Throw out the TV, but rather burn it!

"I know how to get the average American to believe in what I want. I have enough control over television … you to place something on TV, and it is becoming a reality. If the world against what they see, people try to change it to make it similar to the one they see on TV … "Hal Becker,« Futures Group », 1981


We should not be surprised that in the last forty years, the main means of brainwashing technology was in motion pictures and sound recordings (television, movies, music videos) that can change our own understanding of the truth.

In 1956, a man by the name of Theodor Adorno, who composed the music for the most hits «Beatles», in «TV and patterns of popular culture» («Television and the Patterns of Mass Culture») explained that "TV — a tool to control the behavior and psychological control, which previously could not even dream of. " "For Adorno and his accomplices — says Harley Schlanger — TV presupposed an ideal way to create a homogeneous, mass culture, by which to monitor and satisfy public opinion in such a way that in the end, all the country began to think the same way."

"Clever manipulation of the habits and opinions of the masses — an important element of a democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen lever of influence on the minds of people (ie TV, reklamoy2 and as a result, public opinion), constitute an invisible government which is the present ruling power. "

So begins a daring book "Propaganda» («Propaganda») of a One World Government, published in 1928, a nephew of Sigmund Freud, Edward Berneyzom3, which, inter alia, states: "With the development of civilization the need for invisible government has become increasingly apparent. So were invented and developed the means capable of regulating public opinion. "
After manipulators, the social engineers of major institutions to brainwash the world have realized that people tend not to take as many preconceived ideas as psychologically seek an unattainable ideal, they immediately have at their disposal the tools you need to change the profile of the moral and social consciousness (the fact that the followers of Freud called the superego). For people at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the members of the club Beale derbergskogo control over the minds of people is a priority. With the advent of television and start to use it to entice viewers old values evaporated. Something new, vague and uncertain beginning to emerge at dusk, as the executives realized the best way to impose a "postmodern" by the masses — is no single point of view, while denying the same philosophy of mind in favor of the desires, fantasies and desires. For anyone who is a little to reflect, it should be apparent that the pop culture was born not in itself: it is controlled by large corporations and their chief ideological fabrication centers, foundations, and institutions associated with the Bilderberg, CFR and the Tavistock Institute, which, as I I will show in this chapter, are responsible for the music, television, books, fashion, etc. The elite Bilderberg Tavistock and social engineers have realized that in order to achieve their goal they needed to focus on the younger generation, to bring the total paradigm shift, which would cover different generations, or that, in principle, the same, change the set of the dominant society beliefs and values. The viewer, thus, was an innocent victim of brainwashing.

Do you want to defeat the enemy — bring up his children (Eastern wisdom)

"Indicator of the change in the social paradigm — says Wolf in an article titled" Turn off your TV ", published in« The New Federalist »in 1999 — is a value that represents the youth pop culture. She assimilated, will be replicated from the members of the family itself and the institutions that occasionally substitute parents (eg, schools). If you want to change the values in the society, the easiest way to do this is by focusing on young people than to impose them on the whole of society. "

In a groundbreaking book, written in the mid-1970s, Eric Trist — one of the founders of the Tavistock Institute, and Fred Emery, Social Technologies, one of the discoverers of the socio-technical systems approach to the reorganization of work, such as team work, based on self- , explained what a stunning effect that in twenty years, the television has had on American society. Trist and Emery said that the process of television viewing was essentially a mechanism of brainwashing. They proved that watching any TV shows (regardless of content) reduces the activity of thinking and cognitive processes have on the central nervous system effects, similar to the effect of the drug, making the ordinary viewer of the inspired and ma-nipuliruemogo subject, in addition, they found that these zombies subjected to brainwashing, hysterical denied to them at all something is happening, or even that such manipulation of their "thoughts" can ever be possible.

Trist and Emery argued that all international centers apparatus brainwashing Tavistock Institute was created with the sole purpose — to secure a change of paradigm of post-industrial world order. As I explained in detail in his first book about the members of the Bilderberg Club On "Who rules the world? or the whole truth about the Bilderberg Club ", one of their priorities — is the creation of the post-industrial zero-growth society. The purpose of the Bilderberg Club, as stated by Trist — to make this change permanent. Trist, as Dr. Alexander King, advocated a "campaign of mass in order to re-break the last vestiges of national resistance, especially in the U.S., this new single world order" (according to the model developed by Tavistock). Indeed, the entire set of tools used by the media, stimulated the modern mind, was the key to the success of brainwashing large population groups, as well as to limit the scope of individual moral responsibility. Three hundred and one of the predictions and Emery lay in the fact that if you follow their plan, it is possible that at the end of XX century, the United States has become a fascist police state. How right they were!

Conducting a survey by the numbers
However, this plot might not be as effective, if not one of the most important areas of cooperation between the institutions controlled by the Bilderberg Group, and the state (or public) policy. Company on the study of public opinion and the gigantic fraud that Bilderberg engaged for the past fifty years, doing all this operation is legal in the eyes of the public. These companies form the public opinion so as to conspirators. Most polls conducted by major media outlets, which include TV CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, «Fox», the newspaper «The New York Times», «The Washington Post», «The Financial Times», «The Wall Street Journal "Magazines« Time »,« Newsweek »(all owned by the Bilderberg Club th), actually coordinated by the National Opinion Research Center, where he developed a psychological template for each and every country in the world.

