The term Paganism — illegal Judeo-Christian curses to all peoples of the Earth

The term "pagan" is used only in Christian literature [35, 47, 166, 975]. He comes from the church (which is often also incorrectly called Old Church Slavonic, the term 'Church Slavic, "see below)" tongues "-" people "," foreigners "and refers to the Christian interpretation of all non-Christian religion [166]. The term "pagan" is a general designation of all denominations, except Judaism and its sects.

(The full text is given in and to internet-community "Slavic paradigm")

Christianity to paganism refers more developed and complex religious system of the civilized peoples of the ancient world: the Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks and Romans, as well as Buddhism, Lamaism, Brahmanism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shinto, [47], magic, animism, shamanism, animatism, fetishism, totemism, ancestor worship, and, most importantly, other religious beliefs, rituals and festive events, developed over the centuries of human history. [39]

The opposition "Christianity — paganism" is asymmetric, both in time and in the axiological sense that specifies a position of Christianity, negative axiology pagan beliefs. In this case, the more severe than the earlier period of domination of Christianity over paganism will be considered. Therefore, in this pairing Russian "language" is equivalent to the Greek «barbaros» (barbarian), the Jewish «gwim» (foreigner), Ukrainian "paganstvo" English «pagan» (Pagan), the Latin «paganus» (idolater). Source [28], the term "filthy" leads synonyms: nasty, bad. A source [40] The term "defile" reveals this: "Too bad, defile, to soil, to make unclean, foul, ogazhivat, defile, dirty." And the "Abomination Wed idol, temple, joss-house, pagan shrine. Trash Well. filth, filth, filth, filth. Bastard busurman, nekrest, pagan, etc. Poganstvo Wed state of the abstract or general property of all pagan, ungodly, unholy desecration of the holy thing nasty, nasty, disgusting, filthy nehristianstvo, paganism. "

Thus, the term "paganism" is a dirty, abused, diminishes the dignity of people practicing natural religion. The legislation developed explicitly forbids such (iudohristianskie) actions.

Dignity of the individual is, in fact, the basis and purpose of all constitutional rights. Sections on human rights and freedoms in many modern constitutions open concept of "human dignity" (for example, the Basic Law of Germany, Article 1, of the Italian Constitution, Article 10). The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of 1966, to which Russia is proceeding, as stated in its preamble, the recognition that these rights derive from the inherent dignity of the human person. The Constitution of the Russian Federation in 1993 states that the dignity of the person is protected by the state, and nothing can be the basis for its derogation (Article 21, Section 1). In furtherance of the constitutional norms of human dignity is protected by a number of rules of law, up to criminal providing for offenses against honor and dignity of the [1044].

Thus, the term "paganism" is:

First, only iudohristianskim; §

Second, artificial, unnatural; §

Third, abusive, derogatory dignity Slav; §

Fourth, illegal; §

Fifth, is not the true name of the religion desecrated. §

2. The introduction of the term "Slavs" to refer to Slavic religion

To begin with, that the Slavs — is not a nation, not a nation, not an ethnic group. "The Slavs — a group of people related by language" [47] as well as the combined "common origin" [35]. And for the most illustrative mismatch concepts Slavic designation of a people give such a statement was depicted in [40]: "Obviously, the Slavs (Slavic) are beginning to unifying the different ethnic groups, peoples and nations. Such a union of the Slavs are the following features:

Symptom 1. Related languages;

Symptom 2. Community of origin;

Symptom 3. Combining the different tribes in the mainstream of the same phenomenon — the Slavs.

In terms of the analogy is an example with the "so-called" [35] the world's religions

It is obvious that the Slavs, coinciding with them on all three criteria, it should be called the same way — a world religion or a religion of peace.

Next we quote from [166]: "Slavic pagan gods personified elements of nature … After taking in the X century Christianity to the pagan gods of folk beliefs were identified with the Christian saints, … paganism was supplanted by the official church in the area of popular culture.

