Trehlebov — Lucifer?

The figure of the Buddha.  Bronze.  Lantau Island.  Hong Kong.

The figure of the Buddha. Bronze. Lantau Island. Hong Kong.

The first information, why Trehlebova arrested: he is accused of using Nazi symbols.

Remember, I used to say that, instead of having to take the best from the Soviet past and our present, we did the opposite? People who accuse him, combine the current illiteracy, ignorance and the Soviet inquisitorial mindset Party officials.

Do they still do not know what it means swastika? Hitler's Nazi Germany was not because he took the swastika — an ancient symbol of the sun, but because it declared itself the superior race! Tell me, if Hitler at the time took for Germany and for his party's two-headed eagle — also an ancient symbol — today's managers-sledaka and it would have ranked as a Nazi symbol? Few if any of vlastolyubtsev maniacs who wanted to conquer the world for their success and opinions of the masses using various ancient magic symbols?


Of course, Trehlebov told his disciples about the importance of the swastika. After all, he taught ancient knowledge. About the swastika is known not only to him but to all scientists in the world. Only our tourists, getting in Buddhist monasteries in India, with horror exclaim, "What is this crap?" Seeing on the walls or pillars monastery numerous swastikas.

Swastika, maybe one of the few characters such as old as mankind.

Swastika found in many peoples in prehistoric times.

It's the Sun!

Sun first drew a circle. Then they began to draw a cross in the circle closed. This meant that people began to divide the space into four parts of the world. They noticed four main days of the year — two solstices and the two equinoxes. Days on which at any point on the Earth a constant ratio between the day and night: the shortest night, the shortest day and two days, when the day is night. And then someone from a very ancient "KULIBIN" thought of to make this cross rotation, thereby identify perpetual motion and development, depending on the sun. As you can see that the cross painted spinning? Snap the ends of the cross and ribbon to show in which direction the force of inertia! Or coming from the center-circle curved beams show. Rotating image of the cross-sun — archaeologists have found in various locations around the world. The dating of many of them can not be accurately determined. One thing is clear — some time before the flood!

Those who believe the Nazi swastika and the Nazi symbol, actually stand on the side … Hitler!

Yes, the word "swastika" unpleasant ear Soviet man. Too many troubles brought World War II. And the symbol of this disaster in mind at the subconscious level remained swastika. But not on a conscious!

However, many people forget that the swastika was also with us on the banknotes from 1918 to 1922, and even on the shoulder patches of the Red Army.

The swastika is found in the northern Russian folk patterns constantly. On the towel. On the distaff. On bowls. In the patterns trims … you name it!

Go now to northern Russia, sledaka-assholes, and arrest anyone who has these towels!

Moreover, I realize that I was now pounce to "edit" the church, but in the early icons too often portrayed swastika. And there are many examples! And there is nothing wrong with that.

Yes, the swastika can be regarded as a pagan symbol. But in Russia, until that time, so it was officially called dvueverie. This meant that the people worshiped the cross as a symbol of the sun, and the crucifixion of Christ at the same time. Since Christ is also for them was an embodiment of the sun on the earth! Go to Sergiev Posad and look at the cross on the dome — in the center crosses the sun! I asked no one priest, on crosses from sun? No one really answered. But surely know that this tradition — with the sun crosses represent — there since the time of Sergius.

Can you imagine how incompetent our government?

I repeat, that the word "swastika" is not the most pleasant to the Russian ear. Sun sign Slavs called Kolovrat. Solstice. Antislavyanisty argued that this word was. Right. He was not in the writings of monks, clerics. And the people were, and are. That keeps alive the language of the people, and scientists do not know the language of the living and often deaden it.

Kolovrat our Slavic-Russian tradition was two. One cross rotated by the sun, the other against the sun.

About swastika could talk endlessly. Yes, the word nasty even for me, who grew up after the war, so decipher what it means.

First of all, I repeat, that the word "swastika" is not of Slavic origin. India, Sanskrit. But Sanskrit — a language invented by Aryans, the Brahmins, to record the Vedas in a new place and maintain knowledge. Direct native speakers Aryans, besides Sanskrit is the language of the Slav, so almost all of Sanskrit words, if they listen carefully to coincide with the Russian.

So do not be surprised that the word "swastika" is a luminous point in Russian, and in Sanskrit.