The most active Bilderberg uses two tools: «Gallup» (how to conduct public opinion surveys, named after its creator — American statistician George Gallup, which typically use large media to, as it is assumed to reflect public opinion) and the Monitor, created by Jan kelovichem, Skelly and White. Daniel Yankelovich learned this idea from the book of John Neysbita "Report on Trends» («Trend Report»), which was commissioned by the Club of Rome, one of the branches of Beale derbergskogo club, whose members include Mikhail Gorbachev, the royal couple of Spain, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands , Belgian Prince and Juan Luis Sebrian from the group PRISA. It is that huge machine, which turned most Americans had never heard of Saddam Hussein and the vague idea that Iraq is somewhere in the Middle East, people, thirsting for his blood and requiring the destruction of Iraqis as a nation.

Most of us do not realize is that "much of what we read in the newspapers or see on television, is first filtered by companies on public opinion — says John Coleman, a former agent of MI6, in the book," The Hierarchy of conspirators: History of the Committee of 300 ? («Conspirators Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300?). — We see only what is thought of the study of public opinion, a must see. This is called "the formation of public opinion. '" The whole idea of a social process is to see how society reacts to the policy guidelines prescribed by the members of the Bilderberg Club. They are called "" target population ", and surveys assess the" degree of resistance to what appears in the news "," — concludes Coleman. All this is part of the process of consciousness, carefully designed in Tavistock, which is technically described as a "message that reaches the senses persons who need to influence." "Today, people believe that they are well-informed, but do not imagine that the views that they consider their own, in fact created in the research institutes and centers of America, and none of us is free to have an opinion in that flow of information, which hits our media and of public opinion research, "- writes Coleman. One of these centers is, for example, Analytical Research Corporation — an organization based in McLean, Virginia. Founded in 1948, it became part of the Johns Hopkins University and took control Bilderberg. Corporation participated in more than 600 projects, including the integration of blacks into the army, software tactical use of nuclear weapons and the control of the population, as well as in other studies with flowery name, such as "Analysis of ground battles between 1618-1905 years and its use results in today's wars. " This organization is closely connected with the corporation «Rand» and many other similar uchrezhdeniyami6. «Rand» is an important ideological center of the CIA related to Tavistock. Each and every one of these organizations — both public and private — are linked and are part of a giant conspiracy and omnipresent, the epicenter of which — the almighty and top-secret Bilderberg Group and its affiliate brainwashing — Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. One of the first studies of Tavistock, conducted in 1921 under the leadership of the British Psychological Warfare Bureau, was associated with the effects of post-war neurosis British soldiers who survived the First World War. The purpose of this study was not so much to cure them, how to determine what exactly was the turning point for the people affected by the pressure.

Such incredible power allows Bilderberger through related and organizations belonging to it by conglomerates, insurance companies, banks, financial institutions, oil companies, newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and many thousands of social engineers actively participate in the creation of all that We see, hear, and read, and only a few weeks to create and enforce new public opinion on almost any topic.
= War propaganda

At the beginning of XX century, the word "propaganda" and "war" are synonymous. This happened not by accident. Responsible for this semantic similarity was Walter Lippmann (one of the most influential political commentators, and the first translator of books by Sigmund Freud in English, which, in addition, during the First World War, was an employee of the Bureau of military-political propaganda UK) and Edward Burns, a nephew of Freud and one of the creators of technology to manipulate public opinion. Bernays wrote in "propaganda," the following:

"Without a doubt, it is astounding success of propaganda during the [First World] war opened my eyes to some smart people to the possibilities implied manipulation of public consciousness … We are governed, our minds can be tailored, our tastes are standardized, our ideas on us by people of whom we never heard of. As much as we may feel about this, the fact is that in almost every act of our lives (in politics, business, public conduct, ethical thinking, etc.) prevails over our relatively small number of individuals that make up a tiny fraction of our tens million [number of Americans at that time], but to understand the processes of mass consciousness and social patterns of the masses. It is they who are holding the reins, control of public opinion and constrain the social forces, as well as inventing new ways of controlling the world. "

In fact, Edward Bernays and Walter Lippman jointly participated in a secret study conducted by the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Headquarters Chatham House associated with QS in the U.S.) to manipulate military information to cause the mass support of the war. An avalanche of propaganda on an overturning through the newspaper, which is owned by the family of Lord Rothmere, wonderfully acted especially the workers, among whom there was little opposition to what later turned into a bloodbath on the fields of Flanders. During the First World War, Bernays, who at that time was still very young, he worked in the Committee on Public Information of the United States, established in 1917 and is aimed at promoting the preparation and presentation of the war as the most important instrument of democratization around the world. In all the wars that have taken place since then, including today's "war on terrorism", we used the same methods of propaganda.

Let us remember that the Bilderberg, CFR and Club of Rome make money on large and small wars, as well as the sale of weapons and food to both warring parties. No matter what the scale of the conflict, in a world controlled by Bilderberg, is always on what to make. "Despite the death of hundreds of thousands of British boys on the battlefields of France, countering a bloody war did not exist. Records of the time show that in 1917, just before the United States entered the war, 94 percent of British workers who carried the main burden of the war, did not have any, even the most vague idea of what they are fighting, those created manipulators views that the Germans — a horrible race, bent upon destroying their monarch and the country, so they need to be wiped off the face of the earth, "- writes John Coleman.