Thus, it is legitimate to conclude that:

1. Slavs — is a religion;

2. Slavs — is a world religion;

3. Slavs — religion, more ancient to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, uniting related by language and origin of the people, common before the arrival iudohristianstva territories, respectively, distribution of Slavic languages and Slavic peoples.

3. Confrontation primitive Slavs iudohristianstva sophistication

Let's start with a definition: "Initiation (from Lat. Initiatio — sacraments, initiation), common in the tribal society a system of practices related to the transfer of boys and girls in the age class of adult men and women (see age classes). Followed by the initiation of operations (cutting, scarring, knocking out teeth, etc.), on the mysteries and myths of the tribe. Remnants of initiation are preserved in Islam and Judaism, the custom of circumcision, Christian baptism, laying on a Hindu sacred thread "[35].

From this definition we see that iudomusulmanskoe circumcision and Christian baptism — remnants of tribal society. This message confirms the transcript iudohristianskogo such thing as "the patriarch — the oldest, respected man, head of the family in the tribal society" [39], as well as "the Old Testament patriarchs, Noah, Abraham," [40]. That is, "the patriarch, the patriarch, the name of the founders of the Jewish people". [47]

However, the "tribal society" was "the social organization of the Cro-Magnon", representatives of "one of the first groups of fossil modern human species that lived at the end of the Stone Age". [39] Cro-Magnon — a general name of the late Paleolithic people … until today Guanche Canary Islands [1047, 1048]. A Paleolithic — Old Stone Age, the first of the two main periods of the Stone Age. Paleolithic — the era of fossil man. Paleolithic people used only the chipped stone tools, not knowing how else to grind them and produce pottery — pottery. They were hunting and gathering plant foods. Fishing was just beginning to emerge, and the agriculture and animal husbandry were not known. Home Paleolithic (over 2 million years ago), coincides with the appearance in the world of ancient ape-men, archanthropines type oldovayskogo Homo habilis (see Oldovay). The end of the Paleolithic dates from about 12 — 10 thousand years ago [1049-1051].

Thus, we can conclude that iudohristianstvo — a religion of a primitive ape-man of the Stone Age, located at the generic level of social development, similar to that which existed at least 12 — 10 thousand years ago.

Imposed iudohristianskoy propaganda advantage of the iudohristianstva compared to Slavs is proving to be a much more primitive, and only limited development of the likeness of the Slavs. We present a number of typological characteristics of this confrontation — "iudohristianstvo — Slavs."

3.1. Iudohristianstva transcendence and immanence of the Slavs

Contrasted immanent transcendent, philosophical term meaning that prohibitive to the world of phenomena and theoretical knowledge available.

Immanence of the historical time of the Slavs was formed many thousands of years earlier than any postulates iudohristianstva. Immanence Slavs lets people within God, in relationship with Him ..

Here it is appropriate to focus on iudohristianskom term "Israel", which (see Chapter XI, Section Biblical Jacob was named after the mythological battle was with God, and therefore meaning "wrestler with God" [35, 47] .

Obviously, if the Slavic states immanent approach to God — that is itself a (part of) God. That iudohristianstvo fulfills izrailstvo — fighting against God — interprets the term "God" as a transcendental principle.

3.1.2. Iudohristianskaya faith — it is not a religion

Having set itself against God iudohristianstvo hypothetically came out of the very essence of him. Thus, were beyond the divine process, OUTSIDE divine being, divine knowledge OUT OUT OF divine entity.

Based on the definition of "God" should be, first, that God has no limits, and secondly, you can not be outside of God. That is, of all the possible co-existence with God can only be one thing — to be inside it, to be part of it. And this — the Slavs.

Aspiring to become a real Israel — a wrestler with God in the sense of equal to him in power and able to implement this struggle — this fact, however, gave rise to communicative [14] "blindness" and "deafness" iudohristianstva lack of senses, which it could would uchuvstvovat God [14] and the lack of border-surface God that iudohristianstvo could communicative explore.

Since iudohristianstvo a product of human thought, it is, of course, information is an integral part of God — that is iudohristianstvo "yazychestvenneno," that is also immanent.

