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With the icon of Our Lady of Kazan linked the great prophecy

"When will return the original icon of the Mother of God of Kazan, Russia will revive." Whether this prediction is fulfilled? Today, the image of Our Lady brought to Russia from the Vatican. With either an icon in our history was not related to so many important events, none so revered. And no icon is not provided in the center of the tangle of intrigue church.
The prophecy about the revival of Russia connected with the names of the so-called "elders" with the children of the prophets, Portugal, and the impact that has had on the icon of the future of our state.
Working icons do not write — they are. The image of Our Lady of Kazan, according to legend, was the girl Matrona after a terrible fire in Kazan in 1579. It be of the Mother of God told him where to find the icon under a layer of ash. Has been preserved, "memo", in which the priests of the time described in detail the circumstances of finding the icons and the associated treatment. Among others, the larger wonders — the liberation of Russia from the Poles. In 1612, Our Lady of Kazan "was" in the national militia of Minin and Pozharsky. Peter the Great and his descendants-autocrats main shrine revered Kazan Russia.
First, the icon was kept in Kazan, then in Moscow. Further versions are confused: according to one legend, the icon took to St. Petersburg, Peter the Great. In the other — the original remained in the First Throne. Be that as it may, the image disappeared in 1904. "Bandits hacked and burned the icon, and robe, framed thousands of gems sold piecemeal" — that's one of the versions (even name the name of the main thief — Chaykin). Since this is just what all the revolutionary troubles began. Another option: in 1922, along with other values shrine was sold abroad.
With icons left a lot of lists. The most famous are also considered miraculous (for example, one that, if you believe the stories, Stalin ordered to enclose a procession around Moscow during the war). And yet — where the script, from which, according to forecasters, depends so much?

In 1917, the three kids in the Portuguese town of Fatima was the Mother of God (it is a miracle the Vatican officially recognized) and told them … of Russia. "Revelation was given immediately after the July events in Petrograd, when the Bolsheviks were defeated and as a serious political force them no longer perceived — written in the church press and convey words of the Virgin Mary as follows: -" Russia will spread her false teachings throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions against the Church. In the end, the Holy Father has instructed me to the fate of Russia, who will return, and it's time the world will be given to the world. "
The return of the miraculous icon is the best fit in this prophecy. Especially at a time when relations between Russia and the Vatican remained strained. According to rumors, the Pope put the condition of the transmission of the image his visit to our country. In the foreign press articles appeared which said that "American and British experts" have confirmed that the icon dates from the XIII century, so this is the original. Mayor of Kazan Mr. Ihsakov also said this.
As the image came to the Pope? In Russia he was allegedly hid Shvelyagin merchant, and after the revolution, sold in London millionaire Solly Joel. After a series of resales icon was in a Catholic church in Fatima. And in 1982 it was transferred to John Paul II. By the way, the image he showed Putin — saying that the Kazan Mother of God prays twice a day.


And now, after long negotiations, the icon appeared on Russian soil. Coming out of the field of versions and legends, we called expert — Hope Bekenevoy, head of the department of ancient art of the Tretyakov Gallery.
— I participated in the examination. I was given the pictures, I carefully studied them, and I can say with certainty: the icon of the XVIII century. And salaries are made and that later — in the XIX century. Thousands of such lists. The earliest of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, come down to the present day — the work of Procopius Chirino, 1606, which is kept by us, at the Tretyakov Gallery.
— Where's the script?
— That you will not tell anybody. Original is really missing in 1904 from the Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg. Burned, stolen — a lot of versions. From then until the present day the original looking abroad. But to no avail.
— Of course, this icon may not be original. Maximum — XVIII century, — the "MK" expert on the ancient art of the State Museum of Fine Arts of Tatarstan Jacob Vaytfeld. — The Mayor of Kazan Ihsakov spoke at length about the icon — the original, but did so, apparently, in order to raise a lot of noise in the press. However, now he Ihsakov chickened out. Says publicly that this image — is also miraculous. In general, it's all politics that has nothing to do with this church painting.
Yet the hope that Russia would ever return an image that found at the Kazan conflagration girl Matrona — this is hope …

"MK", the delegation met the Cardinal in the "Sheremetyevo". The guests arrived by special flight on a small private plane. During the journey, Cardinal Walter Kasper did not part with the icon — she lay beside him on the couch, packed in a light brown wooden box with gold-plated clasp. In the plane was met by Bishop Alexander of Dmitrov. At the airport, the delegation provided a "green corridor" to the local VIP-restaurant, where she met for about an hour. Customs holy guests did not inspect.
Finally, journalists gathered at the VIP-hall, waited: in the frame metal detector seemed to smile lit up the Cardinal, the clamping box with a valuable cargo to the chest. Walter Kasper provided navy blue "Volvo": cardinal bishop of Dmitrov ensconced in the back seat, and hoisted the icon next to the driver. "We go to the" Danilovskaya "hotel" — said his father, Alexander.
Until today, the icon was kept in the Danilov Monastery. Today, in the Assumption Cathedral of the Kremlin Patriarch Alexy II liturgy is the glory of the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. After the service, Cardinal solemnly hand over the relic Alexy II.

Moskovsky Komsomolets

Catherine Deeva, Oksana Khimichev, Anastasia RAKITINA, Maria Chernitsyna.


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