In fact, researchers have found (after six months, during which time the experiment lasted), that only 10 percent of the population is able to reason logically and to recognize the problem, and not just express opinions about it. Since then, all those involved in brainwashing believe this principle is true with regard to the war and to any problem in the society as a whole. Take, for example, today's anti-smoking campaign, a national movement in Catalonia, the European constitution, the issue of emigration to Europe, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, impulsive attempt to secede Quebec's meager oil in Asia and the direct effects of a prosperous Europe. In 1991 there was the same situation as in the recent war in Iraq, where more than 87 percent of Americans initially supported the illegal attack, leading to genocide and unconstitutional. This is not just a local phenomenon. For example, a high percentage of Spanish citizens voted in favor of the European Constitution, despite the fact that polls consistently shown that only a small portion of the population read the text, which is then voted for. John Coleman in his book, "The Hierarchy of conspirators: History of the Committee of 300," writes:

"Thus, irrationality was elevated to the level of public consciousness. Manipulators have played on it to reduce and redirect the public's sense of present reality defining their action in any situatsii.Chem become more complex problems of modern industrial society, the easier it was to distract and change the public mind, with the result that we are in such a situation, when absolutely unmotivated opinions of the masses by sophisticated manipulators are perceived as objective scientific facts. "

Interestingly, in Tavistock Trist and Emery created a theory of "social turbulence," so-called "psychological treatment to future shocks," according to which the population will experience constant stress due to the global shortage of energy, economic and financial collapse and terrorist attacks. "If 'shocks' are fast becoming more and more intense, you can bring the whole society to a state of mass psychosis" — say Trist and Emery. In addition, trying to escape from the horror of impending reality, individuals will feel morally corrupt, they possess nihilism, anger and unbridled lust for entertainment.

In fact, we are talking about the two sides of the same coin. On the one hand — the hidden and deft manipulation, thought control and human consciousness through television, "and on the other — says John Quinn in« News Hawk »on October 10, 1999 — a direct and blatant change of paradigm, the basic concepts of transformation, expansion settings, changing the playing field and rules of the game, resulting in a transformed society unusually short period of time. "
A good example of the paradigm shift of modern thinking is a legendary rock band from Liverpool «Beatles», created jointly by Bilderberg, CFR and the new world order, which is due to the method developed by Tavistock control thinking has become a model of perfection.
The appearance of «Beatles»
«Beatles», that his innocent mark the emergence of rock music and contemporary electronic music — it's not just an ordinary group of the early 1960s. This is not just a spontaneous youth revolt against the old social system and an elaborate English government (under the leadership of the British secret Bureau of psychological warfare) plan to introduce a powerful destructive elements in a large target population, which was planned to change the mind against her will. It was a "shining example of processing of society, when it took a change that large group of people considered undesirable." The plan was implemented under the control of the CIA, the British MI6 and the Tavistock Institute, which brought into play extremely hard drugs in violation of the mental state, as well as use the latest information on the behavior of the person with respect to radio and television. In other words, the group «Beatles» brought to the United States because it was part of a social experiment, which was subjected to large population groups to brainwashing of which they were not even aware. Subsequently, the global phenomenon became known as Beatlemania. After the arrival of «Beatles» in the U.S., no one could have imagined how big the scope of the cultural disaster that she was carrying a generation of Americans. The only exceptions are a few people working under the guise of think tanks and research institutions related to Tavistock.

From its humble appearance in the 1920 Tavistock Institute, headed by John Rawlings Reese, developed, until it became a psychological warfare Institute of Medical Psychology and British intelligence during World War II.
In 1930 Tavistock Institute has developed a close relationship with the Frankfurt School, established to develop a critical analysis of culture neofreydistskih positions. As we approach the Second World War, the Frankfurt School, transferred to New York, and therefore being in security, coordinated initial studies on the impact of the primary at the time of mass media (radio) on culture. Research project on the radio headed to the base in Princeton no. In its course the leaders of the Institute paid special attention to the Nazi propaganda techniques, which are then included in their study of human behavior, which led to a decade after the "cultural revolution" in the United States is in the invasion «Beatles». This plan is known as the "Aquarian Conspiracy".

John Coleman writes: "The phenomenon of« Beatles »- this is not just a spontaneous rebellion of youth against the old social system. This is an elaborate plan for a subtle conspirators powerful destructive elements in a large target population, which was planned to change the consciousness against her will. Tavistock Institute of Human Relations has created a special youth slang and implemented it using the «Beatles». In vogue words such as "cool" and "pop music", which became part of slang, characteristic of young people associated with the drug. These words came with «Beatles» and followed them wherever they went. Tineydzhery10 created a new breakaway from society a large group of young people who, through social engineering and processing led to believe that «Beatles» — this is really their favorite band.
All Slang, which appeared in the context of rock music, was intended for mass control of the new target group, that is, the American youth. "

Engineering consciousness Tavistock
«Beatles» were not the first musicians who created the phenomenon of hysterical and screaming crowds. Frank Sinatra in the field of music and Adolf Hitler in politics were the pioneers in this sense. They called their followers the same mass hysteria, but «Beatles» managed to achieve this in a longer and more intense manifestation. When a phenomenon known as rock 'n' roll swept the youth of the 1950s, few people knew that he would fully determine the rest of American life a century. "When« Beatles »summited — Fenton Bresler writes in his book" Who Killed John Lennon? »(« Who killed John Len-non? »), — Of the variety that we have now, there could be no speech. It was created by the popularity of which has won four regular guy with some talent and a huge crowd of fans. The foundation for this phenomenon was laid by the increasing role of television. " Thanks to Ed Sullivan and his popular evening show is aired on Sundays, «Beatles» heard in all living rooms of American homes. The course of history was changed.

