Tomorrow in Belarus 30-39 degrees Celsius

According to the Belarusian hydrometeorological, August 7, the day is expected in Belarus from 30 ° C in the west to 39 ° C in the east. Patchy rain, thunderstorms.

In Minsk, August 7th day will be 35-36 ° C, without significant rainfall.

On August 8-9, the air temperature in Belarus during the day will reach 28-34 ° C in the eastern half of 35-39 ° C, in the extreme western parts of the Brest and Grodno regions of 24-27 ° C.

In Minsk, 8 August daytime temperatures reach about 34 ° C.

9 August afternoon in Belarus is expected to 23-29 ° C, 30-34 ° to the east of the S.



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