The triumphal procession of electronic books. Past Belarus

According to forecasts of the software giant, the American company Microsoft, and in 2020 90% of all texts will be available in electronic form, along with the PC one way to view the information will be e-book, which has already started a triumphal march around the world. Or flooded "reader" of Belarus? There is a high demand for "pocket library"?

Most of the Belarusian online stores can now be found a special section that advertises device for reading — so-called e-books. A year or two ago, it was difficult to purchase a novelty, it was necessary to make orders through Kiev or Moscow. Products are now offered more than two dozen manufacturers, prices start at $ 250 and ends at around 3-4 times higher. In one of the stores have advised on what is better to choose:

"I would recommend LBook eReader V3. It is worth $ 315 for the course. You can also stop at another way models — PocketBook 360, there is absolutely everything except the telephone and internet. This is a pure reading device. Screens in all cases — monochrome. "

The first e-books appeared in the late 1990s. Then they found the mass user: vyyavazdolnasts left much to be desired, the battery life was minimal, there were highlights, slowly "pramalevvavsya" screen. A breakthrough in the field of accounts for 2007 minutes, when the screens with the technology of "electronic paper". New product developed under simulated normal ink on paper: light gray background, black text and no svyachennya. Unlike liquid crystal displays, image formed by reflected light, as in conventional paper. In addition, energy is consumed only when "peragortvannya" pages, so the battery lasts for thousands of sheets. For example, the already mentioned LBook eReader — to 10,000 pages, Sony Book Reader — for 7500.

One of the biggest pluses of e-books is that in a "reader" can hold almost half of the National Library. In addition, e-book itself remembers what page you left off. You can create hierarchical structures surviving books in such a way to quickly find the desired product. Experts predict that at the current pace of technology development in 10 years to buy a paper media will be difficult. With these predictions agree and those who are in such a term is not very interested. Here that says private publisher Dmitry Colas:

Dmitry Colas

"It is possible. At the very least, there are suspicions that the whole civilization will be reduced to nanotechnology, and if persists, do not leave anything behind. No trace. Disappear as the former Atlyantyda. After all, all waste will be processed at 100%, and all information will be on electronic media. And if you fail, then everything will collapse completely. "

Belarus does not have statistics on the circulation of e-books. But in the neighboring Russian first voiced the dynamics of change in this sector of the market. Thus, in 2009 the total sales of readers was about 200,000. Despite the crisis, the quarter-on-quarter growth — at times. What attracts the e-book readers? There is also the possibility to obtain information via iPhones, iPods, mp3-devices, even regular phones. That's what the programmer thinks Ming Alexei Sokolov:

"Yes, but they are very different. First of all, with e-books resting my eyes — both on plain paper. There is no adsvetki, everything looks like a normal book. You can make any convenient background — or yellow, or white, or as in the old book. In addition, you can record yourself as many books. Most often, these devices have access to the Internet. That is hiding in the Internet, and download the required book — read. And one more thing: if you look at how many books you buy conventional and how much money they lose, and then think about where the books still make up, the benefit is obvious. After all, throw out the "living" books is wrong, and you can, of course, to give, but you want something from time to time to re-read. It is for this and there are e-books — Download all you want, and read at least a lifetime. Even children can be left. "

Talking about the mass such delight in Belarus is not necessary. Yet 300-400 dollars for an e-book — significantly more than the other achievements are technical ideas. Yes, and digital libraries are not very diverse. Most of the books are downloaded pirated, although some libraries in the same Russia already have government support. To be fair, a growing number of publishers can post their work on the Internet, believing that it serves as an additional advertising. But this is primarily Russian authors. Publisher Dmitry Colas recognizes that, in the case of the Belarusian-language literature of the case are not as good as the neighbors:

Not so extended by the Belarusian reader here these and other appliances to expect that there will be great demand for this type of electronic publishing.

"I do Belarusian-book. With this in mind, not so extended by the Belarusian reader here these and other appliances to expect that there will be great demand for this type of electronic publishing. There's also certain formats that are supported in these formats is almost nothing. But given the fact that everything is on the computer all the lyrics to "drive", they have not thrown away, go to the e-books will not be so hard. "

Reporter"But this is especially true of new authors, contemporary. That were published earlier, in electronic form, of course, no … "

"Yes, but the point is that, as I see it, the e-book is easier to prepare, with the text. For this be program, which it surpasses the regular editor in the appropriate format. In short, this is not so difficult. Would demand, and remake — it's pretty fast. "

Experts analyzing the cost of e-books, referred to as the indisputable advantages of new technologies, as well as disadvantages. Thus, the advantages of:

  • small volume, but infinite possibilities for preservation of electronic and optical storage of tens or even hundreds of thousands of books;
  • low cost of distribution, as you pay only for the amount of information transmitted over a network, either the media (disk);
  • an order of magnitude less time making e-books compared to paper — a matter of days, compared with months;
  • Easy and quick change sets and the type size;
  • the opportunity to enjoy a book with a low level asvetlenastsi;
  • opportunity not only to read but also to listen to the text — in the so-called audio books text-to-speech.

Audiobooks — a text presented in an audio format. Most often works nachytvayuts actors, in the rare event — the authors themselves. 300-350 pages on average give 10 o'clock sound. On the Internet you can find a variety of genres and directions: modern prose, classics, fiction, fantasy, fairy tales for children, books on marketing, psychology, business and economics.

And yet — what are the disadvantages they see specialists in e-books? Here are some claims systematically:

  • high cost, which does not contribute to the mass distribution of e-books;
  • the absence of an aesthetic component, which for most people is relatively important "living" book;
  • incompatibility of older devices with new software;
  • while the portable e-book from the battery is limited;
  • of conversion into electronic format illustrated paper books — works on the history of art, photo albums, cards, etc.


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