The appearance of Edward Vincent Sullivan
Ed Sullivan was the most real star of American television, famous as host of the popular TV show with high ratings, which came out from 1948 to 1971. Then channel CBS, the financing of which had long been under the control of «Brown Brothers Harriman» (among other things, this authoritative firm raises funds in support of the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler), honorary member of the Bilderberg Group, and Dr. Frank Stanton (CFR member, the beneficiary of the Rockefeller Foundation and Carnegie controlled Beale derbergskim club), has hired Sullivan as a presenter Sunday show. The image was designed by Sullivan social engineers Tavisto-ka (where it was sent to explore the conspirators first rock band, which has become a guinea pig, a gift from Tavistock) in order to target the television programs are consistent with the expectations of the public: he seemed an ordinary man, who, that resulted from the promotion of the CBS, showed spectacular views of the entertainment industry in the home TV screens.

Create «Beatles»
Historian and journalist Donald Phau writes: «» Beatles »began performing in the 1950s in jazz pubs in England and West Germany. These clubs always had the most fleshpots of the city and were preferred by prostitutes and drug addicts. " Philip Norman, a biographer «Beatles», says

"The only place where they regularly performed, was a strip bar. The club owner paid them each ten shillings, so they knocked on their guitars while a stripper Janice languidly to part with their clothes in public, consisting of sailors and clerks shy. "

The first good chance to represent the group in Germany in August 1960, when one of the jazz clubs in Hamburg Riperbane signed a contract with the musicians. Describing this place, Norman argues that "in the windows of the red light district were prostitutes in different wonderful outfits, all ages — from Lolita to grandmothers … Everything was free and easy. Sex was something simple … There's sex followed you. " He further writes: "Far from the innocent image in which they are often,« Beatles »even during their first performances have always been under the influence of drugs fenmetra-zine. From the mouth of John [Lennon] was foaming — because of all the pills he swallowed … John began to lose control of himself on stage, jump and mumble something … As the audience did not understand a word of what he said, he began shouting: «Sieg Heil!» and "Selling the Nazis," to which the audience invariably responded with laughter and applause. " Backstage «Beatles» were as vicious. Norman continues, "While they were in Hamburg, every Sunday, John went to the balcony and provoke those who went to San Jose. Once he tied a condom filled with water to the image of Christ and hung it on the outside that it could see everyone who came to the service. Another time he urinated on top of three nuns. "

It was Brian Epstein, their manager, a manic-depressive homosexual, was the architect of a radical change of image «Beatles», which durachascheysya group of rock and roll have turned into an attractive and beautiful feeling of youth. "Clean" image, which suggested Ep-stein (ie Tavistock), allowed them to enter the homes of families around the world, for Tavistock meant a golden opportunity to take over the consciousness of the youth of the world. «Beatles», without knowing it, have become the main actors in the plans of the new world order in piloting control mass consciousness.
The appearance of EMI

Record company EMI («Electrical Music Industries»), led by aristocrat Sir Joseph Lockwood, one of the major manufacturers of electronics to the military and military intelligence the UK, as a permanent contract with the British military bureau. Moreover, the secret partner EMI was another record company — RCA («Radio Corporation of America»), is also active in the field of aerospace and military electronics and satellite communications. This was a classic example of what the American President Dwight Eisenhower identified as the military-industrial complex, that is, a world government, concentrating power in the hands of fewer people. In the mid-1960s EMI Music division expanded to 70,000 employees, and sales exceeded $ 3 billion.
That EMI created the myth of the huge popularity of «Beatles». Under the leadership of George Martin, head of the recording company «Parlophone» (branch EMI), who himself was a talented classical musician, and Brian Epstein «Beatles» washed, cleaned and combed in the style of «Beatles». Fab Four, and a number of celebrities and their followers, were created in the studio of Martin. Music and lyrics for them wrote Theodor Adorno, always hidden from the public.

Circle of celebrities
A key role in mass brainwashing and influencing public opinion played an advertisement that encourages the spread of the "cult of Fame", which seeks Bilderberg and Tavistock.
In 1920, in peaceful times, Edward Behr, neyz introduced the concept of "public relations", to replace the term "propaganda", which led to a consumer society (which metaphorically compared with plum cake, which implies free-market capitalism) created with the help of the first celebrities and hidden advertising, reinforcing the theory of mass psychology and patterns of political and business persuasion of the average citizen, crying, bypassing the mind, emotions and instincts.
Fame of celebrities, in turn, grew rapidly due to the funding of the media, attracting film stars, which later became the "legislators of public opinion", with the advent of «Beatles» The same principle was applied to them, and, correspondingly, to the rock-n- roll.

Thus was created the concept of "celebrity", and since then TV constantly instilled into the minds of the idea that only a few achieve fame. What is a celebrity, if not a kind of pseudo-events, fabricated in order to satisfy our exaggerated expectations of the power of a person? This is the story of the final success of the XX century in pursuit of illusion. Created a new template, and sell well the characters of our time can be easily mass-produce and to meet market needs. Qualities that today make a man or woman in the brand at national level, in reality, is nothing more than a new category of cultural emptiness.

