UFO chosen Crimea




As the head of the UFO Studies at the Russian Academy of National Security Valery Uvarov, in the Crimea there is a place where the unidentified flying objects captured with astonishing frequency: during the day there are more than a dozen UFO.

According to him, the unidentified flying objects are often the cause of crashes. At the time of the collapse of the Russian airliners Valery Uvarov was in the Crimea.

"On the last tragedy, until I can not say anything because it has not had a chance to watch any of the transfer. However, recall a recent incident when, during an air show in Lviv Ukrainian fighter crashed to the audience. Ufologists believe that this was due to the appearance of a UFO near aircraft. Usually in such cases, denies all the electronics. On the tape, recorded two dark object right next to a fighter, "- said the scientist.

Uvarov said that in recent years the Russian military are showing great interest in UFOs, but the money for the study of this problem is not allocated. By the way, as recognized by ufologist, a few years ago, the Ministry of Defence has had time to publish the enclosed reports, where a UFO described as "objects of extraterrestrial origin."

"The military acknowledged that a UFO — it is a means of transportation of aliens. Still possible to use the abbreviation" unidentified flying objects ", but they have long been identified — says the researcher.

However, according to Uvarov, recently significantly decreased interest in UFOs.

"Before, it was something extraordinary. Now people are becoming more used, not so much looking to the sky, and the observation of unidentified objects now not so widely advertised," — said the ufologist.


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