There was the time of the 32nd Flood

Position of the solar system (marked by an arrow) in the Milky Way galaxy.  Photo from www.godphoto.comEnergy events associated with global warming, there is no separate episodes, and prolonged and natural phenomenon.
Among the many challenges faced by the Earth's civilization at the beginning of XXI century, global warming and climate change are of paramount importance. It's been over 50 years since the UN conference in Stockholm drew attention to environmental degradation.
But there is still no generally accepted ideas about the causes of global events on Earth. In the media, some journalists relish incredible rumors about the end of the world.
Our planet — a part of the cosmos, and all global events on it in the first place determined by the interaction force in the system: Galaxy-Sun-Earth-Biosphere-Man. Land along with the solar system is moving in the spiral galaxy spiral. In this small galactic cycle is 26 thousand years, and the big — 200-210 million years. Every 100 million years comes reorientation of the magnetic field of the Earth, changing the position of the axis of rotation. This is followed by global cataclysms. Minor galactic cycles (26 million years old) are no changes in the magnetic field of the Earth and are linked to global climate change.
Boundaries are often accompanied by small cycles sea level rise — the Flood. The fact that the Flood was, modern science has no doubts. It was these events and recorded in the Bible and ancient legends and myths. If we assume that the first Olympic Games were in Greece in the third millennium BC, then came the time of the 32nd Flood.
In the first stage of the transition process, in which the Earth is 100 years, the average temperature rises by braking — reducing the average speed of the Earth's rotation on its axis. The first stage is the shortest and the most active (XXI-XXII Century). In this period there is a rapid deceleration of the planet and release enormous amounts of heat, which is the cause of global warming.
Readers of "NG", of course, interested in what is going to happen in the near and distant future.
At the end of the first — the beginning of the second period (XXIII century) comes the most difficult period in the history of human civilization, marking the maximum rise of water, and then begin a slow fall of temperature and sea level rise. According to various sources, the sea level could rise by 20-30 meters. It should be borne in mind that part of the surface of the continents is below sea level, and in these places the water can rise up to 50 meters.
Warm and cool the planet's surface area will be swapped. Warm layers of magma in the Northern Hemisphere will be raised in Siberia, and the magma cooled down — fall in Europe and the Atlantic. Cold pole in the Northern Hemisphere moves into the area of Vologda and glacier moving with Scandinavia and the eastern coast of the Pacific will have a favorable climate. Permafrost in Siberia back down to the north, and the place of the forest-tundra hundreds of years formed chernozems. In the Southern Hemisphere cold zone to areas of Australia, and the warm zone where hot magma will be imposed to the surface — in the Indian Ocean and South Africa.
The great ocean currents change direction, even more dramatically affect the global climate change and local additional sea level rise. Changing the direction of the Gulf Stream to Europe will bring the cold waters of the Arctic Ocean, which makes the climate of this part of the world even colder. Cold current Kurosivo changing the direction will be warm, and it obogreet eastern part of the Far East and will help warm The climate of Eastern Siberia.
The most dramatic climate change will affect the life of the north-western part of Europe. Deep cooling leads to the formation of a glacier in Scandinavia, which borders the end of the cold cycle will go through Upland and defined climatic conditions of the second stage of the transition process. But it will not be soon, but in the fourth millennium, 30-40th centuries. Sea level rise, groundwater and atmospheric circulation will change to Universal resettle most of the population of the planet.
After 13,000 years — 150-154-X centuries AD — The transition process will be repeated again. Warm and cold zones will occupy the same position, and this was the beginning of XX century.
By the end of the XXI century cold zone will shift to the north-western part of European Russia, and the boundaries of the cold and hot zones will be held in Moscow and Voronezh. Warm Zone capture much of North America and Canada. In the Southern Hemisphere, New Zealand will be in the cold area, and the boundary of warm and cold zones will be in the region of south-eastern Australia.
Of course, it is only predictions. However, you should in the near future to map the possible flooding and waterlogging. And most importantly — be clear that energy events associated with global warming, there is no separate episodes, and prolonged and natural phenomenon.

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