Tuition paying thousands of dollars, and are looking to work three or four …


Girl: "No, I myself am, I get a second degree paid properly, and I think it is not very expensive. Wailing half a million a year. I work, it's easier to me. When I came, I did not have pavbala, and I was in front of choice was problematic. But I think it is better now chymstsi used to be, because you have more opportunities to get an education. "

Student: "Expensive, definitely expensive. I am a student at the college in absentia pay eight thousand per year. I will continue to learn on a paid and what to do? 'm Working himself crying. "

Woman: "On the one hand, of course, it's expensive. On the other hand, there is the opportunity to get an education that which you want, but not where you can get on a free …"

Student: "I myself am in a credit institution, the Belarusian Institute of Law, he is charged in any case. Course I would like to have more free seats. There are a lot of smart, talented children who are not able to go to a pay as parents simply there is no money to pay for their studies. I pay for itself, I'm an adult. actually difficult to learn on a paid ".

Girl: "I'm not a student, but I know that I will be able to learn only on pay. And I hope only for themselves."

Young people: "Paid study?'s Right, I think. Now there is the low places, so everyone should strive to learn in school is good. And if all the free will of the stimulus will not."

Young people: "Is that right, just need people to pay big salaries, so they could get education, the money within just a couple of years of work that spent on education."

Man: "I think it should be. Because free nothing should be. And if the person is talented, he has to pay extra state to be sponsors, foundations."

Man: "I believe that what has recently paid much universities — it is bad. Because children are paying a lot of money in and out, in fact, not experts. Earlier in certificates read," lawyer ", and now — the" manager "," manager — Economist ", but by paying a lot of money, then they are looking for work. often I come across graduates, I ask — how much money they paid? And for the year are paid five hundred or a thousand dollars from his parents took, and then they are looking for work at three hundred dollars , four. a paradox. "

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