Transhumanism and Superman The New World Order

Paul Kurtz, who is head of the independent research center, said that in English there is no concept that is able to explain the meaning of secular humanism. Secular humanism — is not a religion, but a reflection of philosophical, scientific and ethical views. To do this, Paul even coined a special term — «eupraxsophy» (eupraksofiya) to distinguish humanistic views on the system of religious belief.

Max More, Ph.D., examines this concept even further:
Eupraksofii concept includes humanism, transhumanism (including ekstrapianizm) and possibly future postgumanizm. Humanism — is eupraksofiya or, in other words, the philosophy of life. He rejects the belief in gods and worship them, but instead is based on the importance of nature and human capabilities within the scientific worldview. Transhumanism, in his opinion, is a special philosophical environment, striving to bring humanity postgumanisticheskomu state. Transhumanism shares many humanistic principles, including respect for reason and science, the pursuit of progress and recognition of the value of human existence as such it is in the real, not "the afterlife." Transhumanism differs from humanism in that it expects a radical change in the nature of human existence and its possibilities. All this should happen through the development of new technologies and scientific areas, such as neuroscience and neuropharmacology, the science of life extension, nanotechnology, the study of artificial intelligence and the noosphere. All these developments in science should be linked to a rational philosophy and a system of human values.

Finally, the basic version of transhumanism is the so-called ekstrapianizm. While transhumanists do not agree with many common goals of the concept. Their principles may be different from those, which will determine the stage postgumanizma. Ekstrapianizma philosophy which sees her Max More, based on the so-called infinite expansion, self-transformation, dynamic optimism, intelligent technology and the theory of spontaneous order.

And while your mind is trying to grasp the essence of the problem, take a few minutes to get acquainted with the interview of Tom Horn, given to them on the radio «Future Quake».

In the understanding of Mr. Horn's transhumanism and genetic manipulation can shake the whole world.
But what is that transhumanism for humanity? Joe Kovacs on the pages of World Net Daily quotes the words of Tom Horn.

Famous American Research Agency DARPA calls the project, which started in 2011, "biodesign." The agency wants to replace the natural randomness of evolutionary development factors using progressive ideas of genetic engineering and molecular biology to achieve an acceptable biological effect. Horn says that the ultimate goal of this project is the immortalizm or immortality. He says that DARPA show some interest in the process of preventing the collapse of cells and in their work uses the term "creation of the immortal body." But it's more than just the body, continues Mr. Horn. He believes that this object may be given super powers, which will be used, including, for military purposes.

Leaving aside the facts of "Weird Science" and its technological developments and biological splicing chromosomal mutations, note the morality and ethics of doing so. It is known that the whole of Western civilization is based on the principle of "natural law." It is believed that natural law is the main ingredient of individual and social behavior, which has a crucial importance for such a grandiose cosmological project. The desire to understand the essence of the phenomenon should not be limited to the deistic revelations about rational limiting the influence of nature on man. However, according to a new concept, a belief in a divine creator is at the heart of human heritage.

Transhumanism scorns limited empiricism. Eupraksofii sign is not just a rejection of external divine influence on the person, but also an opportunity for the person to become a god, bringing nanotechnology and neuropharmacology to perfection. If we believe ekstrapianistam, the need for God they do not.

David Lawrence 3, Editor «» wrote a provocative article on "The Prophecy of Elijah."

The decisive argument was based on the fact that the biblical interpretation and document the result of the recognition of a ruined human nature. Even the most optimistic, extremely inveterate humanist can not but agree with the grim statistics inhuman treatment of people to each other. Evil exists, and this fact applies to every aspect of public and supernatural events. Mr. Laurence briefly formulates the axiom that every Christian should know and freely accept.

God Almighty does not want to help a person to establish any rules and control management system evil. This monotheistic madness every believer in God should be viewed differently. The main goal of this experiment on earth was the need to prove that evil inactive, and that we can not live without God. The moral rights of creators is also unchanged as natural law of the universe. It can not be violated by anyone.

Transhumanism, located above eupraksofii with its humanistic principles, not constraining boundaries, is irrational. Wikipedia refers to the Russian thinker Lev Shestov, has earned the reputation of the original existentialist. In his writings, he says: "With God all things are possible."

Poles used aphoristic style of Friedrich Nietzsche to consider such things as religion, rationalism and science. In Shestov much related to the teaching of Kierkegaard: in particular the abandonment of idealism, the belief that a person can get the complete knowledge through ungrounded subjective thought, and not based on objective reasons, with the ability to test them. Philosopher does not see the need to seek external support to obtain the final image ultraintelligentnogo Superman. Thus, the whole point may be expressed in a fatal arrogance nihilism, is based on arrogance of Lucifer.

Sanctity of the individual has led to the concept of the soul as a synonym for the universal belief in God. This can be considered a symptom of totalitarian collectivism, which takes precedence over the value of human nature. In turn, this philosophy gives rise to the development of the dialectic of transhumanism.

According to the prophecy of Elijah, humanity is already on the path of collision with destiny or fate. The fate of each individual soul remains unresolved. Mankind is trying to save themselves and to build a new world of Babylon. All this is done in defiance of the Almighty says that humanity will never be able to go to the regulation of his own evil.

Only a fool can believe that global chaos can "rein in" traditional means. Transhumanism is also assumed that the new world order promotes chaotic migration those subtypes that serve a new species named genetic Ubermensch.

Pathetic denial postgumanisticheskogo integral independence of such an object, a person, the robot and the beast in one person, can make it just a tool in the hands of a master. This in turn calls into question the purpose of his continued existence. A sense of mercy and compassion for the transhuman is justified, because it is self-persuasion in the rule of law to their own divinity. The irony is that the claims of secular humanism can not be called a religion. It's more of concessions for children, who have not taken a step into the realm of immortality.

The main question still remains unresolved. Will transhuman have a soul in addition to the existence in cyberspace matrix? Can the soul be created ekstrapianistami or soul simply become superfluous baggage, if ethics secular transhumanism become a dominant concept of existence?

Of course, all these absurd postulates more reminiscent of the uprising cherubim of Genesis. All leads to the so-called high-Beelzebub with active public research funding.

Britt Gillette, speaking of the End Times Prophecy Book, referring to what Mr. Kovacs and newspapers declared:

"If you take the original context, Jesus did not say that the shortening days will cause the death of mankind. Instead, he said that no flesh will survive.

If the concept of transhumanism are aimed at the transition of the human race in its present form in the so-called race posthumans who does not need the bones, covered with flesh to survive, then the words of Jesus take on completely different meaning than it seemed before. And to make such a conclusion does not need to go far from the faith.

In the end, it seems reasonable that humanity has yet to pass a certain stage of development and transformation to face Almighty God. At least, some steps have been taken to this. All that remains — is the need of the exponential growth of human potential, which is misleading mankind about its omnipotence. "

All this is reminiscent of the final scene of the Apocalypse, in which Satan is an Armageddon in hopes of a different result. New World Order "to dot the i». Universal enslavement of mankind — this is just the initial phase of the destruction of all the faithful. Replace the gods must posthumans capable eclipse of God.

End of the world is imminent. What is to come, does not bode well for humanity. The salvation of the people from evil crimes arrogant superman is humility before our Lord and Creator. Faith and belief there is an alternative to what we call despair and malevolence. Hope for the revelation of salvation is more obvious than the prospect of creating superhuman agency DARPA. Elijah's prophecy — a real challenge for all of us.

And who is in this situation, you are serving?

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