UFOs: Facts and falsification 7-8 series watch online

UFOs: Facts and falsification 7-8 series watch online

series 7

In December 1984, the South American television producer Jimmy Shandera received a letter with the film.
When he published a photo of the film, the eight-page document found in what was described furtive organization, made in 1947, possessed extensive information about the paradox of a UFO. Presumably, this is a top secret group for 50 years, hiding from the world the truth about aliens visiting Earth. It was of an elite unit of the code title «Majestic 12." Calling a spade a spade, this is the so-called Hollywood-style "Men in Black" …

series 8

First, the 1980s brought the paradox of extraordinary UFO crop circle unusual shape. Some believe that this is someone's pretty labor intensive practical jokes. But others consider them a written warning for extraterrestrial intelligence. According to the examination of plants, selected in these fields, endured configuration at the DNA level … We even managed to film formation of the 1st of these weird circles. When the frames on the film — no falsification of the paradox of the crop circle research deserves harsh as a form of alien activity …

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