for Vladimir Artisan was a happy episode of his youth, the Yugasya she held for another metamorphosis of her life.

"Lucifer." Volodya and Yugasya business. In the center of Volkov's daughter Lina.

Yugasya"Here is a masterful school pronunciation. Effortlessly corrected somewhere, somewhere something to suggest, because once it is impossible to express everything in Belarusian. And I remember that somewhere we sat on the table for some rehearsals, and I came up and said, "padvinsya" something … and the guy was standing and said, padsunsya. As if to himself, not that he corrected me. This was Nick Sosnowski.

At Artisan, I definitely realized that interests me. I'm interested in the language. It began with an interest in the Belarusian language as to any body. Since its completion, the suffixes. At school, it was that I hated the most. End of suffixes, all of these affixes and all this fever ugly. And after school, I did not go to the philology faculty, because I do not want to deal with these sorts of linguistic items. And in the Craftsman, I realized that this is just me and interested. Terminations, suffixes …

After I had finished Pedagogical University, Faculty of Philology. In 1995, came to work at the Institute of Linguistics in the Department of Slavic and theoretical linguistics, and has since been working there and, in the Academy of Sciences. Now the institute is also called — language and literature. "

Dubovets: By the way, Yugoslavia had to work and the first in Minsk, the Belarusian-garden.

Yugasya"Violetta is then recommended me. At that time I was a student in the fourth year. This garden" robin "seems to Kolas. And there head Galina Prima has created a Belarusian-language group. And they needed a Belarusian-language music director. Where I worked as a music director and we were doing with the children Belarusian-holidays. Anyway, I'm with them all the time to speak Belarusian, and I must say, too, have never had any problems in communication. From nursery children, I remember very impressed. came to him the first time, there they have something for health standards less than 20 minutes. year-olds there, and I thought that there is to do with them and how. Took some dolls, some lullabies keep pace, karagodiki tried. seems I have some kind of goat was on hand puppet glove. And at the end of "goat" he says good-bye. And I myself almost fell when I do these children cried out to pabatsennya! "

Masterfully Christmas at the school, the end of 1983. Yugasya second left.

Dubovets: Another transformation that has occurred in the Craftsman of Yugasya. This acquisition is a name.

Yugasya"In my Yugasya" baptized "Vintsuk. Evidently he wrote out in the library and as a godfather, gave each of his name. And I asked how my name would be some form of Belarus. And here, perhaps, turned what- is a mistake, because then, when I was already in the hands the dictionary Lastovskogo out there on the Russian form of Eugene NO Yugasya. There's this form of the name of Jeanne. And then I thought that he could not hear what I'm not Joan and Jack. But I'm not particularly billboard story, because I'm scared Yugasya like.

And I have so many years Yugasya. And I already have a determinant, someone calls me, the mother is calling (I have many different friends and call me in different ways). When she says she called the phone Yugasya, I know it's someone his own. And if there Eugene Eugene Vitalyevna or more, it means an outsider, a stranger. "

Dubovets"His" in Yugoslavia and Volodya with expertly then a lot. And among those who go with them on a Minsk streets. And among those who were far away, and who they are mentioned.

Yugasya"First, it Volodeva cousin Marina Lychkovskaya, although she is now far away, but this is a kinship. Filfakovak This course, as they were called, — Elena Klimovitch, Marina Lychkovskaya, Natalia Lozovskaya. Elena Klimovitch now too far behind the ocean. Violetta overseas, but we still communicate. Occasionally from Vertsyay Lozovskaya intersect even outdoors. Hanicke Marinkina met earlier more often now, apparently, has other streets we walk. With Yevgeny Volosevych crossed. remember who else? .. Let no one take offense, who did not remember. "

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