UCP will exclude defectors to foreign headquarters

Before the presidential elections, the United Civic Party has decided to strengthen party discipline.

This decision was approved at a meeting of the political council of the party on August 3 — BelaPAN.

"UCP decided to nominate its own candidate for the presidency Yaroslav Romanchuk. It is evident that our activists have to work precisely on this candidate, "- said the leader of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko.

In this regard, according to members of the council, the party activists who have decided to work in the headquarters of the other contenders, must be write a letter of resignation from the UCP or the suspension of its membership in the party.

To form an initiative group Romanchuk UCP intends to early September.

Lebedko said that "accented initiative group will be collecting signatures in the 18 largest cities in Belarus." The party seeks to collect for nomination as a presidential candidate Romanchuk by 15,000 signatures in each region and 35-40 thousand in Minsk.

"The decision to nominate its candidate for the presidential the election wason the right. The idea of a single candidate is not implemented. If we do not put forward their own candidate, they would have remained on the periphery of the political process, "- said the leader of the United Civil Party.



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