The streets of Warsaw turned into rivers


As reported, torrential rain, which did not stop over the territory of Poland for the past few days have caused flooding in Warsaw and its surroundings.

In the Polish capital because of heavy rain turned the streets into rivers. Flooded the main road junction town, many basements and garages. Water leaked into the underground rooms and corridors of the Central Station, the ITAR-TASS news agency.

As reported by rescuers and firefighters, the number of incoming calls from the population grows by the hour. Only one Mazowieckie voivodship day employees of these services had to travel more than 80 times.

Most often, they have to pump out the water, clean up littered with pieces of wood roads, restore broken lines.

Institute of Meteorology and Water Management warns that "in the coming days due to rainfall is expected to increase the water level in rivers and Wieprz Bug (in the east), in some places it can reach a critical level."

According to the weather forecast, rain and storms with hail and gusty winds in the coming days will continue in the central and eastern part of the country.

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