The woman photographed strange ghost in a pink suit


A resident of the State of Texas, staged an impromptu photo shoot to his nephew, caught in the lens smartphone is not only a teenager, but the ghostly figure of the viewer.

Marcella Davis (Marcella Davis), who lives in Cleveland, Texas, was watching the game nephew, and then decided to take some pictures with your mobile phone.

Persistence of women enthusiastically fixing each student movement, soon bored teenager, and he asked his cousin to stop snapping smartphone. By that time, Marcella had time to take some pictures, and therefore lost to the requirements of the guy and took her cell phone.

Back at home, the American turned to her daughter with a request to show how you can increase the output image.

Girl coped with the task, and was about to embark on an explanation, when she noticed a strange spectator, who was watching the game students.

"The daughter gave me a smartphone with the words:" Mom, look at this. " Looking closely to the photos, I noticed a clear figure, through which you could see outside. On the ghost had light pink suit and a black shirt. But most of all I was surprised by his hair and flared pants — as if a strange figure came out of the seventies, "- says Marcella Davis.

The woman told reporters the western tabloid that she was never interested in supernatural phenomena and not faced with the ghosts. Therefore, the meeting with the ghost became fashionable for her amazing event.

"It was awesome and not at all scary. I believe that such incidents should not treat abnormal discharge. People always leave this world, and if you are not among the deceased, you can not know what will happen to you next," — says Marcella.

Similar images can be obtained using mobile apps, but Davis insists that her pictures — not a hoax.

"I do not understand the new devices and even more so in some newfangled programs. Believe me, those pictures no one handles" — convinces American.

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