Through the chaos and destruction of a civilization

Through the chaos and destruction of the "other" civilization

Modern human civilization is actively and rapidly changing. Western masters project driven humanity in a very narrow corridor of the country and the world's peoples reeling conceptual, civilizational, economic and financial, social, political, environmental and military crisis.

Erupted on the planet (and carefully inflated) flame continuous revolution. It covers not only crushed the various problems the Arab and Islamic world, but more recently prosperous West. Originally, the "peaceful" protests that are trying to present, as the expression of the "will" of the people, automatically flow into a confrontation with the authorities, the armed conflict. December 16 came reports of "rebellion" in Kazakhstan.

It should be noted that the permanent revolution revealed several interesting phenomena. This "vandalism and" youth and the sharp drop of the cultural, educational level of the population worldwide. The hosts of the West, after the Second World War, the number of operations carried out on the population of Western countries — the U.S. was the first. One of the most famous operations — a "sexual revolution", "sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll." As a result, western people have been transformed (especially in cities) in biomass without moral principles, fixation on hedonism and consumption. The youth was spared the need to make a life of hard daily work (in industry, agriculture), and it releases a lot of energy. Western people (and Russian, we have this operation performed after Stalin, especially accelerated this process in the late USSR and in the 1990's) to get rid of breeding, rearing its offspring — "Live for yourself", "first career, then the child" , "family" without children or with one child, homosexual "family", etc. This freed even more time and energy. Thus, were covered two ways that support society, the country — the reproduction of the population and industrial areas. People's energy focused on parasitic samopodpityvayuschiysya circuit — hedonism, the search of pleasure.

Take the example of Libya, people have killed their country, were "rats", because wanted to consume a higher standard, get more enjoyment. And, do not deserve it, the high level of the local population was maintained thanks to the natural resources and the exploitation of labor immigrants. People who do not fulfill their social function — participation in production, do not continue to race, are parasites, "rats". They are fixated only on their "individuality" (a sort of "bright people"), the growth of consumer pleasures.

Those countries and civilizations that tried to prevent submersion of the world in the "controlled chaos", which should give rise to a "new world order", are destroyed. West has resorted to military intervention under the pretext of "democratization" to the population. New world should be unified, there will be no place to Islam, Orthodox Christianity, pagan beliefs of Eastern civilizations, different races and nations — creates a "gray" humanity.

Multilateral process, the traditional state system, civilization are attacked from all sides, "cancer cells" hit the inside and outside. The financial and economic crisis undermines the economic resources of the country, strengthen the revolutionary activity of the population, the "color" revolutions lead to increased youth protest groups, disgruntled elite groups. Unrest, revolution, war, destabilize the region, dealing a blow to the world economy, further aggravate the situation in the national economy, and this leads to a further radicalization of the masses. These processes generate waves of migration, create new channels of drug trafficking, illegal weapons proliferation, the slave trade, piracy zones and power of various kinds of destructive groups (such as the Christian fundamentalists in the Southern Sudan and Uganda — "LRA"). On the planet there are real "wild lands," areas where the authorities do not recognize, or a nominal effect. "Wild lands" become metastatic tumor "controlled chaos." Somalia is already part of the Sudan and Uganda, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, close to that in Egypt, Pakistan and a number of other areas.


After the period of the "Great Depression 2" (it was already said the head of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde), continuous revolution (the collapse and disintegration of the eurozone evroekonomiki that naturally lead to revolutionary consequences, predicts horn structures of global administration, Jacques Attali) and World War II — should be set up "other" civilization.

Its main parameters are also already known. Consumption level of the majority of mankind will be collapsed, which is already done. In the "controlled chaos" massacre bloody wars must burn a large portion of humanity. The remaining will be under full control by technology tehnofashizma, electronic slavery. Crystallization occurs-ordered social structure neorabovladelcheskogo character. This will create a single world government, unified armed forces (they are the backbone of the U.S. military and NATO, private military companies), all of civilization and the state will be destroyed, as the major nations. You will be taken from the money-market relationships to the status and distribution, the competition will be only at the corporate level.

Chances of success

It is necessary to take into account the fact, that such a system is inherently anti-humane. In addition, it is likely that the lack of professional builders. Therefore, it is believed that the permanent revolution and the "controlled chaos" will be released from the power of its ideologists and organizers. And then the human civilization expects global disaster, the scale of which in the known history of the human race just to compare with anything.

In the same case, if the wizard can "walk the razor's edge," build your order, the remnants of humanity awaits sad fate. It is very doubtful that this system will be stable. The destruction, death can not build "castles in the air." It will be a sunset, the agony of mankind. Death, although at a slow, canned.

Alexander Samsonov

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