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In the Belarusian State University on a budget enrolled 2,093 students, 2,134 students will study for a fee. Of the total received, 811 (48%) have a total score above 300. To become a student of international relations, you had to dial the budget department 360 points to law school — 348 points, on a specialty "computer security" — 340 on Actuarial Mathematics — 338 points. In order to learn a fee, passing scores could be 100-150 points lower. In other words, the money students can become almost anyone. The former rector of Belarusian State University Anatoly Pavlov says:

"Every year the level drops and high school graduates and high school graduates. Dean of the Faculty of Applied I

Each year the level drops and high school graduates and high school graduates.

Mathematics complained that he had students in the first year to teach mathematics, emphasize — the basics of mathematics at the university, can you imagine? Naturally, there are nuggets of children, there are very talented kids such a small amount. They successfully finished university. But these graduates not stay here for a long time. They will leave for abroad, and this is a trend. "

But at the same mathematics and physics at the Minsk State Pedagogical University at the competition was not. We took all those who applied. Last year, the math could enroll by dialing 103 points, the physics — 87 points. On the other departments on a budget This year, could easy to pass on the average with 150 points. On the paid department there was no competition in the same department, with the exception of specialization "lyagaped" (156 points) and "political psychology" (254 points).

It is a vicious circle: low scores — learning difficulties, low level of training of future teachers. And then the poor teachers will prepare weak students …

Impressive is the difference between passing scores of state employees and paying students at the Minsk State Linguistic University. To become a student-budget-translation department with a specialization in "English", you had to dial 355 points, enough for a paid department, and 135 points. The difference — 220 points! The relationship between state employees and taxpayers with a major "German" — 347 and 173, "Intercultural Communication" — 342 and 154, "computational linguistics" — 306 and one hundred and forty-fourth

Associate Professor, Head of Department Linguistic University, Keep not emotion:

It's dube, oak oak sit, and then receive diplomas.

"Now we have universal higher education. Take all. Last year took everyone who applied for, can you imagine? And then we teach them. Indeed, dube, oak oak tree sit, and then receive diplomas."

Reporter "And how did they pass the session?"

"And we have such a special group — a group of alignment. I call them" a group of mental retardation. "Because they come" at zero. "They need to be in the first semester to adjust to the level of the others. And the others have moved far ahead! Our education now — "nothing", as the English say. Nothing. "

Thus, it appears that go to college and then get diplomas are all who passed the centralized testing. No matter what meager scores. The main thing that parents are willing to pay for education.


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