No "izrailnosti" no confrontation with God at iudohristianstva not: either objective or subjective, neither religious nor scientific.

That is why on this basis, in principle iudohristianstve replaced by the principle of religious faith.

Hence it can be concluded that the Slavs — is naturally the established religion, and iudohristianstvo — it is not a religion, but an artificially created faith (of the Stone Age -!). Faith, in particular, and the phenomenon of Israel — the opposition to God.

3.1. Continued: transcendence and immanence iudohristianstva Slavs

Further consideration of opposition from within iudohristianstva God help us God's own medical terms. Malignant tumors — cancer — is due to the spread of their individual parts of the body, either directly or through drift (metastasis) of cells that grow secondary reins. Malignant tumors weaken the body, causing a depletion of the body's self-poisoning toxic product produced by malignant tumors, leading to the death of the body. [47]

In this context, going back to religion, we can already see how to implement the term "Israel", if a wrestler is within God.

Thus, if the Slavs — is immanent, a healthy start, the iudohristianstvo, contrasting itself — is transcendent, internal medicine, God.

3.2. Developed structured Slavs and lawlessness Khan iudohristianstva

In Slavic gods embodied dimension of cosmic equilibrium, making gods profile exponents of harmony and order, as well as subordinates to ensure the appropriate function space world order.

Such a state of affairs can be compared to running the state when there is a president — the head of executive power of the left cerebral hemisphere of the human body, responsible for the operational functions of the receptor. But there is a right hemisphere — the spiritual center responsible for morality and unconscious social body (the Slavs it was the institution of the Magi). If both hemispheres are in agreement, the whole control system is working adequately.

On the contrary, clearly articulates iudohristianstvo transcendent status of God to the world. Status, giving God the absolute possibility violates the laws of nature (the phenomenon of miracle, Theurgy) and unrestricted freedom of the will.

Projecting the example of government in the Christian world-view plane, we can provide the relevant parallel, in which the Christian message would work, only if the State in question is under the unity of command. This control option is known to be present only in very poorly developed pre-state entities. This "sin" of the nomadic peoples of the developing East. And the person who has unlimited power, in those places and in those pre-state formations — Khan, Kagan, etc. Which, again, put in the category of iudohristianstvo primitive, undeveloped religions. More information about the origins iudohristianstva see Chapter XI.

What can be concluded from the above? The fact that the profile gods in the real world and in real action branched organized system should be mandatory. In any case, the original undivided one God divided into core management.

Finally, developing Christianity also produces naturally required governance structure: the angels — good essences, demons, devils — the evil, spirits — hostile prophets — broadcasters, mission — the executive, etc. Well, of course, here we recall the clergy … — mediation.

If the Christian God was the one, then he would have done it myself — one.

Thus, the Slavs should be seen as a more developed in an evolutionary sense, the system of ideological and religious.

3.3. Slavic liability against iudohristianskoy benefits

Basic moral and ethical requirement is to comply with the measures of the Slavs, from moderate to decent household incurring a lot. That is the Slavic cultivates in man such standards as duty, honor, conscience, loyalty, responsibility, professionalism, love of country, etc.

On the contrary, the ethics of Christianity — the ethics of free choice. Obviously, many mates this freedom leads to rampant anarchy, to non-compliance of obligations, the violation of norms, etc. In this kind of freedom of choice will be due in each case considerations, pursuing self-interest of the individual — that is profit. It is in this context should be seen in the emergence of Christian institutions "release of sins" (self-interest of the individual congregation), "Institute of anathema" (the benefit of the church), institutions of baptism and giur-cutoff (correlation interdependence of benefits to initiate iudohristianstvo and the church, the new host members into the fold on a "friend or foe"). It is in the development of such "free" send received the term "man must live where he is better" — that is, morality iudohristianskoy completely exterminate the concept of the social organism "Homeland" with all that it implies.

