U.S. biologists have found new evidence of the danger of cloning




Scientists at the American University of Cornell (Cornell University) found in cloned mouse embryos significant problems with development.

This problems were not directly related to artificial insemination, namely cloning. In the experience of 68 oocytes were fertilized. Some of them (for comparison) by the usual technique of artificial insemination, and the other part of the future pups — were clones.

In the group of cloned embryos are much smaller percentage of them was viable and reached the blastocyst stage — the third to fifth day. Those that have evolved further, often showed abnormal development. Dr. Takumi Takeuchi (Takumi Takeuchi), leader of the research team, said: "This discovery is further convinced us that reproductive cloning is dangerous and should not be applied to people."

Battery News, 16.08.2004 12:39
Source: Membrana

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