"Swa" — is light. In the Vedic language uttered in short — "su". And is translated as "God's grace." What they do not have the light of God's grace. After all, the word "light" — "holy." The word "Pattern" is "is" in relation to the singular third person: he asti, it asti. A "ka" in many languages, including the fact that scientists refer hypocritical politically correct "Indo-European", meaning "soul". 'St / at-asti-ka "-" he / she is the light of the soul! "

Slavic "Kolovrat" means the same thing — "revolving sun." This was already written, "bell" — in ancient times was called the sun. And then, when the letter "c and" was pronounced as "k" (and vice versa) at the southern peoples (mixed by ignorance), then the "bell" has become a "solo."

The swastika or Kolovrat, sacred sign Aryans. Arya, long before the formation of the known slave civilizations inhabited the entire Eurasian continent. Naturally, the religion of the Sun. Prirodovedicheskie knowledge Aryan almost forgotten. The characters are living longer. Secret knowledge, usually store not scientists. Scientists cling to the whole phenomenon. A knowledge of the oral tradition keeps people. Ask Belarusian peasant or any resident of the Kola Peninsula, which means swastika. Unlike many scientists, he will tell you.

Incidentally, the swastika-towel Kolovrat portrayed very interesting. If you look at the towel on the one hand, the sun rotates clockwise, and if the other — against! Clever is not it? Symbol of eternity: the darkness gives way to light, the light gives way to darkness …

The Inquisition is back — arrested for their faith in the sun!

Do Trehlebov fault that Hitler grow together with swastika distraught Germany? And opoganil it! Moreover, he took only the Sun sign, which rotates counterclockwise. That is just a sign of darkness!

And the ancient Greeks found the same solar symbol. But he joined them in the pattern, which has been called "the river of life."

Our Slavic ancestors by the way in which the pattern was "woven" swastika on clothes bride, you could tell what kind it is. Today, so under Scottish skirts can determine which name belongs to the noble Scot. Also custom comes from pagan times. But in Scotland anyone not come to mind to arrest a person walking down the street in a skirt. Or all of the tailors who sewed these skirts!

I'm watching some YouTube video demonstration Trehlebova. In one, he explained to his students that love according to the Russian alphabet means "God's people ignorant!"

And what's the crime? And love, and God in one teaching, in one word.

By the way, very interesting, sledaka who issued a warrant for his arrest, and prosecutors, I do not know where they are Russian people? I mean, their native language — Russian? Nationalist known by the language in which one thinks, certainly not by blood and not by the form of the skull, as it did in Nazi Germany.

Slavs — the direct descendants of the Aryans! Come not just to Russia from India Sanskrit stressed that there is no more similar languages in the world, rather than Sanskrit and Russian. Russian language is great in that it has absorbed many Slavic tongues, speaking, pronunciation — it seems to sum up all the Slavic languages. If you are going at a conference two Slavic people and do not understand each other in their own language, switch to Russian. I have often come across a similar situation in Riga when Lithuanians had to talk to the Latvians in Russian. Although the Lithuanian and Latvian are very similar to one another. But the common denominator is still Russian. (And, even then, when the Russian language one of the occupants).

So, the bottom line. Trehlebov spread knowledge about the light of the sun, and he was arrested!

Just a new version of the legend of Lucifer! After all, Lucifer, too — from the word "light" — "beam." True, it was presented to people as a fallen angel. So we have, Trehlebov fallen angel?

However, I have a different point of view. Maybe those who arrested him, not such fools as you think. Maybe they just paid for it? And then absolutely rotten. It's no secret that today might be arrested or because they paid, or on call at the top. After a phone call from the top is unlikely. Up there anyone Trehlebov not interested. For them, the fallen angel one that threw in business, especially in the oil or gas. For example, Tymoshenko and Yushchenko … and the like.

But I can not help feeling that in this case involved some demolition between today, always arguing with each other Slavic communities. Not sure, do not say … If so, come to your senses! Quarrel, swear, go at each other "wall to wall", but do not present the desire for the Vedic knowledge. If a community does not like the looks Trehlebova, order it, it is a great sin. This antivedichestvo!

But if it is done by authorities, then suggest to arrest about half of Russian residents in the north of Russia, Buryatia most people close Buryat Buddhist datsans, which, incidentally, was discovered in the late 40's decree … Stalin! Joseph V. allowed in these datsans depict a swastika! And so he had to hate her like no one. But it was competently current authorities! A descendant of the ancient Ossetian-Aryans, apparently knew the nature of the sign and realized that he is not a symbol of the sun is to blame for the horror unleashed Hitler's Germany.