And this black hole, in the way of so many idealized images of advertising (eg, «Beatles» teenagers and their image, which aimed to bring this particular category) gets any religion that promises to do away with idolatry and help us to make contact with the highest ideal, What is God, immortality, cosmic consciousness, enlightenment, spiritual world, the inner "I" — anything. Using the technique, mostly religious, Tavistock had, without realizing it, touts religion because encourages people to believe that you can achieve the highest cultural ideals — it is necessary to find an appropriate product or, if you go on, the savior, philosophy, church, Guru corresponding cult. It is a culture which has preferred the illusion of reality.
«Beatles» take the stage

In August 1963, during the first broadcast of the band's performance at the London Palladium, it became apparent that it was the media prepared for consumption by the crowd. In the London media reported riots caused by crowds of fans «Beatles». The next day on the front pages of major newspapers in Britain appears explaining that "the police tried to keep thousands of hysterical teenagers." "This news was a hoax" — Philip Norman writes in his book "Shout! "The Beatles" in his generation »(« Shout! The Beatles in Their Generation »). According to Elizabeth Jane Hor-bi, a Canadian actress, who at the time was studying in London, and was present when the alleged chaos caused «Beatles», «there was unrest. I was there and saw only a few girls, screaming with laughter. "

Six months later, in February 1964, «Beatles» back from the U.S.. Their arrival was accompanied by the "show disturbances" at the International JFK Airport, where they were allegedly attacked by thousands of hysterical fans. The American press immediately announced that "Beatlemania" to reach the United Shtatov12. But it is known that the "hysterical fans" were actually pupils of a school in the Bronx, who were brought to the airport to ensure that they "made" before the American public and the TV channels were dropped in exchange for $ 20. This was all part of a plan developed by Tavistock to this "pure" rock band seemed popular.

However, in order to finally convince fans that «Beatles» were popular, it was necessary to create a circus in the media — the one of which we now routinely expect from the industry shows. To arrange a tour of the first «Beatles», the media have created one of the largest audiences in history. Donald Fowler writes in his book "The Satanic roots of rock music» («The Satanic Roots of Rock»): «Two Sundays in a row in the program The Ed Sullivan something unprecedented happened. More than 70 million Americans watched «Beatles» shook his head and made such gestures, as if performed by a ritual, which will soon become simulate hundreds of future rock groups. "

Rights charged to make Americans "like« Beatles »», he was Walter Lippmann. «Beatles», the most imitated band in music history, were offered the American public, and open it. Teens who do not really understand what was happening, were subject to a storm of propaganda "music« Beatles »», until they finally found that they liked the sound of it, and did not take the music with all that she soputstvovalo13. Creating the illusion of multiple and reliable sources of information, professionals brainwashing deceive the people to believe that what they are watching — is objective information, and to have had the feeling that there is no external control. Given that the Bilderberg Group controls almost all the major media in the world, it is easy to get there.

"A group of Liverpool to meet the expectations and" with a little help from my friends ", ie, illegal substances we call drugs created a new class of American youth, modeled on request Tavistock Institute" — says Coleman. Lyndon LaRouche, who writes for the influential research journal EIR, agree with this statement: "The group« Beatles »,« Animals »,« Rolling Stones »and maniac punk rock that followed them, were, no doubt, a product of spontaneous crazy youth, as well as the accompanying acid culture. "

As he once said, John Lennon, yesterday they played songs by other groups in strip bars and other low places the UK and Europe, and tomorrow they already represented the Queen of England and the heads of all the countries to which they went. But their role does not end there. Influence «Beatles» on youth culture has become a matter of policy. The President drew attention to the extent to which this group of like citizens of their countries, and Ta-vistokskogo Institute of Human Relations found a way to allow this group into every living American.

The person responsible for the unprecedented success of «Beatles», was Theodor Adorno. His secret weapon was a system of atonal music, or, as it is called, the 12-tone music, which seemed to be awakened in the minds of many people's common sense and acted especially for certain age groups. This system of atonal music, or 12-tone music — is a method of musical composition, created in late 1910 by the Austrian composer, a secret agent of British intelligence, Arnold Schoenberg. He describes the music, which are applied as all twelve tones equal chromatic scale, as opposed to the tonal system, characteristic of European music XVII-XIX centuries, in which the whole structure of the pitch is subject to a strict hierarchy, that is, there is a main tone, to which all others sounds. Schoenberg sought to ensure that his method of composition has become a major driving force behind the music, changing the tonal system based on harmony.

"This new form of music have a negative influence on the psyche of Americans, leading to a consistent and at the same time a radical rupture of family and religious cultural ties — writes Richard Warren Lipak in the book" The events of the era and the secrets of John Lennon «Beatles» as a mirror of human destiny »(« Epoch Moments and Secrets: John Lennon and the Beatles as the mirror of man's destiny »). — It happened naturally, under the influence of heavy and repetitive sounds, effects of which were body, mind and spirit of man, under the influence of atonal scale, "- concludes the author.

