Underground pyramid in Sevastopol — Myth or Reality?


Pyramids do not give rest to scientists and researchers around the world. The Egyptian pyramids, the Pyramids of Tibet, Mexico, the miracle of Stonehenge, Easter Island, the Bermuda Triangle posted on our planet non-random manner. This fact causes the mind to think about the Supreme and to place these structures on the surface of the planet. Scientific studies have shown that Mexican and Tibetan pyramids were built before the Egyptian 15-20 tysyacheletiy.V result of research conducted on the southern coast of the Crimea, in the area from Foros to Sevastopol were found seven ancient pyramids, whose age is approximately equal to the age of Tibetan pyramids.


The pyramids are arranged in a line, which stretches from south-east to north-west, along the coast from the Chersonese to Cape Sarich. Sebastopol tops of the pyramids are almost on the same level with the ground, and all their height is 45-52 meters. After a detailed scan of the pyramids on the west side was also noted that resembles the Egyptian Sphinx. In the parietal part of the Sphinx's head found resonance chamber, which leads to periodic release of energy, which is not always good for the man. The area of detection of the pyramids is protected, there now there are active archaeological site.

The very idea that in the Crimea, there are "underground pyramid" left to us by ancient civilizations, was born in the mind candidate of technical sciences, associate professor of one of the Sevastopol schools — Vitaly Goh, and in the "discovery" of the pyramid he was helped by him and constructed a portable priborchik — emitter and receiver of electromagnetic waves.

The first of the "underground pyramids" was found in Kamyshovy highway. Further — more, the pyramid began to grow straight up like mushrooms in the most unexpected places, such as on the mountain plateau.

For more information on finding a sponsor to continue the search for new digs and the pyramids of Sevastopol assistant professor of the university can be found here:


I do not want you to impose one's opinion, and I will try to give the facts.

In the process of writing this article, I came across a great Sevastopol site:


where the authors detail the expedition in the "underground pyramids of Sevastopol"

But their article and photo-report:


We do not accidentally took the floor of the pyramid in quotes so far to judge whether there is really a pyramid, or just another hoax difficult — unequivocal fact that there are two vertical pit.
I warn — without special equipment to this place does not make sense to go, you can see only the holes and spoil. Even if you procure the necessary equipment to realistically assess their skills and strength — so much easier to go down than up, I'm not even talking about the fall of forty feet high …

Pull up to him as follows: it is necessary to leave the intersection Kamyshovskogo bypass road from the mental hospital and turn left after you will drive under the bridge, a hundred meters to call in on the right border (in this place curbs vyscherblen), and with him on dirt road, immediately turn left — this road and will lead you to the test pits. Will serve as a guide on the spot light dirt dump rocks around the pit.
10-15 meters is another hole. With it we began our study.
Entrance to the pit (we call it as long as) half-covered with a large stone at the bottom of the room resembling a bulb at the bottom of which was cut in the center of the vertical hole with a diameter of about a meter and a half, including on the perimeter of a circle area with a half meters wide. The walls are covered with what resembles a cement or mortar used in ancient times by the construction. The vertical hole has a depth of 15-20 meters, the walls of the limestone rock at the touch of the top of the pit soil crumbles, including helmet you should be mandatory. The bottom is littered with lots of pine needles and various debris, among which there is a rubber ball. Garnet since World War II, which are described in the articles, we have not found (probably someone has stolen a souvenir :-), but we were lucky enough to find shards of pottery with traces of painting.

I'll be honest — most of this building resembles a well built in the old days.
The second hole (otherwise it is not at all desire to be called) is surrounded by piles of clay soil light color, descent framed wooden formwork, depth, according to our estimates, 40 meters — 45. The walls of shale and rock, sometimes there are strata of red clay, the walls are very slippery. SCURF twists slightly tapers in the middle of a rectangular section and takes section. At the bottom of the garbage and diverse piece of stairs.

Traces of masonry we found … no fragments of masonry and underground dumps, including through which the wall of the "pyramid" their way scientists we do not know …

Anomalous phenomena we just have not found, if not to take into calculation the headache of a member of our group, but I am more inclined to believe that the headache from yesterday's stale vodka, brandy and "grinding" beer, but the camera is really broken after the descent in the first hole, but it broke down before this — and what you want from the Chinese technology cost 102 hryvnia? Lights went out we did not (could not because the Chinese?) Mobilki work, the hair stood up on end is not. In short the horrors described in the articles did not occur to us.

PS As it turned out — and the camera did not break, it just ended up film …

As you can see, is still not known whether the accused Vitaly Goh in a lie, or say that he made a real discovery is still early. Maybe someday dig up the pyramid in the Crimea, but it seems so far away before.


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