Similarly, we turn to the administration of justice. If, instead of following the letter of the law judge will make "choice", it is in any normal society would be called corruption, lawlessness, violation of rights, etc. And never will be approved by a normal part of the people.

Why Slavs, the following is an ethics iudohristianstvom recognized as wrong? Why, faith — iudohristianstve — should be the other way around?

Type of aggression when the victim of a predator enters a substance that reduces the victim's reaction to the actions of a predator, is widely known. For example, a mosquito bite is accompanied by the introduction of painkillers, many poisons.

The conquest of Russia predator took a little more than 1,000 years. Moreover, the victim held on winning and now has no idea.

4. The first bite of a predator

The first bite had a predator, so that as a result in Russia was born a boy with a right, from the point of view of a predator, by family ties. This boy became the prince of Vladimir and made sure that in Russia there was a reinstall of religions. Slavic rodoverchestvo with which ancient Russians came into this world, and employs more than 30,000 years, was replaced by a new "religion" with the name of Christianity. This was precisely the one doctrine, intended to be placed in the victim's body.

This step is not required from a predator of a large army, which he did, by the way, was not. The whole army was made up of several thousand preachers, whose main purpose was to split the healthy system of Russia. For the faith brother went to his brother, the son of his father. In Russia this had never happened before.

In addition, different areas of Russia have been sent to different kinds of Christianity in the West — Catholicism, to the east — Orthodoxy. With that goal, we sow religious differences at any moment could be used for religious civil wars. The Crusades, the Old Believers …

The role of history in this stage is very important: as a powerful tool in the right hands, the historians of this thousand years have come up with many thousands of Justification for the adoption of Christianity ought to prevent the destruction of the best half of the population of Russia. Even saw a benefit in Christian cohesion of the Russian land, remaining after such in half its composition. And active labor historians describe the Christian miracles were completely concealed the facts that before Christianity Russia was one country and not divided into Russia and Europe. Europe, by the way, comes from the ancient Egyptian "euro", which means "on the other side." In Europe, that is, to the other side across the Mediterranean Sea, the Egyptians deported criminals, among them "Jewish"-EEB.

4.1. Colonization of Russia.

Very disciplined ancient historians and clerks, many of whom were "Jewish"-EEB, able to write, reflect in the books intended for children, only those facts that are of benefit to them, hiding most of what was to Christianity and established a historical paper section Russia to Europe and Russia.

To destroy the memory of the victims of the local rulers of Rus-predator had several civil wars in the mutual destruction of fathers and children. Naturally, these wars were religious — Christian sects.

In addition, in this period of bloody Christian terror were almost totally destroyed the spiritual leaders and custodians of the religious traditions of the victim-Rus: wizards, witches, magicians, sorcerers …

Predator at this time, again, did not require a large army: only a few thousand preachers.

After activation of the medieval fratricidal slaughter in the body of the victim-Rus were notable changes: it broke into several pieces.

Historians completely "forgotten" about the true story of Russia, is now used by only those data that begin with a certain number of "independent states" on the mainland, called Eurasia.

Thus, in Russia Orthodoxy fought with their sects, gradually introducing new rites and on this ground destroying the Old Believers. In Europe, Catholics, Protestants and others merged into one bloody pot absorbs its victims just as well as the one that was boiling in Russia.

Kings, kings and princes, as the established Christianity claimed to have been given the people of God, their God (whose name does not exist in Christianity). These first person, knowing this, that there are forces established Christianity in its own bailiwick, not sparing the lives of their people.

The time has come to sacrifice, and kings. Very curious and who understand little Peter decided to look at Europe through the "window", which he had cut, and from which came to Russia Freemasonry — the vanguard of a new predator. This action Peter killed a third of the best of their country, for the sake of a stupid person education.

For some few hundred years a new "mushroom" hit all the "elite" of Russia to the very top, as a result of refusing service to the motherland and allowed a handful of petty criminals to kill the king and take control of the Russian people — it was a provisional government. Where 90 percent of ministers have been people from predators. Predator has ruled the body of the victim.