There is a close connection between the atonal system and the cult of Dionysus, the Greek god of fertility, wine, ecstatic excellence, is the epitome of sensual liberation, forbidden passions and the so-called liberation through ecstasy, where, in contrast to rational culture, responsibility and conscious control are somewhat obscured by Compared with sensual pleasure. Aulos, similar to an oboe reed instrument type, consisting of two tubes, is traditionally associated with the cult of the god. The sound of the instrument intentionally mimicked human groans. Also an important part of the cult of Dionysus were drums. Unlike Egypt, where the celebrations in honor of Osiris, accompanied by music of different rhythm, percussion instruments in Greece are not widespread. In addition, for the service of the cult of Dionysus always used tambourine, who published a heavy vibrating sounds, as well as giant castanets known as Crotales. Music produced by these instruments was an exciting, vibrant and exciting. Sometimes she accompanied wild and drunken orgies. "The most important thing for the followers of the cult of Dionysus — writes economist and former candidate for U.S. president Lyndon LaRouche in one of the major research journals weekly EIR, — is to allow yourself to relax and surrender to the power pulses, which combine sexual desire and anger, and this way of "pleasure" is expressed in the form of action that violates important norms dictated by the mind. "

Thus, for every person who thought of this should be obvious that pop culture and rock 'n' roll — it is not spontaneous and random events, but something created and controlled by certain organizations. "This is a product of classical studies of the ancient Phrygian cult of Satan-Dionysos, sample Roman Bacchic cults of similar characteristics — wrote LaRouche. — The manifestation of this new kind of music was actually arms [… ], Which is easily controlled using the media. "
Exit Theo Adorno
Responsibility for the creation of a social theory of rock 'n' roll is on Theodor Adorno, German sociologist, musicologist and composer, "one of the major philosophers of the Frankfurt School of Social Research, founded by the British," Fabian Society. " In 1939, Adorno was sent to the U.S. to head the Princeton Radio Project study, a joint effort Tavistock and the Frankfurt School to establish control over the masses. This project was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and was created by Hadley Cantril, public opinion researcher and consultant Roosevelt, and Frank Stanton, who in 1940 headed the IT department, and then became head of the broadcaster CBS, as well as president of the Board of the corporation «Rand», too controlled Bilderberg. The objective was to study the effect of radio on the population, as in the case of the radio show Orson Welles "War of the Worlds", the famous novel by HG Wells, which caused a real paniku16. The study of public attitudes to the radio program helped raise most of the basic laws of the media's influence on the behavior of large groups of people in an atmosphere of alarm information.
In particular, the Nazis extensively used radio propaganda as one of the most important means of brainwashing and made it an integral part of the existence of the fascist state. This fact has become the object of study Tavisto a minute and was used extensively in his own experiments. The purpose of this project, as Adorno writes in his "Introduction to the Sociology of Music» («Introduction to the Sociology of Music»), was "programmed music popular culture as a form of global social control through the gradual degradation of its customers." "Mandatory dullness" which, according to the plan Tavis current, should be the main result of brainwashing, killer punk rock and ska music, followed by the contact of the bodies — are the direct consequences of Adorno, who wrote: "It is a process of imagination, filled with emotion. Listener who remembers a hit, will seek to perfect the subject of the song, the person who it is idealized. At the same time, as one of many who identify themselves with a fictional entity, this musical "I", joining the community of the same "fans", feels that it is no longer so lonely. Whistling a song, a man goes through a ritual of socialization, although, in spite of this unwarranted sense, it remains as lonely as a […]. The comparison with addiction is inevitable. " For example, "Alcoholics Week" — a socially dependent individuals who drink when out with friends, and had little time to artificially become what they dream of — courageous, reliable and funny people. "A similar phenomenon will be a musical relationship," — says Adorno. These studies the role of radio in society, published in 1939, confirmed the thesis that "compulsory stupefaction." They still serve as a textbook for those who engage in brainwashing. "Researchers project [on the impact Radio] proved that this medium is so brainwashed that students generally cease to think anything in response to the format, not the content of the transmission."
According to Paul Hirsch, in a report prepared by the Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, "the emergence of the post-war years of the charts on the radio turned it into a mass medium in the establishment of cultural programming. Radio stations have machines that scrolls the forty days on the greatest hits. " Once arrived on the scene «Beatles», Tavistock realized that there is no better tool to control the masses than the "Top 40" on the radio. "Hit Parades — writes Hirsch — are formed, following is the same principle as a ritual sacrifice to the goddess Isis in Egypt, and have the same purpose: the recruitment of youth to the Dionysian counterculture." In fact, in my opinion, to date each and every aspect of pop culture, from movies and books, and ending with music, guided by the use of the same principle of pre-selection.
Social engineering and rock-n-roll

«Beatles» arrived in the U.S. in February 1964, when the country is going through difficult national tragedy — the brutal murder of President John F. Kennedy in November 1963, ordered Bilder-bergskim club and the Committee of 300. At that time, the U.S. held a protest organized by the civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King. Music of protest created cultural void penetration enhancers outside influences that led to the creation of a powerful counter-culture, which threatens long-term plans to create Bilderberg global union and short-term goals outlined Tavisto-com, the artificial creation of a "culture shock." The Frankfurt School and the Tavistock pushed society to rock counterculture, which was used as a weapon against the movement for democratic transformation of society.
Lipak Richard Warren, author of "The events of the era and the secrets of John Lennon« Beatles »as a mirror of human destiny" and confidant heirs of Brian Epstein, the manager of the group «Beatles», asks the question: "Were the first music and original appearance« Beatles "carefully designed and prepared for the scenes to not only achieve the" economic "benefits […], but also to achieve a certain reaction, and in the long run — mind control unprepared American public? Is it all part of a global experiment, the Illuminati? "John Coleman is not on this occasion no doubt. In his opinion, «» Beatles », which may even themselves did not suspect anything, were created by Tavistock versus the civil rights movement in America."
The British Invasion

