U.S. expert doubts the effectiveness of the Israeli missile defense system

U.S. expert doubts the effectiveness of the Israeli missile defense system
In the IDF very preomnazhayut data on the number of downed missile defense system «Iron Dome» missile fired from the Gaza Strip areas during last year’s conflict, said military expert from the U.S. Theodore Postol told BBC BBC.
According to recent reports by the Israeli authorities, the system «Iron Dome» has intercepted 84% of Palestinian rockets. But Dr. MIT T.Postol believes that in fact only managed to kill interceptor missiles from 5% to 10% warheads.

«All available evidence suggests exactly even lower rates than 84% of whom claim to the IDF,» — said the expert.

Examining the trajectory of missiles and interceptors during the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians from the Gaza Strip in November 2012, he concluded that far not all interceptors destroyed warheads, even if caught in a rocket.

According to him, the warhead can be guaranteed to be destroyed only in a frontal collision with interceptor missiles.

«If the trajectory of the missile interceptor and intersect, it does not mean that the warhead is destroyed. Even a side collision energy missiles may not be enough to detonate the warhead «- allocated T.Postol.

According to him, on the part of Israel, may have been «reasonably declare the effective operation of the system» Iron Dome «to justify the refusal of a ground operation in the Gaza Strip, which would cost very expensive for both sides.»

Yet, he emphasizes that feels «uncomfortable feelings» when sees that the U.S., which funded the creation of a missile defense system «Iron Dome», «spend money on a system that works with grief in half.»

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