U.S. says UN indispensable platform to address climate

Negotiation platform UN remains irreplaceable in terms of public participation in addressing climate change, but can operate successfully and in other organizations, said the deputy special representative of the country on climate Jonathan Pershing (Jonathan Pershing).

Two weeks before the start of negotiations the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Doha (Qatar), media reported, citing sources in the negotiation process that the United States expects to move the focus to the discussion of climate change in the UN system, where the decision requires a consensus of all 195 parties to the agreement, to other "more comfortable" area, in particular, the major economies forum (MEF).

"At this point, we believe that nothing can replace the international body (the Conference of Parties on Climate Change — Ed.). This body with universal membership, global participation, a body that will, we hope, will be the basis for future policy" — Pershing said at a press conference on the first day of talks.

"But we do not believe that real action can only be taken as part of this site. We see activity within a variety of institutions, on the set of sites with different purposes," — said the representative of the United States.

According to him, examples of such sites, in addition to MEF, can be considered a "big twenty", in which the problem of subsidizing fossil fuels, and climate coalition to reduce emissions, "short-lived" climate change factors, primarily methane and soot — Climate and Clean Air Coalition.

"We see this as complementary things as measures that can ensure progress. We would like to see as many of these initiatives have evolved, and we would take into account their contribution to the global efforts that are being discussed here," — said Pershing.

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