Between 1964 and 1966 there was a so-called "British Invasion" — the appearance of numerous British artists and rock bands that became popular in the United States to counter the American culture. Musical group led by «Beatles» and «Rolling Stones», following which there were «Gerry & the Pacemakers», duet «Peter & Gordon», «Animals», «Kinks», Manfred Mann, «Herman's Hermits», «Yardbirds »,« Zombis »Petula Clark and, by the end of 1964 have confirmed that it was very well planned.
"The recently created groups and their way of life […] became a bright" new style "(Tavistock jargon). It was not long, and this "new style" (fashion in clothing, hairstyles and language) drew away the millions of American teenagers, creating for them a new cult. U.S. youth suffered a radical revolution without even realizing it, while the older generation helplessly watched the scene without being able to identify the origins of the growing crisis and, consequently, wrongly opposing its manifestations, particularly against a variety of drugs: first marijuana and then LSD, has a powerful influence on psihiku17 devastating. " Although the exact documents hidden in the offices of British government, the main headquarters of MI6 in London and on the basis of the CIA in Langley, Virginia, of course, that British intelligence and its subsidiary, and the Office of Strategic Services, the U.S. was directly involved in secret research on control of human behavior. Allen Dulles, the CIA director at the time of the operation, "MK-Ultra" when the research began, led by the Office of Strategic Services in Bern. At this time in the laboratories of the Swiss pharmaceutical company «Sandoz» was created LSD. According to the facts found by Tavistock, when a group of people can not find the cause of the events that cause them displeasure, she immediately opposed results. This inadequate response allows manipulators to hide the real perpetrators of the ill-informed public.

It was all part of the "fragmentation — inadequate adaptation", developed and floated Willis Harmon and his team of scientists — sociologists and experts in the field of genetic engineering. "Later, in 1968-1969 — writes journalist Donald Phau — when there were mass strikes by students and workers in the U.S. and Europe, major rock concerts in the open air were used to contain the growing discontent of the population. These activities were designed as a means of attracting millions of people to the counterculture of hallucinogens and free sex. "

Offensive launched by the triad-sky Bilderberg Club — Tavistock — «Beatles» and addiction to a whole generation of LSD and marijuana, led to the fact that the civil rights movement was abruptly stopped, and people began to listen to the Harvard professor and leader of the youth counterculture of Timothy Leary appeal to young people which is formulated in his famous slogan «Turn on, tune in, drop out» *. In addition, the songs «Beatles» repeatedly mentioned drugs and related conditions.

For example, "Submarine» («Yellow Submarine») — it inhibits the drug, and the song «Help!» — This is a call for help, expressing a state of panic, and a request for LSD. The album «Rub-ber Soul» seemingly includes songs about the relationship, but the text is often used to describe the state of expression clouding of consciousness. «Hey Jude» broadly interpreted as a song about the drug, known as metadrin the song «Strawberry Fields Forever» referred to Strawberry Fields, where it is often planted opium poppy, and the name of the song «Norwegian Wood» («Norwegian Wood") — British title marijuana. In the song, John Lennon's «Imagine» advocated, among other things, the philosophy of individualism ("Imagine that people live for today"), the failure of national belonging ("Imagine no countries") and private property ("Imagine no possessions" ). In addition, it supports the new world order ("Imagine that there is no strife, could have you? No lust for gold and power, all men — brothers") and one government ("Can you tell me," Dreamer ", but close many such. want you to be with us, the world is doomed to unity "). Their 1967 album «Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band »was a harbinger of the revolution drugs in the United States. Finance this secret project Bilderberg through the Committee of 300 and one of its banks «S. S. Warburg »18. The man who had introduced drugs in the U.S., was none other than Ol dos Huxley. >>>>>

Time spent watching TV by us, you can safely delete from active life. Today it is no longer any good qualities and content that's been in at least some individual television programs …

Machine for mass hypnosis. Safety instructions

Paradox: people are afraid of becoming victims of hypnosis, fear that they will deprive someone will impose his will be to manipulate them, but quite confidently look in his blue screens. And yet, already known and confirmed the existence of many different specialists wave of brain activity. Modern science has identified four basic rhythms of the brain:

Beta rhythm (14-30 Hz), which is celebrated in the waking state, when you have a lot and actively thinking, and attention is directed outward. Also promote something physically active, such as sports. Beta rhythm — is familiar to everyone ordinary waking state, which was lower perception of the outside world.

Alpha rhythm (9-14 Hz) produced in the waking state during rest, relaxation, visualization, meditation or skillet with eyes closed (it is, in its highest stage corresponds to the level of super-consciousness, corresponding to the level of enlightenment and freedom). It is up to people of this state, when lying on the beach and sunbathe, when relaxing in a nice bath, while a soft massage, and, of course, relaxing on the couch watching TV! It is the alpha rhythm opens the gates of perception hypnotic installations, which means that while watching TV you can easily find yourself in a suggestible state!

Theta (4-7 Hz) that is born in a shallow sleep or deep meditation (it corresponds to the level of penetration in the subconscious, which is the release of repressed emotions and mental blocks). Similarly, if you completely captured the movie's plot, or the program that you are not even aware of the world around us, and sympathize, to empathize with the characters, your alpha smoothly into the theta rhythm, and the state of hypnotic trance is even more effective, the contact with the subconscious lulling the vigilance and conscious only enhance this process.

Delta rhythm (0.3-4 Hz), characteristic of the stage of deep sleep without dreams (it corresponds to the level of the unconscious, involving the fusion of man and nature).

Note that these discoveries of modern science are four basic rate, corresponding to the four major states of human consciousness, were described in the immemorial antiquity in the Vedic philosophical texts, though they called it simpler and easier.

