To live on a pension is very difficult, almost impossible …

Society unaccustomed heat that prevailed in Belarus almost all of July, affected the activity of students (post last week was much less), and on the subject of the letters we receive in these summer days. Mentions of climatic anomalies in one form or another heard many reports.

Here is what our old friend Constantine Syrel with Ushacha, from a letter which will start today's conversation:

"Bake terrible, the only way to salvation — to climb up to his neck in the lake (which, fortunately, in 70 meters from the house, where I live now.) But the lake brings some respite — at a depth of 1 meter 29, the water temperature at the surface — 31 . On such days are not uncommon and tragedy. few days ago, 27-year-old boy on a lake Ushachi diving with self-made tower. Dalsya head at the bottom, broke the cervical vertebra, the people who swam nearby, noticed the disappearance of the man at once. Through the night he died. From the tower still dived hundreds of people, especially children. Kommunkhoz removed the tower, as once removed all swing in the town after the tragedy of the eight year old boy (he's fallen swings broke both legs).

The police, the army and other security agencies in the country involving tens or even hundreds of thousands of young, healthy, able-bodied people who produce nothing — only consume

In the evenings listening to "Freedom." Here at last was in town and got to the computer to write some reflections on the trail intercepted transmissions … "

Later in his letter, Mr. Constantine tends to focus on a very different subject — expressed as to whether the needs of Belarus is the number of people in uniform. He writes:

"The police, the army and other security agencies in the country involving tens or even hundreds of thousands of young, healthy, able-bodied people who produce nothing — just consume. Moreover, to ensure that their activities divorced several times more people. So , many hundreds of thousands of able-bodied people do not participate in the creative work for the common good. This is — a heavy burden for the country, especially such a small and lean as ours. army, police, riot police, riot police and other security forces from "Alpha" to Omega — all they must be trained, clothed, shod, provided weapons, equipment, salaries (and no small part, and then suddenly forgotten yes vigilance officer unabated zeal.) And if the special forces used to "war" with the boys from the Youth Front, who have purposed to fight pillows (probably , the police and the Order of get it?), when the police carry on for the sake of fun cars young girls are raped and killed, and then typed the nerve to say that it was an accident, it is nothing but disgust and indignation, personally, I have not such power structures cause. "

Indeed, Mr. Constantine, in all the neighboring countries and Belarus (except for Russia), and the army and police forces in terms of the population is much less than in Belarus. Small Eastern European countries proceed from the fact that they, as they have no geopolitical claims and aspirations, contain bulky armed forces at a time when none of the neighbors are not threatened by war — and it is useless and overpriced. External security they guarantee themselves a different way — before NATO membership. It is obvious: whatever the giant by Belarusian standards or invest funds of Belarus in his army, no matter how many high-value and large-scale maneuvers conducted annually no — no real competition for the structures of NATO to make it still can not. Why then rattle technologically obsolete weapons and spend the people's money? "

A topic that is increasingly heard in the letters of many of our listeners — the approach of the presidential election, the probability of regime change in Belarus. Our long-time friend Paul Satz from the village of cankers Malorita district writes on this subject:

"Our opposition either out of your mind, or just simulate turbulence, is an imaginary fight a diversion, not thinking to win …

The discontent in society is now growing. Local chiefs are not afraid of anything: do what they want. Offend people. How does a person keep a cow if all the village plowed fields and pasture authorities allocates for 5 miles from home? So people come true beast, and for the milk go to the store. And a lot of unhappy middle-aged people. In the early 90's they have swallowed an air of freedom, and now remain in the stall do not want.

I would not vote for either Lukashenko, nor for the old opposition, which in the past decade have not learned how to win. I would like to see a new face — energetic, ideological politics, which would have held a balanced position on all the issues, has established good relations with both Russia and the West.

But to do this to our people is difficult. Sometimes, start a conversation about politics, about the fact that sixteen years in Belarus did not change the power, — the interlocutor directly nastsyarozhvaetstsa. And maybe stop saying that you tell me not to talk about. And the election will come — running incur Lukashenko your voice. "

Who will carry your voice ethe man — great question, Mr. Paul. Know the true answer to it will only be possible if the vote count in the election commission will be formed on an equal footing with all political forces, if the monitor will be able to vote independent observers. And the fact that people are afraid to discuss political issues — one of the distinguishing features of the current political system prevailing in Belarus. But this fear is not evidence that people are willing to humbly accept and vote for nominees of power.

