To us are residents of parallel worlds




The Real Ghostbusters use modern science


For the past ten years at Russian Geographical Society in St. Petersburg, the Group operates on the study of poltergeist. To her supervisor, academician of the International Academy of Informatics, Communications and Control, an active member of the Geographical Society, Ph.D. Boris Marchenko, and we asked a question: what modern science knows about ghosts?

— Ghost opaque, takes the form of a human or animal suddenly appears and then disappears without a trace. His appearance is accompanied by various sounds, it can even tell the viewer something. It happens that the ghost is invisible, but it appears on the film. If you touch a ghost, it disappears, a hand will feel cold and empty, sometimes a slight resistance, electrical discharge. Ghosts are vague, transparent and silent. They can be lost ships — remember the "Flying Dutchman" — and even fighting the army. For hundreds of years, they appear in the same place and move along the same route. In St. Petersburg, for example, these anomalies were recorded in the Gatchina Palace, in Monplaisir, in the palace of Emperor Peter III, in the Cavalry Corps in Oranienbaum.

— Are there any tangible evidence of the existence of ghosts?

— They do not leave traces, but in their presence, the temperature drops by 6-9 degrees. British scientists believe that ghosts draw energy from the environment. In addition, they are extremely negative effect on the human psyche, causing an eerie, otherworldly horror. However, all this was known to people in the times of the Middle Ages.

— Why do we know so little about these anomalies?

— Ghosts — very poor object for study, as the time and place of their occurrence is unpredictable. With the ghosts easier — they appear in the same place for centuries, but special instruments to study them still do not.

— A person you have met with ghosts?

— In autumn 1994, we received a message that the Gatchina palace of Emperor Paul I's something strange going on. The guards complained that night someone walking through the palace, knocking ladies' heels, rustling crinolines. Then he started to happen and did terrible things. Female matron someone grabbed by the throat. Duty police officer saw the locked door itself was open, and pulled out a gun out of fear … We have agreed with the administration of the palace and the evening of October 21 arrived in Gatchina. At 20.00 I went on duty. At 2 am on a co-worker passed by the Chinese gallery in the Great Hall and were dumbfounded — right in front of us rose the huge figure of dense white fog, from which emanated a terrible cold. Then he heard a voice. With an eerie ghost laughter asked, "Well, it is terrible? And we do not want to? "This proposal angered me," We to you yet. But the memorial service order we can. " The ghost then said, "Just be sure the church of the eighteenth century." I do not rule out that we are a victim of hallucinations provoked by the play of light and shadow, but in the St. Nicholas Cathedral, consecrated in 1760, still gone. The priest agreed to serve a memorial service for the souls of the Gatchina Palace. More ghosts local police do not bother.

— Do you believe that dealt with the spirits?

— It's hard to say. The Christian Church considers ghosts departed souls who, for whatever reasons, delayed on the Earth. On the other hand, there are cases where ghosts have taken the form of living people. I still prefer to stand on solid scientific positions. Based on the concept of a multi-dimensional universe, we can assume that in the parallel worlds inhabited by intelligent beings that permeate our world in the form of ghosts. As for the ghosts, it's a bit of a movie that scroll in front of people experimenters from a parallel world. However, the ghosts may be a record of actual events that occurred in the past, Printed in the energy field.


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