The victims of the heat wave

Belarus has recorded increase in mortality due to heat waves. Doctors point out first of all deaths of elderly people, as well as increasing the number of drowning.

Back in early July, during the 35-degree heat in the route taxi in Minsk, died of heart failure 60-year-old citizen of Russia. Death from heart disease, according to preliminary information, recently suffered the driver of the car on the street Bogdanovich. The aggravation of diseases caused by heat, and then death was pronounced in other cases, said the deputy chief doctor of the Minsk Emergency Hospital Igor Grigoriev:

"I know about the deaths of elderly people at home — can not stand this heat old people — it is. As for the figures to the number of patients that come to us, that was some growth, then we are not particularly notice. Places we enough — about a hundred empty seats. "

However, the aggravation of diseases and subsequent mortality directly from the hot weather officially physicians do not communicate and do not keep such statistics. Operational ambulance primarily concerned with a lot of drowning, says the head of the department ambulance station Nicholas Strelsky:

In the days when it was very hot, we are more interested in how to travel in time and help during taplennya.

"Somewhere in the 2-3 per cent was recorded only increase the number of calls. This could be for various reasons, but a direct connection with the heat I can not see. Also stated that the death was the result of the hot weather, can only forensic examination, we we do not. On the days when it was very hot, we are more interested in how to travel in time and help during taplennya. On our last day there were 43 such drowned. "

Head of the city department of registrar Irina Kucharczyk reported that the number of reported deaths in this July is not significantly different from the number of deaths in the past — in 1607 people. However, the number of graves in cemeteries in Minsk in July this year compared to June increased by 107 cases — from 1076 to 1183, said head of the workshop funeral services of Minsk "Spetskambinatu" Elena Shimanovich:

"We had many, many graves — even the figures show that in July there were more than in June. Were also many drowned. But all in all we had — all buried and there were no problems."

According to the Belarusian Society of salvation on the water, just in the past week — from 2 to 9 August — on the rivers and reservoirs of the country, 54 people drowned. Everything from the beginning of July drowned 437 people. 82% were drowned while intoxicated.

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