UCP: compromise with the authorities on the missing opposition can not be

As the site of the United Civil Party, in an interview with BBC radio BBC Party leader Anatoly Lebedko said that the theme of the kidnapped and murdered opponents of the Belarusian regime — perhaps the only issue on which there can be no compromise with the Belarusian authorities:

"And as long as those who ordered these crimes, organized and executed them, not punished, This topic always be relevant. "

Explaining why during the election campaigns of political disappearances question takes on added interest, Mr. Lebedko said: "Any election campaign — is the possibility of additional public information. Therefore it is logical that this time topic receives the greatest impact. This is important because not all citizens of Belarus are aware of what has been committed in Belarus. "

Speaking about the prospect of consideration this issue the UN Security Council, Anatoly Lebedko said that "victory is certain, if the question is put on the agenda. Although some positive decision-making is difficult to expect because China today is largely fulfills the function of the recent Russia — Lukashenko lawyer in international institutions. "


UCP, the missing

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