But the body was still so great, and life balance healthy flesh was so strong that the winning position predator was justly regarded them weak and needed strengthening.

Fascist coup in the UN definition, historians still called the Great October Revolution. To power at all levels of the children came to the predator and found the bloody regime, only a little less weak than during the Christianization of Rus. Again the son went to his father, brother against brother. The result: the best one-third of the victims were destroyed, Russia

Again, the predator did not require a large army, it was enough just preachers.

Thus equalize population in the eastern part of Russia, which is now known as the Soviet Union, with a population of the western part of the same Russia, which is now called Europe, predator decided that bleed in a fierce battle of two equally strong opponents, he can count on the greatest loss on both sides, significantly weakened both halves chipped victim.

Through the efforts of historians have been erased the knowledge that the children of both opponents, now standing opposite each other, are brothers and sons of one nation. One reason, the banner, in obedience to the sons of councilors predator decided to destroy his brother as unclean. Although the unclean times it something in your ears and dudel.

The Second World War claimed the victim for almost twenty percent of the population — the best representatives of the people. Fraternal peoples, abandoned by historians in the dark underworld. And fought because of it.

The last act in the bloody drama between fatty victim-Russia and frail Kryven'ka predator is played now.

As previously resettled to Europe criminals Egyptian lands, now fugitive brothers-Slavs, escaped from Europe to America, for some reason do not remember the relationship and consider the Slavs who remained in their native continent, their mortal enemies. Brewing history repeat itself provoked by the representatives of the predator.

This blow will be the last, expects predator. All key positions in all governments of all states formed from the victim-Rus, now occupied sons predator. This condition is called democracy. Disabling defenses — xenophobia. Countering predator — Semitism. Although the actions of a predator, the official condemnation, are called Zionism. Based on — Judaism, which, in turn, nurtured and fostered that dealt the first blow Russia — Christianity.

Cultures, peoples, nations, like all systems, on the one hand, always attacked the predator, and the predator does not have to be huge and plain text, remember the cancerous disease, which develops in the body of the victim. On the other hand, any system has the right to self-defense, to protect their own interests, to protect his own life.

5. The role of history in the process described above is very high and in many key. Starting with an honest description of historical events and fair presentation of historical facts, history will give the rest of the foundation on which the predator can restore the destroyed house.

Honest historical data is not distorted by Christian scribes, could even a sick mind, like Hitler, stop.

And now: honest narrative historians of our common family roots — Russian, Germans, Scots, Swedes, Americans and others — would unite on the basis of fraternal kinship.

6. Time of Troubles in Russia has always been accompanied by apathy. It seemed that finally undermined the spirit of Russia, close to defeating him. But there comes a phase of spiritual concentration, lifting the cathedral of force and will, cohesive unity takes courage and determination, and confusion allowed the triumph of the Russian spirit and the collapse of renegades. So it was in the first and the second disorder. The current, third distemper is quite different. External aggression by ideological means, has a network of agents of influence. The destruction of the Russian spirit directed powerful media. Spirit was under serious threat. Strokes are the most fundamental spiritual values, instead of which annoyingly pseudo-imposed. In the camp of the enemy of the Russian spirit ran across part of the intelligentsia. The dramatic nature of the situation is amplified active champion of Western civilization and their patrons. But that is what gives them the uncertainty of success started insidious experiment. There is enough evidence that the Russian spirit is not broken, lives. So, live and Russia. The people, while spontaneously resisting forced on savagery, disintegration of the soul, to break the most important cultural norms and taboos, fear of illness, depression and unpredictability. The process of concentration, working leisurely folk wisdom. Russian spirit, the Russian idea, attractive Russian civilization its moral height, its samostoyaniya and does not need any addition of alien values.

Moreover, the Eurasian country — Russia — is intended to be a spiritual leader in the world, because no one except Russia lead the spiritual renewal of the Earth.


1.Sbornik First International Congress "Dokirillovskaya Slavic pre-Christian Slavic written language and culture", Volume 3. "Pre-Christian Slavic metaphilosophy", 2008.



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