So back to our television. Imagine a woman who daily watch your show. Events are very concerned about her, she suffers and loves the heroine, she understands it, and hated villains of the film, and all who are ill-treats his beloved heroine. What is really going on with the subconscious women at this point?

The brain, being in alpha activity, incorporates the installation of the show, like a sponge, the subconscious records and making them their life experiences. As a result, a woman develops the consciousness of the victim, as usual in the series main characters always martyr. She begins to believe that all men — the bastards, it's hard to get a job, that life is cruel, relationships with family members is always difficult, given the money through hard work, and all that she has recorded a set of the film, confirmed the new settings or existing installations, and has become even more self-cruelty of the world and society.

So a show that was written for fun, suddenly becomes a program behavior. Many people notice that they want to make a similar dish that prepares them for the heroine in the film, habits, dress like her, or do the same hairstyle. In gestures and manners begin to slip on the film features the familiar, even though the woman that may or may not be aware. There may be certain tone in his voice, and even quality, copied from the characters of this film.

This is not an exaggeration. How do you think the fashion spreads and the desire to smoke, drink beer, hugging and kissing when they met, even with strangers?

Earlier, in Russia, this behavior was not popular and spread only after showing the youth series, such as "Helen and the boys," "Wild Angel" and other films, where we see the culture of other countries and begin to copy it without thinking.

Perhaps it was a beautiful habit and improve our lives, but the fact that it is copying and distribution takes place unconsciously, of course, this is very dangerous because it is difficult to imagine how much waste can be rewritten in a similar way to the screen, which does the so harmless as necking at the meeting.

It was here also applies promote gay, lesbian and bi in the former Soviet Union.

How are normal at birth guys suddenly want to get a new sexual experience and with good attitude to gay people? This is recognized by the typical American behavior, and copied it over to the television.

Similarly, in the same way in your divorce, the desire to change or to suspect the husband (wife) of treason, to arrange dramatic scandals arrange showdown between the groups and the participation in some groups, the choice of a political party, religion, and contrary to what or dislike system or religion — and many other important events in your life dictated Movies and you watched in a state of alpha-rhythm, copied into your subconscious and become your own personal experience, in the light of which you see the world.

Slightly different principle advertising works. If watching programs and movies recorded, as an example of behavior, and even personal experience, advertising plays on psychology to our needs, and the fact that a child we used to listen to when, like taking care of us need to do something. So did the parents, teachers, school, university — such obedience is a very strong program, which is almost everyone. And now we hear from the screen — so fast, buy! Drink the juice of such! And your favorite singer has long been such a shampoo! Buy such and such a toothpaste, all dentists recommend it, otherwise stay with no teeth!

About such things tells us advertising, and it is very difficult to obey. It uses all the known manipulative techniques, playing images of love, sexuality, ostensibly care about our health and well-being. Sometimes she lures, sometimes frightening, and other microbes, sometimes outright orders and says that you will be the loser, has done all this, the one you are still without it! It touches each of its weak point, is not it, so some sort, but at some time brainwashing therapy will succeed, and the person wants to opt for the advertised product when it turns in the store and see it.

Now imagine a child whose parents since childhood confidence left in the TV on. A child who had not managed to get his own experience in life, already knows a lot of information, which, unable to comprehend. He just starts to copy, obtained from the television show convictions and beliefs in life. So they grow confident that we should have "Marshmallow Froot Loops," to grow, that the juice in the package is better than juice, which gives it a mom and chips delicious and harmless, because they advertise so beautiful "Barbie" and "Prince-boyfriend" .

And that's not the worst thing that records the child into your subconscious.

Conclusion: The TV is not safe toy. According to their inspiring properties it does not yield a good hypnotist or hypnotic sessions, but acts of mass, systematically and most importantly — it is huge dose of negativity, compared to a positive and that it is.

Along with trust relationships to television, there were other people who have the exact opposite of the development of television-phobia. Perhaps they have analyzed and seen in my life and in the lives of others, how this massive machine hypnosis. And maybe they also just borrowed, copied the idea from someone else. This is another extreme, but more secure for life.

But there is a better way, which is supposed to go and every Homo sapiens — Homo sapiens. This awareness. Stop sleeping on the go and trust everything and everyone who gently spreads and entertain.

Safety instructions

1. To watch television in the waking state, in a beta brain activity. This state is achieved when you, for example, when watching a film transfer or pedaling a stationary bike, doing self-massage or doing any other exercise. This does not allow the brain to surrender to television to relax the alpha rhythm, so you remain the owner of your thoughts.

2. Choose and plan what you are going to watch. Available for this program guide.

3. If you are used to turn on the TV, "background", then use this recording to disk or channels that develop good habits and do not carry a negative charge, for example, sports, fitness, nature.

4. Before viewing, set the intention (if possible better to say out loud a few times) to be the master of his own thoughts, and that the experiences of others, which you will see on the screen, and remained a stranger experience, just a movie, not having your life experience, nothing . Conscious intention to set up your conscious and subconscious to fulfill your order, because you are the master of your body.

5. If possible, watch movies on disk and not on TV. This way, you can be certain that you need this film, it is you've chosen. And besides, there is no advertising.

6. At the time of advertising, audio cuts out. In just one click buttons, and how much freedom that will remain with you. Also at the time of advertising is better to distract from the TV — like, talk, make a call, you put off, do exercise, fresh air, hug a loved one …

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