The fate of monuments of the period of communist dictatorship worried about our students Alexei Gagin of Smorgon. In a letter to the "Freedom", he writes:

"I wonder why it was to demolish the monument to Joseph Stalin in his homeland — in the town of Gori in Georgia? And did violence to disperse the people who came to protest against the demolition.

We have a once in Smorgon was also awarded the Stalin. His bust was removed from the pedestal in the 60s. But the pedestal for a long time remained in place in the city park. They have taken him only in 2003, during the accomplishment of the 500th anniversary of the city. "

Obviously, the Georgian authorities, which have been known to defend democratic values, thought that the center of the city — not a place where it can stand sculpture murderous dictator on his conscience millions of lives … The monument was torn down, but not destroyed: he found a place in the local museum. So, by the way, went to the monuments of the Soviet era in many Eastern European countries — for example, in neighboring Lithuania and Belarus. There have created in a forest park of sculptures. This place, by the way, willingly visited by tourists.

The author of this letter Wanda Sushchenya from the village Urved Kletsk district talks about his lonely life pensiyanerskae, talks about what place it occupies in the RFE. Listener writes:

"I love to listen to your radio — all kinds of transmission: news, round-table discussions, comments, columnists," Call to Freedom "," Jingle Bells "and other … Give preference to the Belarusian Freedom. However, over the years we were taught and trained to speak in Russian, but we're in the village continue to speak primarily in Russian or "trasyantsy."

I — invalid of the second group over the years has acquired a whole bunch of different diseases. With barely walk, leaning on two sticks. What can I say: plain lonely elderly sick pensioner. Grandfather's hut in which I live is falling apart. A retired ge
t social: the beginning of the year it was 162,800 rubles. To live on that kind of money is very difficult, almost impossible.

The regime that reigns in Belarus — carts with feet of clay. To deal with the stupidity of officials can and should be.

My father and two uncles were killed in their native 45-year near Berlin. The other two uncles were shot during the retreat of the Germans as a partisan. I have long nursed ill mother and grandmother, and then she got sick. Seniority because it does not have, and now I have a pension at zero. The family was not, and now there is no one to help. But while still alive, I wonder what's going on in the world.

I know that in Belarusian villages such miserable lonely old ladies with a lot of social pensions. Do not starve these 162,000 rubles, perhaps you can, but in this case to manage to pay for fuel, electricity, medicine — a mystery. Local officials of this can not be ignorant. And yet — silently approve of the decision to build another ice rink in the next regional center, are setting the pompous celebration of the festival and are investing billions of rubles from the budget in farbavanne facades and fences along the routes on which the high heads can drive …

One of the few who is trying to deal openly with such ostentation and extravagance, in Vitebsk — children's doctor Igor asleep. His struggle, we have told the air of "Freedom." And now — a new letter from socially active listener. Mr. Igor wrote:

"The regime that prevails in Belarus — carts with feet of clay. Fighting stupidity officials can and should be.

Year ago, the official newspaper "Vitbichi" published the following words of the ancient Greek philosopher Democritus: "The less poor citizens deserve honorary positions that receive, the more they become careless and express their stupidity and arrogance." A year has passed, and I decided countrymen again recall the wise words. This bought 30 square inches of newspaper space and ordered his own money, as advertising. (It is worth recalling that for two years in the same way I like to remind people about the winged words of Bismarck misery beer alcoholism.) So, I promised print it, they even gained text. Suddenly, after a call from "above" — took off. Perhaps some of the officials saw himself in these words.

A stupid we are doing a lot. Hospitals in ruins, the people in them — as in the bunkhouse. Meanwhile, our governor is changing river channels, deepens the Dvina, orders and lay paving slabs to shift. However, promises to repair the facades and in health care, but this is — on paper. And then there was a rumor started up, as if Kosinets want to make our Prime Minister. It makes you want to cry out, as Julius Fucik, "People, beware!"

Indeed, there was something wrong going on in the state, if an official prohibits typing words Democritus said two and a half millennia ago. Or maybe they really tucked away some hidden meaning that could shake the foundation of unwavering and nezmyanyalnay power?

Since you were Valentin Zhdanko. Write to us, previous address: Minsk-5, mailbox one hundred and eleventh

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