The trap called the Euro. On the probability of European confrontation

The trap called the Euro.  On a possible confrontation EuropeanThe crisis of European integration, apparently reaches its climax. And what about next? Dare to Brussels to ensure that publicly declare the collapse of the integration process, and the fact, that put a big and bold cross on such a concept as Eurozone?

Certainly, such a sharp move from European politicians may serve as a funeral march in general for the global economy. The announcement that such currency as the euro is almost dead, and disable it from the device, so speak out, artificial respiration will lead to tectonic shifts far not only economic plan. For this announcement exactly follow the socio-political configurations that completely on his own tragedy may recall a situation where Europe is almost completely in ruins. At the moment, these ruins can be shaped, but it does not diminish their negative role for the global economic and political system. Well, the type to actual implementation from time to time is very, very close …

Do not, under any circumstances, provoking the reader on a frantic alarmism, is to make out a situation that may develop in the hypothetical failure of the upcoming EU integration on the previous criteria. One of the pillars of the former criterion — it is trying to make a territorial entity that would be very uniform both in financial and political terms. And the specific guiding light for the Europeans in this regard provides a single currency — the euro, which the vast majority of the ideologues of the euro union scale lozhili truly great expectations.

So, imagine for yourself for a moment that the economic crisis, which "Mama" went through the southern states of Europe, has led to the realization of the futility of endless lending Greek, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese banks. In this regard, the following shtrishki picture look about the subsequent ways: southern European banks, which received generous funding from the German, French and other monetary systems of Europe, can retreat to these same systems. In other words, if the same Paris and Berlin are deemed necessary, the Greeks and their ilk banks become French or German, and the very essence of monetary integration with banking platform entirely reincarnated into ashes. But whether such a scenario a picture of the future of Europe?

Many European politicians and economists argue that even at this point is the same Greek financial system — is, in fact, do more of the Berlin branch of the crisis. The German authorities, who are now, reluctantly heart, trying to pretend that the rescue of their own southern European neighbors, in fact pursuing a completely different purpose. It is in order to save southern European markets for the continuation of their German products. In fact, the case, the integration of the same Greek as, in principle, and a number of other countries, the euro area — there is nothing else like obmyslenny economic-political move when the big European manufacturers simply squeezed out of the market with their own rivals in those countries adopted the euro area .

It's no secret that the industry of the country after the announcement of the Greek member of one of the country the money places greater Europe, began experiencing very severe difficulties. It would seem, then, industry has not disappeared anywhere, and at first even had the opportunity to display their products over the limit on the lucrative criteria. But then something happened, for what, and was wound up this plate full of European monetary integration. The Greeks (as the Italians, Spaniards and others) are, simply put, is richer. The level of their income rather seriously jumped. All from that fun-filled action came in the inexpressible ecstasy. But then, no one has within Europe or in other parts of the world and do not think out that the European integration, but also on the basis of a single currency in the different versions of state governments — a bomb of slow action.

Southern Europe after the accession to the euro area could allow himself to little more than that, so just take the products issued only in their own territorial limits. The increase in revenue has provoked quite an active interest in the high-quality and expensive goods produced, for example, the same Germany. Of course, it is perfectly stimulated the German industry. Then everything went on very deep rut.

The Germans and French are rather fed up "southerners" loans, and those, in turn, are more willing to take these loans. Say, if given, so you need to take the train — why turn away, We Well, they say, is now a single family — here with us and share their "big brothers". And at first, from that state of affairs, we must admit, it was excellent and the giver and the taker. In general, it seemed that this little paradise life will only get better: the Germans are getting rich get richer and stuff means a certain percentage of those who are directly interested in their products.

But as we all know very well, this euphoria was destined to come to their own logical end. "Big Brother" suddenly felt that the "younger brother" has become less willing to pay for their debts, and in addition, as the whole world, are increasingly began to pay attention to their products far not the euro origin. It got to the actual conflict of interest when the "southerners" announced: friends, you are wrong, because "the lady who feeds her and he dances," and you've decided to "dance" in the other direction. But it was too late, and now the same tire out themselves to a standstill Germans from the south, in fact, declared: do you want to keep at least a delicate balance in the euro area — let's funds without any criterion. And the Germans are given. Sweating, swearing, but give … After all, do something they have nothing else …

And now, just the same, and make out option when the Germans and the other sponsors of the big European construction with a tarnished and rotten foundation, decide to announce that the Greeks, Spaniards, Italians and others need to go to their drachmas, pesetas and lyres, and reminisce about the euro only in colored dreams. But then the Germans have finally and completely lose their southern European market, trying, perhaps, to pull on the surface of its banking system, which has long been in the hands of Berlin and Paris financiers.

After such a precedent, of course, starts a new step in European history, which can be characterized by the well-known phrase "from love to hate …". "Southerners" is not without a bit of logic can blame "northerners" of all the mortal sins of money: they say themselves at first lured us into a trap on behalf of the euro, and now are trying to get rid of us, exposing the financially insolvent. And it is can lead to the upcoming increase of left-and right-wing forces that can try to merge the company with the motto of revenge. Revenge for being hung evrohomut, forced under this yoke, speak out because a couple of rough plowed furrows, and unharnessed, ceasing give oats, and again returned to his stall is not the most impressive.

And it calls for revenge and the eyes are fully capable of finding their own massive fan. Then there is even a famous Athenian riots with burned cars and the wrecked offices of foreign companies seem flowers.

In this case, seem to be quite a man with favorite properties, which able by means of propaganda to convince people of the nee
d for revenge (as, for example, has been a reference in Europe in 1933), so let civilian anger in a destructive direction.

If the action will go in such a scenario, and the prerequisites for it, that Europe should expect enormous social explosion, which could be used by certain forces to solve their own interests. The end of European integration could create one of the largest evrokonfrontatsy since the end of the second world war.

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