The vagaries of weather in Ukraine: the heat, wind and hail

About the Company This was announcedand the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus. As of the morning of August 9, remain without electricity were more than 1,250 communities.

In addition, the wind on Sunday affected more than 240 communities in 22 districts. Wind damaged the roof of nearly 400 homes, 25 buildings and social amenities, 9 industrial buildings, more than 500 farm buildings.

"In Bobruisk, resulting in a strong wind, a tree fell on a car in which was driver. Killed a man born in 1961 ", — reported in the MOE.

Gusts of wind on Sunday in Belarus reached 24 meters per second in some areas was heavy hail, the size of a hen's egg.

A meanwhile Gomel was fixed absolute temperature record for August — 38.9 degrees.

Special heat is observed in the east. This summer has been the hottest in Belarus for 100 years meteanazirannyav.



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