The visa-free border regime with Latvia may start in August

The agreement on visa-free regime for residents of border areas of Belarus and Latvia may sign in August. As told to "ERB" head of the consular department of the Belarusian embassy in Latvia Oleg Andreev, fully coordinated and all questions with Latvia, serious differences in the positions of Minsk and Riga's not.

Belarus and Latvia had to sign a contract before, but there was a delay so that the border passes not only from Latvia, but also with the European Union. Therefore, we first needed get a "good" from Brussels. The decision of the EU headquarters was positive.

On the Latvian side in the area of visa favored included the second largest city of Daugavpils, with Belarus — three district centers with surrounding settlements. However, prior to the signing of the intergovernmental agreement the city names have not been disclosed.

February 12 agreement on visa-free regime for residents of border regions of Belarus has signed with Poland. However, the parliaments of the two countries have not yet ratified it. Also expected to sign a similar document with Lithuania.


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