Oh-oh-oh, I almost forgot … I'm in the Ivolginsky Datsan where the sage Itigelov llama gave felt slippers with a swastika! In my opinion, it's time and I was arrested. And, along with slippers!

So tell me now, gentlemen holding power, after what has been said you will still continue to believe Hitler, and not worthy of our solar ancestors?

Trehlebovu I sympathize, but it might be due to his arrest more people, finally, to clarify himself. All over sunny.

PS By the way Soviet party rukovodyatly tried to persuade the Soviet people that Hitler's swastika Hitler invented and meant she joined four letter "L": Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels, Goering.

PPS As I say in the population are not credible, because I have no titles, I suggest that you read this scientist.

Doctor of Historical Sciences, winner of the International Award. Jawaharlal Nehru

Natalia Guseva

Swastika — the millennia child

In the entire history of human civilization there are a lot of signs and symbols. Are signs immortal? No, in his immense weight they lost, disappearing from people's memories. But those who live on, probably in the future will not be lost. These eternal signs include, in particular, the sun, the cross and the swastika.

It would seem — what is common between a closed circle of the sun and four-cross? Why are so accustomed to hearing the formula "the sun and the cross"? Because these two characters are almost identical. Their ancient times brings such a simple fact as the similarity of astronomical ideas of the ancient inhabitants of different countries. In the very distant past a picture of the sun with a cross inside a circle features. It is believed that as people tried to express their attitude to the four corners of the earth, their understanding of the world order, represent the main areas of the sky in their relationship with the sun and its movement.

Who, where and when the sun started to depict crossed, say. At least until then, until done and dated all the archaeological discoveries in the world. Sun with a cross inside a circle appears to us in different parts of the earth. Gradually the sign of the cross as it is released from the coverage of solar ring and begins to live his life. He is sometimes portrayed yet close to the solar rosettes with circles within his circuit, but more often it is in the form of direct and sometimes oblique cross.

And in the same deep impenetrable ancient cross still continue to carry some symbols of its connection with the sun, its direct his identity. Apparently began with the desire of people to represent in some way the fact of the sun. And the beginning of this was to give the solar circle curved beams. After cross static, stationary, and changes its shape gives it a sharp energy revolution.

But how to show the movement of light, its rotation? The answer was found — it is necessary to divide a circle around the cross, leaving it only stretches the four corners of the cross (or five, or seven, if the cross was regarded as the spokes in the rim of the sun). Thus was born was born with swastikas.

Quite revealing in this sense, the image on the vessels of Ancient Mexico.

No one can answer the question of the time and place of the cross to give the new form, the new value, more directly, more expressive linking it to the sun. But it happened, and in a number of ancient symbolic faces a new sign.

The sign itself is silent and does not carry any guilt or responsibility. Responsible people who use it for their own purposes, as plausible and unseemly.

Beginning in the 1930s, the world began to flare up debate on the meaning and the historical role of the swastika. In Russia, severely hit by the enemy, the thunder, the country under the banner with the sign of the swastika, this dislike has established itself in the hearts of the people and does not decay has a half-century, especially in the hearts of the older generation. But, nevertheless, the prohibition sign in a country or region, or city looks like: a swastika too deep and ancient fate.

It is important to turn to India for the reason that archaeologists and historians have found very few images of swastikas on the monuments from other Asian countries close to India. The literature mentions only one ancient image of the mark, belonging to the same and even more ancient times — it's a swastika on the bottom of a vessel of Samaria, which dates back to (or, more precisely, it is accepted to date) IV millennium BC Who created it found many other things that speak of a highly developed culture of the local population, who created this thriving city and the development of agricultural civilization?

It was one of the oldest civilizations in the land referred to in the books most often called the Indus Valley civilization or Harappan civilization (on the name of one of the local towns.) This is called pre-Aryan civilization, because it fell on the flowering IV-III centuries BC, ie at those ages, when the tribes of nomadic pastoralists Aryans still advancing towards India through the countries of Eastern Europe, and then to Central Asia. Where to start their long journeys? According to a widespread theory in science, known as the northern, or boreal, Aryan ancestors ("Aryan") originally lived along with the ancestors of all the peoples of Indo-European languages of the carrier, on land North.

(Read More:

Mikhail Zadornov

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