U.S.: Mysterious death of marine life in New Hampshire

This week, officials are investigating the death of dozens of species of bluefin tuna, found on the coast of the town of Hampton, New Hampshire, reports finalnews.ru to the website wmur.com.

Marine biologist Ellen Gofel Environmental Committee of Hampton says never seen anything like it. According to her, on Tuesday at the beach in the bay flounder were found several dead fish up to 2.5 meters.

In addition, since the middle of last week was found more than 50 dead seals along the coast of New Hampshire, as well as in Maine and Massachusetts. At the National Oceanic and atmospheric phenomena reported that this number is more than double the usual rates for September and October.

Causes of death of marine animals is still unknown. The department added that most of the dead seals were young and had a layer of fat in the normal range, suggesting that hunger could also be the cause of death.

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