The total solar eclipse of November 14, 2012

October 11, 2012 1:00

The total solar eclipse of November 14, 2012

NASA's next forecast that the U.S. space agency guarantees 100 percent — a total solar eclipse of 13 November 2012. Than it threatens business and what impact on the livelihoods of people — to understand analysts' News USA "magazine" Market Leader ".

What is the total solar eclipse

Now eclipse is explained as an astronomical phenomenon. It lies in the fact that the moon is partially or completely obscure the sun begins to observers who are on Earth. Specialists have found that the eclipse is only possible on the new moon. At this point, the Moon turned towards the Earth, no light, and the moon itself is not visible. In this approach the eclipse is possible only if the Moon begins near one or more of the lunar nodes — the points of intersection of the apparent orbit of the Sun and the Moon.

In such circumstances, the eclipse begins to occur no farther than 12 degrees and a lunar node. On the surface the shadow of the moon can not exceed 270 kilometers in diameter, so the solar eclipse is visible only in a narrow band in the path of the shadow.

It has long been known that the moon rotates in an elliptical orbit, which means that the distance between the Moon and Earth during the eclipse can be different. Thus, it is clear that the diameter of the moon's shadow spots can vary in a wide range of zero — to the maximum. In addition there is also the concept of a total solar eclipse. It can be traced back to the time when the observer is in the shadow zone. Then we can see that the moon is completely hidden behind the sun, and the sky darkens much. Eyewitnesses reported that this can be a good look at the bright stars and planets. Around the solar disk at the time of the hidden moon, comes through the so-called corona, which can not be seen in normal bright light. During the onset of the eclipse to observe this effect with a fixed point on the Earth can be no more than a few minutes.

That the minimum speed of the lunar shadow on the Earth's surface a little more than one kilometer per second. Astronauts who in these moments are in orbit, can see on the surface of the earth escaping the shadow of the moon. See a total solar eclipse happen only slightly. If the observer is close to the band eclipse, they perceive it as only a partial solar eclipse. During this astronomical phenomenon moon passes over the solar disk-center, and hides some of it. The sky darkens with a lot less than during a total eclipse, the stars can not see. It is this eclipse can be observed at a distance of about 2000 kilometers of the total eclipse. Researchers express complete solar eclipse phase F.

In addition to full and partial solar eclipses, there are also annular eclipse. It is this type of solar eclipse occurred on May 20 of 2012. Band eclipse began in southern China, and then went to Japan. Next, moving across the Pacific, was completed in the United States. Then the maximum phase length was 5 minutes and 46 seconds into the Pacific Ocean.

NASA now foretells that the next solar eclipse will happen on November 13. This time it is complete, what will make the residents of the Pacific Ocean and Australia. Partial phase of the eclipse will be viewed in the South Pacific Ocean, Indonesia, New Zealand, Antarctica and South America. In these regions of the eclipse can be seen in the early morning of the 14th of November. The capital of the eclipse will be the northern part of Australia, and that the city of Cairns. It is here that will settle the point at which the Moon completely obscuring the sun. Despite all the entertainment of the phenomenon and the many negative predictions associated with it, experts say that there is no reason to fear an eclipse. That view representative of the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism and the ionosphere Vladimir Kuznetsov. "We went through a lot of eclipses, because there is no reason to fear them" — said Kuznetsov.

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Astrology eclipse

The total solar eclipse of 13/14 November 2012

Pavel Globa. Zoroastrian calendar. Proteins year 2012, Minsk

The total solar eclipse of 13/14 November 2012 is a 22gr Scorpio degree unstable situation in life, adversity, exile, madness and violent death. His symbol-images: Feed or Avalanche. His simpol on Zoodiaku — kite.

It is also a degree of the fall of the White Moon — any planet, getting to this degree, will be actively "eat" by the forces of light ("pretending to be good"), thereby maximizing the weakening them. That is, how gracious will seem many events near ^ atmeniya so insignificant they may appear after a while.
The "world" horoscope eclipse built on the point of maximum {Greatest Eclipse), the sun with the moon, as always, is at the zenith, being the center of attention for the observers from around the world. At this time, the connection light is not involved in any configuration, but forms two hidden hard aspect to Pluto and Uranus, which stand in the square:
Hidden difficult angles — this situation is pumped ¬ tion: polukvadrat to Pluto — the negative social field, the discontent of the masses; sesquisquare to Uranus — the revolutionary spirit and involvement in the fight. It is understood the consequences of the "square tension" between the planets, which are also located in the reception, and whose interaction is magnified — the explosion of the masses!
In addition, Pluto is the dispositor of the sign and the eclipse eclipse subdispozitorom degrees, so its influence in the horoscope is very large. In addition, Pluto in Capricorn is on top Taukvadrata built on the opposition of Uranus in Aries and the White Moon in Libra, as the center of the configuration, and hence the reason for all the upcoming events.
Pluto in Capricorn — this is a huge collective energies directed at specific targets (in the worst case, a frenzied crowd), which is very in tune with the degree symbol eclipse: "stream", "avalanche". Uranus in Aries — the active desire to change the momentum of freedom and renewal, or a military coup, revolution, rebellion and self-will. Participation in the configuration of the White Moon in Libra indicates a positive, creative dynamics, as well as law and justice. All together — a great power of the masses, the ability to "change the world", destroying the old and creating the new. but (there is hope!) peaceful, honest and fair. Military (revolutionary) action or peaceful existence — that choice that can be "collective energy" in the aura of the eclipse.
What can disturb the peace plans? The answer is obvious: lawlessness and permissiveness! It reads the configuration aspects of the Axe, which forms a square between Chiron in Pisces (where it is the worst manifestation — a fragile law) and Black Moon in Gemini (lies and deception) to the top of Venus in Libra (world order), and is directed to a "hidden strike ax "- just classic astrology!
In horoscopes, built on Moscow, Minsk and Kiev, the point eclipse falls in house horoscope III — good-neighborly relations, communication, roads, pipelines and other means of communication, that is the main thing — do not quarrel!
The center taukvadrata, Pluto, falls into the "Russian" in the horoscope IV house, raising problems of middle-aged people, housing, real estate, and in the horoscopes of Belarus and Ukraine — in the V house, pointing to issues related to children, creative individuals and teams .
In terms of extreme events the greatest danger to be expected from the element of water, as the eclipse occurs in water sign: rain, floods, storms, etc.
Since the eclipse horoscope huge role for Pluto, which is in Capricorn, we should note and "not calm the earth": underground explosions, collapses earth, earthquakes, volcanoes, and danger in the mountains, caves, underground.
I would especially like to say about the LP squaring Pluto and Uranus, which also are available at the reception, this is the period 2012-2015 [precise squaring: 24.06.2012,19.09.2012, 20.05.2013, 11.01.2013, 21.04.2014, 15.12. 2014, 17.03.2015 (± month)]. The next four years can be characterized as a time of activation of the "peaceful atom": the unfolding of programs related to the development of nuclear energy (eg, nuclear power plant construction in Belarus), the desire to once again test nuclear weapons (such as "catch" of Iran), or develop new, but in the same vein. So pay attention to the dates and events that they will occur, according

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